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Sulemani Hakik

Sulemani Hakik

Sulemani Hakik, also called Agate in English, is a unique gemstone, be it in terms of its physical beauty or benefits. The Sulemani Hakik stone is ruled by the mighty Saturn, bringing you in line with its disciplinary tactics and aiding your transformation by improving your wisdom. If you want to improve your finances, relationships, and everything in between, Sulemani Hakik is the stone to choose.

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  1. Sulemani Hakik - 15.23 Carats
    Origin : Iran
    ₹ 4,264.00
  2. Sulemani Hakik - 7.43 Carats
    Origin : Iran
    ₹ 2,080.00
  3. Sulemani Hakik - 12.03 Carats
    Origin : Iran
    ₹ 3,368.00
  4. Sulemani Hakik - 14.21 Carats
    Origin : Iran
    ₹ 3,979.00
  5. Sulemani Hakik - 12.93 Carats
    Origin : Iran
    ₹ 3,620.00
  6. Sulemani Hakik - 10.54 Carats
    Origin : Iran
    ₹ 2,951.00
  7. Sulemani Hakik - 6.74 Carats
    Origin : Iran
    ₹ 1,887.00
  8. Sulemani Hakik - 12.24 Carats
    Origin : Iran
    ₹ 4,284.00
  9. Sulemani Hakik - 10.12 Carats
    Origin : Iran
    ₹ 3,542.00
  10. Sulemani Hakik - 10.06 Carats
    Origin : Iran
    ₹ 3,521.00
  11. Sulemani Hakik - 7.32 Carats
    Origin : Iran
    ₹ 2,562.00
  12. Sulemani Hakik - 10.6 Carats
    Origin : Iran
    ₹ 3,710.00
  13. Sulemani Hakik - 14.47 Carats
    Origin : Iran
    ₹ 5,065.00
  14. Sulemani Hakik - 8.24 Carats
    Origin : Iran
    ₹ 2,884.00
  15. Sulemani Hakik - 7.86 Carats
    Origin : Iran
    ₹ 2,751.00
  16. Sulemani Hakik - 11.37 Carats
    Origin : Iran
    ₹ 3,980.00
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About Sulemani Hakik Stone


The natural masterpiece Sulemani Hakik, also called Agate, is a brilliant stone with a lot to offer. Associated with Lord Shiva in Hindu mythology, the black color with white banding of a Sulemani Hakik gemstone depicts the transcendent nature of Lord Shiva marked with his pure, divine consciousness. The Adiyogi energy of spiritual wisdom and inner peace is reflected in this gemstone that aligns the wearer with their true purpose. Just like a fingerprint, every Sulemani Hakik stone is unique and highlights the proof of its natural brilliance.  

Ruled by Shani (Saturn), the Sulemani Hakik harnesses the planet's powerful energy and works on your weak placements of Rahu and Ketu, making it one of the most underrated and powerful gemstones. The Sulemani Hakik pathar was first found in the Sulemani Hills of India, which gave the stone its name, but its current spread extends beyond the country. An original Sulemani Hakik stone deals with the spiritual and subconscious parts of your personality that determine the actual decisions that transform your life.

Who Should Wear Sulemani Hakik Stone?

Who Should Wear Sulemani Hakik Stone?

Sulemani Hakik Stone is a powerful stone ruled by one of the most powerful planets in the solar system, Saturn. But that’s not all. The stone also tackles the effect of Rahu and Ketu, balancing both in your horoscopes to protect you from adverse impact. Its core symbolism lies in healing. It is a great choice for people with prominent placement in Aries, Taurus, Gemini, and Virgo. 

For Aries, the Sulemani Hakik ring controls their fiery temper tantrums and promotes peace and stability; for Taurus, the stone complements their love for material luxury by promoting contentment and grounding so they’re not afraid of change; for Gemini, the crystal smoothens their communication skills by offering them clarity; and finally, for Virgo, the Sulemani Hakik Stone Ring works on their overthinking mind by promoting a deeper connection with their inner selves. 

In addition to these 4 zodiac signs, the Sulemani Hakik bracelet is revered by people who want to tread the path of spiritual fulfillment as it deepens their connection with the divine.

How to Wear Sulemani Hakik Stone?

You can wear Sulemani Hakik as a ring, pendant, and bracelet. To increase its efficacy, the following guidelines can help you: 

The best day and time to wear Sulemani Hakik You can wear the stone on Saturday or Sunday before sunrise.
Suitable finger/hand You can wear a Sulemani Hakik ring on the middle finger of your dominant hand as it represents Saturn. For a Sulemani Hakik bracelet, the left hand is a good choice as it is considered the receiving hand for blessings.
Suitable Metal  Silver is the most compatible metal with the crystal.
Suitable Weight A stone weight greater than 3 carats is a good starting point for you. If you like to make a bold statement, you can go for a bigger stone.
Mantra for activation Chant "ॐ शं शनैश्चराय नमः" (Om Sham Shanishchraya Namah) 108 times.


