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Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj)

Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj)

Yellow Sapphire or Pukhraj Stone is a powerful gemstone that brings windfall gains and abundance to your life. Ruled by Jupiter, an original Pukhraj stone is a transformative tool for leaders. Explore our collections and buy Yellow Sapphire gemstone to improve your finances, relationships, and overall well-being.  

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  1. Yellow Sapphire - 2.26 Carats
    Origin : Sri Lanka (Ceylon)
    ₹ 20,340.00
  2. Yellow Sapphire - 2.73 Carats
    Origin : Sri Lanka (Ceylon)
    ₹ 19,110.00
  3. Yellow Sapphire - 2.78 Carats
    Origin : Sri Lanka (Ceylon)
    ₹ 27,800.00
  4. Yellow Sapphire - 2.89 Carats
    Origin : Sri Lanka (Ceylon)
    ₹ 31,790.00
  5. Yellow Sapphire - 2.91 Carats
    Origin : Sri Lanka (Ceylon)
    ₹ 18,915.00
  6. Yellow Sapphire - 3.1 Carats
    Origin : Sri Lanka (Ceylon)
    ₹ 20,150.00
  7. Yellow Sapphire - 3.11 Carats
    Origin : Sri Lanka (Ceylon)
    ₹ 38,875.00
  8. Yellow Sapphire - 3.31 Carats
    Origin : Sri Lanka (Ceylon)
    ₹ 46,340.00
  9. Yellow Sapphire - 3.43 Carats
    Origin : Sri Lanka (Ceylon)
    ₹ 96,040.00
  10. Yellow Sapphire - 3.44 Carats
    Origin : Sri Lanka (Ceylon)
    ₹ 79,120.00
  11. Yellow Sapphire - 3.56 Carats
    Origin : Sri Lanka (Ceylon)
    ₹ 26,700.00
  12. Yellow Sapphire - 3.71 Carats
    Origin : Sri Lanka (Ceylon)
    ₹ 16,695.00
  13. Yellow Sapphire - 3.75 Carats
    Origin : Sri Lanka (Ceylon)
    ₹ 50,625.00
  14. Yellow Sapphire - 3.77 Carats
    Origin : Sri Lanka (Ceylon)
    ₹ 22,620.00
  15. Yellow Sapphire - 3.80 Carats
    Origin : Sri Lanka (Ceylon)
    ₹ 22,800.00
  16. Yellow Sapphire - 3.81 Carats
    Origin : Sri Lanka (Ceylon)
    ₹ 22,860.00
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About Yellow Sapphire Gemstone


Yellow Sapphire or Pukhraj, popularly known as a precious gemstone in Vedic Astrology gives immense powerful astrological and health benefits.

The beautiful Yellow Sapphire gemstone comes in a variety of yellow hues ranging from pale yellow to slightly bright yellow to a canary yellow hue. The Pukhraj stone's color intensity usually depends on various quality factors like hue, color toning, saturation, and brilliance. The most suitable Yellow Sapphire stone color which is highly cherished by astrologers and gem aficionados comes in a canary yellow color having loupe-clean clarity and good luster.

  • Majorly described as a stone of prosperity, Yellow Pukhraj is known by several names - Guru Ratna or Guru stone in Hindi, Kanakapushyaragam stone, Neela Pukhraj (the bicolor variety of Pukhraj gemstone), Peela Pukhraj, Peetamani, Pushkaraj stone, Pushkraj stone, and Pushparagam stone.
  • This astrological gemstone of the planet Jupiter, Yellow Sapphire Pukhraj is a true representation of good luck, marital bliss, and financial prosperity.
  • According to Indian and Western Astrology, the Yellow Sapphire original stone is worn by people born under Pisces and Sagittarius zodiac signs.

Who Should Wear?

Who should wear Yellow Sapphire Gemstone:

  • Yellow Sapphire birthstone is often worn by people born in the month of September.
  • The astrological Yellow Sapphire rules the mighty Jupiter.
  • Pukhraj stone bodes well with people having  Meen (Pisces) and Dhanu (Sagittarius) placements in their chart.
  • However, this gemstone brings positivity to its wearer, so it can suit people of all zodiac signs, and wearing Yellow Sapphire will not provide much harm to its wearer.

Yellow Sapphire properties are considered when it is worn in the form of jewelry. This gemstone is hugely worn in the form of a Yellow Sapphire stone ring (Pukhraj stone ring), a Yellow Sapphire pendant, and a Yellow Sapphire bracelet. Astrologically, the Pukhraj gold ring should be worn by people who are looking to benefit from the lovely Yellow Sapphire gemstone.

We highly recommend you to wear Pila Pukhraj Ratna if it suits you. But only after careful analysis of your birth chart.

