December Birthstones

Most people are fond of December birthstones because the bluish blue hue of these stones attracts them a lot. Three notable December birthstones are very common among people: Tanzanite, Blue zircon, and turquoise. These stones possess a beautiful blue sparkle opposite to the modern Christmas colors of green and red. Additionally, the attractive luster of all these stones has different stories and makes these stones the loved ones for the people born in December.

December birthstones

There is an exciting part about all these stones, and these stones speak to the personality of the person to whom you give these stones. To make your birthday or holiday shopping easier, here we will speak about some essential facts about the December Birthstone so that you can give the perfect stone to your loved ones.

Turquoise Gemstone

Since the turquoise gemstone is one of the oldest gemstones to be mined, it has a beautiful and rich history. The name "turquoise "means stone from Turkey because historians believe that Western Europeans have brought these stones. The natural gemstone is widely used in older cultures like the Aztecs, Ancient Egyptians, and Native Americans. The stone might not have the best sparkle and clarity among the December Gemstone, but its variety of bluish hues define power and wealth.

Ancient people and tribes have valued this gemstone so much that they attributed special powers to it. Older people believe that if you wear a turquoise gemstone, you can keep yourself away from any evil and bring good luck to yourself. Some people have also instilled meaning in this gemstone, depending on its shade.

  • It is believed that light-colored turquoise brings positive energy to your life. It also promotes harmony and inner tranquillity.
  • Dark-colored turquoise allows a person to adapt to the newer ideas and environment.

The turquoise gemstone is very common among jewelry makers since this gemstone is very soft, and it makes the gemstone very unique for making unique pieces of jewelry.

Zircon Gemstone

Similar to the turquoise gemstone, ancient people have also associated the blue zircon gemstone with special powers. They believed that wearing this gemstone would protect you from evil and give prosperity and wisdom to the wearer. Apart from these, it is believed that wearing the blue zircon gemstone also offers sound sleep to the wearer. Although centuries have passed, the myths related to this gemstone are still believed. The only addition is that people nowadays also link the attributes of confidence and compassion with this gemstone.

The zircon gemstone comes in a wide range of colors. However, the blue zircon gemstone is loved by most people because of its delicate and soft appeal. If your close ones possess a precious personality, then the blue zircon gemstone would be one of the most appreciated gifts.

Tanzanite Gemstone

Compared to both the December gemstones, Tanzanite can be considered a modern gemstone, and this gemstone is greatly used for making December birthstone jewelry. The tanzanite gemstone is one common variety of zoisite, which is a very common mineral. Therefore, the tanzanite gemstone is considered a very rare December birthstone, and it can be considered a precious gift.

Apart from it, most people love the rare tanzanite stone due to its unique and captivating shade. The tanzanite gemstone comes after sapphire in the list of blue shaded gemstones. Additionally, the stone shows different shades when viewed from different angles. People with mysterious and charming qualities can be gifted this rare gemstone, and Tanzanite rings can be a precious gift for loved ones.

Facts about Turquoise gemstone.

There are some interesting facts about turquoise that you must know.

  • It is the gemstone for the 11th anniversary. The stone is also considered a traditional birthstone for December.
  • Turquoise is one of the earliest gemstones to be mined.
  • It is the national gemstone of Tibet.
  • The turquoise gemstone is a blue-green mineral. It is a hydrated phosphate of aluminum and copper.
  • Turquoise birthstone jewelry is one of the oldest existing jewelry.

Facts about Zircon gemstones.

Below are some interesting facts about the zircon gemstone.

  • Some studies reveal that the zircon gemstone is the oldest existing mineral on the planet. Even though the stone is very old, it does not lose its luster.
  • Colorless Zircon almost looks like the purest form of a diamond. The stone is greatly used for making quality pieces of jewelry.
  • The zircon gemstone is also considered the stone of virtue. It is linked with incredible abilities of self-improvement. It can also heal soothing pains and injuries.
  • This rare gemstone can enhance constancy, purity, and innocence.
  • The wearers of this gemstone can attract love. It also increases perseverance and stamina.

Facts about the Tanzanite gemstone.

The tanzanite gemstone, unlike Zircon and turquoise, has some interesting facts.

  • The stone is a rich blue form of zoisite mineral.
  • The Tanzanite gemstone is only mined in Tanzania.
  • The largest rough form of Tanzanite was discovered in 2020.
  • Tanzanite is a known birthstone of December.
  • The gemstone is associated with attributes of new life, calmness, and compassion.
  • Tanzanite gemstone is rarer than the purest form of a diamond.
  • These gemstones possess a trichoism that makes Tanzanite very unique.



What is the birthstone for December?

    There are three December Birthstones. One is Turquoise, another is Tanzanite, and the last one is Zircon. Among the three, turquoise is the main birthstone for December. It is an opaque stone. And it has a fabulous blue-green shade which is unique. Moreover, all the birthstones for December are of the blue shade.

What Birthstone Color Is December?

  • The color for December's birthstone is blue. Primarily, the birthstone for December is Tanzanite. And it is of splendid blue-green color. There are two other birthstones for December, and they are- Tanzanite and Zircon. And these two stones are also blue. So, the conclusion stands that the birthstones for December are of the shade blue.

Why Does December Have Multiple Birthstones?

  • Generally, a month is supposed to have one birthstone. However, you may find some months having multiple birthstones as well. And, the month of December is one of them. The reason is that many times, the stones are expensive. So, to make it more affordable and to make the options more accessible, December has multiple birthstones. Therefore, December birthstone jewelry can be afforded by anyone who is born in this month!



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