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Monthly Archives: January 2024

Role Of Rahu And Ketu In Astrology

role of rahu and ketu in astrology image

Whenever you hear about the shadow planets Rahu and Ketu, there's a sense of dread and fear. Even without physical presence, their energies can drastically alter your life's course. From being tempted to bathe in the luxuries of life that lead you toward self-destruction to encountering hurdles and delays at every step as a test of patience and inner resolve, these energies are complicated yet intriguing. 

Read this blog until the end to get answers to every Rahu Ketu question.

Myth Behind Rahu And Ketu In Astrology

The myth or story of Rahu and Ketu in astrology is present in ancient texts. According to them, a horrible war led to the cooperation between Gods and Demons to churn the galactic material. The process created an immortality nectar, Amrita. It was exclusively for the Gods, but the Asuras (Demons) stole it. Lord Vishnu, the protector of the Universe,

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Lucky Gemstones for Virgo (Kanya) Zodiac Sign

gemstones for virgo

If there’s one zodiac sign that needs to delicately toe the line of perfectionism without self-criticism ruining its existence, it’s Virgo. 

You can wear a Kanya Rashi stone to regulate the zodiac’s overly analytical and critical tendencies. Before discussing the most compatible Virgo stone, let's understand the sign’s traits. After all, Virgo or कन्या (Kanya) Rashi is one of the most interesting signs in the system. 

The people who are born between August 23 and September 22 belong to the कन्या (Kanya) Rashi. Virgo harnesses the power of Mercury- the planet that represents analytical thinking, communication, creativity, and intelligence. It makes them a good fit for artistic professional endeavors like writing and public speaking. Their obsessive perfectionism and attention to detail can rub people the wrong way and portray them as rude and arrogant. But they

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Astrological Benefits of Wearing Lapis Lazuli Stone

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Lapis Lazuli stone isn’t unheard of for you if you’ve read History in your school years. The stone’s presence has amazed archaeologists, be it in the form of utensils, jewelry, or decoratives. As per Vedic astrology, the stone was made from the hair dust of Kishkindha’s king Bali. Lord Brahma blessed the king, and believers consider the Lapis Lazuli stone benefits a figment of Brahma’s blessings. This makes it a worthy addition to your jewelry collection. 

The beautiful blue color made it the core ingredient of ultramarine dye, used by renowned artists like Michaelangelo to create masterpieces. The Italian painter Cennino Cennini called it the “most perfect of all colors.” 

The people in medieval Europe treated the blue-colored beauty as an embodiment of heaven and a counter to evil energy, thus ushering in light and joy. We can list numerous beliefs surrounding the

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4 Best Gemstones for Anxiety and Stress

Crystals for Anxiety

Anyone struggling with depression knows what it feels like to be physically present but emotionally hollow. Anyone struggling with anxiety knows how every minute of the triggering experience is an insufferable punishment you have to endure. Even though people conveniently neglected mental health issues, the digital age has increased those triggers beyond control. 

These 4 stones for anxiety and stress can’t replace professional help but are a promising tool to ground your energies when life overwhelms you in the worst ways. A 10-minute meditation session with these crystals for anxiety grounds and calms you and gives you a sense of control over a seemingly uncontrollable one. 

4 Best Crystals for Anxiety and Stress



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Best Gemstone for Scorpio (vrishchik) Zodiac Sign

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Have you ever met a person with a prominent zodiac sign? Or do you have a prominent Scorpio placement? 

If yes, you know the personality traits that define this zodiac sign- Ambitious, Controlling, Curious, Loyal, Obsessive, Persistent, Secretive, and Uptight. While these traits lead them toward greatness, they can also be their demise in no time. 

The gemstone for Scorpio brings out their best and regulates their obsessions to tune with their strengths.   

Ruled by Mars and Pluto, this water sign is a fiery magnet that attracts wealth and intense experiences. They often appear like a pool of water, calm yet unpredictable. And if left uncontrolled, these people can wreak havoc not only in their surroundings but also in their inner world. 

If you’re born between Oct 23- Nov 21, read this blog till the end to learn about the top 6 best gemstones for Scorpio.

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