To know if Yellow Sapphire suits you or not, try our Free Gemstone Recommendation Tool online.

How to wear Yellow Sapphire Gemstone:

Below are some of the key points for wearing it:

Color of Yellow Sapphire Canary Yellow
Suitable Metal Silver & Gold
Yellow Sapphire Suitable Weight Stone carat weight should be of minimum 1/12th of the wearer’s body weight. A person weighing 60 kg can wear a 5-carat Yellow Sapphire stone.
Finger in which Yellow Sapphire is worn The Index finger of the working hand
When to Wear Thursday, early morning between 5 am to 7 am. Best worn during Shukla Paksha (Waxing Moon)
Mantra and Chanting Frequency 'Om Brim Brihaspataye Namaha’, "ॐ ब्रिम बृहस्पतये नमः" (108 times)

Note: Pukhraj original stone must be worn only if a professional astrologer recommends you to wear it.

Types and Origin

Yellow Sapphire gemstones are best known for their rich yellow color and exceptional clarity. This gemstone holds a great place across the world among gem enthusiasts. Some of the most popular varieties of Pukhraj gemstones are mentioned below.

1. Ceylon Yellow Sapphire:

  • Also known as Ceylonese Pukhraj or Sri Lankan Pukhraj, this variety of Yellow Sapphire is known for its natural vivid yellow hue.
  • Sri Lanka is the major source of rich Ceylon Pukhraj variety in its unheated and untreated forms.
  • These Siloni Pukhraj varieties are highly cherished nationally and internationally and look exquisitely stunning when carved into jewelry pieces.
  • The gem-quality Sri Lankan Yellow Sapphires are mined in the Bibile Sapphire mines and Elehara Gem Fields of Sri Lanka.

2. Bangkok Yellow Sapphire:

  • Also known as Thailand Yellow Sapphire, this variety is used for jewelry purposes.
  • Bangkok Pukhraj comes in heavy yellow color tones and makes exquisite Pushkaraj ring or Guru Grah ring in gold metal.

3. Burmese Yellow Sapphire:

  • Myanmar or Burma is known for producing the finest quality Burmese Pukhraj for several centuries.
  • This popular variety of Yellow Sapphire is mined in the Mogok region of Myanmar and is prized for its beautiful yellow hue and brilliant saturation.

Yellow Sapphire Benefits

The auspicious Yellow Sapphire stone brings health benefits, prosperity, and financial prosperity to its wearer.

Original Pukhraj Ratna has the tendency to balance the Solar Plexus Chakra in the body. Yellow Sapphire also comes in other color varieties with slightly pale yellow, canary yellow, or bright yellow, and Ceylon Yellow Sapphire benefits are many.

Some of the remarkable Pukhraj stone benefits are-

1. Astrological Benefits of Yellow Sapphire:

  • The unheated untreated Yellow Sapphire is a stone of prosperity. It brings immense prosperity to the wearer’s professional and personal life.
  • Yellow Sapphire stone benefits those couples who are facing marital problems and helps them to maintain a blissful matrimonial life.
  • Yellow Sapphire ring benefits can be observed after wearing it for a few days and after expert Astro consultation.
  • Those who are facing delays in marriage and progeny bliss can highly benefit from genuine Yellow Sapphire.
  • Pukhraj ring benefits or Pukhraj jewelry benefits in restoring lost fortune and brings immense financial prosperity along with wisdom and strength.
  • The mighty Yellow Sapphire proves to be lucky for people working in judicial services, trade business, or academics as it enhances creativity and makes the wearer intelligent.

2. Health Benefits of Yellow Sapphire:

Pukhraj is not only astrologically significant but is also known as a powerful healer with incredible health benefits.

  • Kanakapushyaragam stone benefits people dealing with ailments like Jaundice and Tuberculosis.
  • The other varieties of Pushkaraj stone benefit people who are dealing with kidney-related issues, liver problems, and digestion problems.
  • Pushparagam stone ring can be worn by people who are dealing with infections and allergic reactions as the Pukhraj stone ring benefits when worn after expert Astro consultation.

The effect of Pukhraj stone is seen when it is worn as a Pushkaraj stone ring, pendant, or bracelet. The Pukhraj stone alternatives - Citrine and Yellow Topaz also provide similar benefits as Yellow Sapphire.

So, if you are looking to wear a natural Yellow Sapphire, then Dhanshree Gems is the right spot for you. You can also buy high-quality original Citrine and Yellow Topaz gemstones online. If you are looking for authentic sources, then Dhanshree Gems is the right spot for you.

Yellow Sapphire Prices

Price of Pukhraj Stone:

The price of Yellow Sapphire stone depends on various factors.