Types and Origin

The origin of Sulemani Hakik lies in India, specifically the Sulemani Hills, as is evident in the crystal’s name. However, the stone was also found in present-day Iran and Afghanistan. The stone also fascinated the Greeks, Egyptians, and Romans. In fact, many mythical tales state that Persian magicians changed the course of storms using a Sulemani Hakik. It was a holy stone and prevalent as an amulet in many cultures. 

Known for its traditional banding surface, the Sulemani Hakik is available in various colors- Black, White, Red, Blue, Green, etc. Each color symbolizes a different meaning, making every variety distinct yet united by the core purpose of healing protection. For instance, a Black Sulemani Hakik is good for grounding, Red stimulates creative energy, Blue promotes emotional harmony, and Green nourishes your heart chakra. 

To make an informed buying decision, refer to the following 4Cs of Sulemani Hakik Stone: 

1. Color

As discussed above, it is available in many colors like black, red, white, and so on. You can choose any color of Agate based on personal preference, but ensure it is bright and saturated instead of dull. 

2. Clarity:

Unlike many other stones, Sulemani Hakik is translucent or opaque with respect to clarity. Usually, the stone exhibits a banding effect, while some other colors show different patterns, making it prone to minor inclusions. So, if you’re being sold a 100% inclusion-free, polished stone, it might be fake. 

3. Cut:

The prominent cuts of a Sulemani Hakik Stone are Round and Oval as they bring out its inner radiance and fiery energy. But you can get a customized cut based on your preference. 

4. Carat

Usually, it is preferable to buy the Sulemani Hakik greater than 3 carats to experience the benefits this crystal offers. You can go for a heavier stone based on personal preference. 

Sulemani Hakik Stone Benefits

Sulemani Hakik Stone Benefits:

The Sulemani Hakik benefits majorly tackle your spiritual and emotional growth, helping you find peace and stability within yourself and the external world. Some benefits of Sulemani Hakik are as follows:

Emotional Harmony

Sulemani Hakik stone benefits you by making you capable of handling the stresses of modern life. It harmonizes the energy flow in your body, healing every chakra and restoring your overall well-being. 


The stone protects you physically and mentally from harm, psychic attacks, or unforeseen danger. The Sulemani Hakik bracelet benefits you in spotting anyone who doesn’t wish the best for you, improving your life and relationships. 


The stone works on healing the ill effects of Ketu, and its grounding energy clears your mind and heals your anxiety regarding the future. The enhanced mental clarity helps you make better decisions and focus on the present moment.

Enhanced Intuition

The grounding and spiritual energy of the stone amplifies the intensity of connection with the divine, opening up your third eye and crown chakra to receive downloads and connect with your inner self, helping you lead a life that is in sync with your true desires and purpose.

Communication Improvement

The mental clarity and chakra healing also work on your throat chakra, making you a better communicator- someone confident of their ideas and feelings. The resultant self-expression improves your relationships and professional life as well.

Physical Healing

The crystal cures your insomnia, promoting a deep, sound sleep that leaves you energized and rejuvenated. In addition to improving your sleep cycle, the stone also heightens your energy levels, improving your productivity and health. 

Sulemani Hakik Stone Price

Sulemani Hakik Stone Price:

An original Sulemani Hakik Stone price depends on various factors like clarity, color, cut, carat, origin, rarity, and so on. For instance, the Sulemani Hakik price of a stone filled with inclusions and poor clarity will be lower than that of a stone with a clear banding and minimal inclusions. Similarly, a Sulemani Hakik ring price of a well-cut stone will be higher than a stone with a poor finish. And as with other crystals, the Sulemani Hakik Stone price of a higher carat will be more than a lighter stone. Usually, the Sulemani Hakik stone price in India starts from ₹280 Per Ratti and goes upto ₹550 Per Ratti increases with quality. 

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1. Which planet is Sulemani Hakik for? 

If you’ve been wondering the answer to Sulemani Hakik for which planet, it is ruled by Saturn(Shani), the planet of discipline and wisdom. 

2. How to identify original Sulemani Hakik? 

The original Sulemani Hakik is a hard stone that doesn’t chip easily. You can use the scratch test to determine its originality. Another test is checking the stone for banding and surface patterns. An original stone shows a natural and imperfect banding style, adding to the stone’s beauty. 

3. Which Rashi can wear Sulemani Hakik?

The rashi that can wear Sulemani Hakik are Gemini, Taurus, Virgo, and Aries. 

4. How to energize Sulemani Hakik?

Expose the stone to moonlight on a full moon day to activate or energize the stone. You can also bury it in the earth for a few hours to cleanse it of stagnant energy and then wash it under running water.