  • Every individual should have knowledge of these factors and must know that Pukhraj quality can vary depending on its color intensity, clarity, and cut.
  • At Dhanshree Gems, the natural Yellow Sapphire price per carat starts from ₹ 1250 per carat and goes up to ₹ lakhs per carat
  • The price of Pukhraj ring majorly depends on the origin and therefore the Ceylonese Pukhraj stone ring price differs from the Burmese Pukhraj ring price.

The stunning yellow hues with brilliant clarity exhibited by Yellow Sapphire gemstone make it highly valuable across the globe among gem enthusiasts, gem collectors, and jewelers.

This gemstone is mainly known for its powerful healing and astrological benefits, and metaphysical properties. Apart from this, Yellow Sapphire rings, pendants, and bracelets enhance the beauty of the wearer and suit best with any attire when worn as jewelry. You can personalize your certified Yellow Sapphire gemstone jewelry online from Dhanshree Gems. Our highly professional team of CAD experts will design your jewelry according to your requirements at the best price of Pukhraj stone.

To avail of the astrological benefits of this gemstone, it can be worn in various forms like a Pushparagam stone ring, Pukhraj pendant, or bracelet. Noting the Pukhraj price per ratti or Pukhraj price per carat and the cost of metal (silver, gold, white gold, platinum), the Yellow Sapphire cost of jewelry majorly depends on which metal is used to make jewelry, the intricacy of design, and cut of the gemstone.

The fondness for this gemstone is increasing in people around the world and they wear it in the form of jewelry of their choice. It also depends on the wearer’s choice in which form Yellow Sapphire gemstone is worn. You can customize your certified Yellow Sapphire gemstone jewelry from Dhanshree Gems. You can get your Yellow Sapphire jewelry customized from our CAD experts at the best Pukhraj stone rate.

For calculating the Yellow Sapphire stone price in India, one should consider the quality factors and keep in mind the metal charges. After careful analysis of the gemstone from a genuine gem laboratory, customers should cross-check the authenticity of the gemstone and therefore, the natural Pukhraj price is fairly determined.

Note: 1 Ratti = 0.91 Carat (Approximately)

To know the best Pukhraj stone price based on your needs, you can Contact Us and our experts will show you a natural Yellow Sapphire stone online at the best price.


1. Which Yellow Sapphire is best for astrological purposes?
Ceylon Pukhraj stone original is considered the best and most auspicious for astrological purposes. Sri Lankan Yellow Sapphire is worn in a canary yellow hue bringing happiness and good luck to the native’s life.

2. How many carat Pukhraj should I wear?
Natural Pukhraj stone should be worn on the basis of the wearer’s body weight. The carat weight of the Yellow Sapphire gemstone should be 1/12th of the body weight. If the body weight of the wearer is 72 Kg, then the wearer can wear a 6-carat original Pukhraj stone.

3. How to check if the Pukhraj stone is original?
An original Pukhraj stone does not contain inclusions in the form of tiny bubbles or needles. If any inclusions can be seen inside the Pukhraj Ratan with the naked eye, then it is not an original Yellow Sapphire stone. Therefore, it is advised to buy certified Pukhraj stones from trusted sources. To check the genuineness of the unheated Yellow Sapphire online, you can cross-check the batch number from the original gem lab certification. Original Pukhraj buy online at the best price from Dhanshree Gems.

4. How do I know Pukhraj is working or Pukhraj effects in how many days?
The effects of precious Yellow Sapphire will begin to show after three to four days of wearing it. As long as you are not suffering from monetary losses or health issues, the Pukhraj stone is suitable for you. However, if it is weakening your immune system, then you should consult the astrologer and it is better to avoid wearing a Yellow Sapphire stone.

5. Where to buy the original Yellow Sapphire online?
There are various online Yellow Sapphire sources that sell Yellow Sapphire stones online. But you should buy Pukhraj stone online from trusted sources as many sources trick the customers and sell fake gemstones at high prices. At Dhanshree Gems, you can buy Yellow Sapphire stones based on your requirements. We deal in IGI certified Pukhraj stone online and offline at the best prices.

6. What is the difference between Yellow Sapphire and Topaz Gemstone?
Yellow Sapphire is a highly precious gemstone whereas the Yellow Topaz is a semi-precious gemstone. Considering the physical properties of both the gemstones, Yellow Topaz is less dense as compared to Yellow Sapphire and there’s a slight difference in the intensity of the yellow color of both the gemstones. The color of Topaz is bright yellow whereas the color of Yellow Sapphire gemstones is slightly light yellow.

7. Can I wear Pukhraj and Diamond together?
No, you cannot wear Pukhraj and Diamond together. Wearing these two stones together can bring negative effects on the wearer’s life and he/she can suffer from serious health issues.