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Lapis Lazuli (Lajward)

Lapis Lazuli (Lajward)

Lapis Lazuli stone or Lajward stone is a September birthstone and is a lucky stone, especially for Virgos. Like historical beliefs, the current role of the stone is that of a protector, be it against the evil eye, psychic attacks, or physical harm. Buy Lapis Lazuli stone from Dhanshree Gems to shield your success and well-being. 

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About Lapis Lazuli Stone


Lapis Lazuli Stone in Hindi is called lajward stone and has been historically prominent and contemporarily relevant. The meaning of lapis lazuli is blue rock. 

The basis of its present name is the Arabic word “lazaward” meaning sky or heaven, which symbolizes its stunning color. Lapis lazuli’s color was one of the reasons why Egyptians were in love with the stone, as it perfectly complemented the desert vibes of the area. They considered it a stone meant for Gods, and many historians believe ancient references to blue sapphire actually indicate lapis lazuli stone. Lapiz lazuli stone benefits those looking for spiritual enlightenment or attaining inner knowledge of self.

Who should wear Lapis Lazuli Stone?

Who should wear Lapis Lazuli Stone?:

  • Lapis lazuli stone benefits those born in December. The month is a culmination of the entire year and is filled with warmth and positivity towards the upcoming year, and the stone is considered apt for it. 
  • It is a stone for people having dominant placements of Sagitarrius and Libra.
  • Those dealing with Saturn's malefic effects or those having a beneficial placement of the same planet can wear the stone to attract good luck and protection.

Since it is a powerful stone, it is essential to test your compatibility as per your birth chart information. You can also use our free gem recommendation tool and get 100% accurate results.  

How to wear Lapis Lazuli Stone?:

Lapis lazuli stone was considered a protector from evil energy in Greek and Roman times and worn as an amulet. 

In modern times, lapis lazuli bracelets, rings, and pendants are the popular jewelry items that people demand. Many gemstone enthusiasts believe children can wear lapis lazuli pendants to get courage and wisdom. However, we suggest you consult professionals before deciding. 

Color of the stone Intense blue
Suitable Metal Silver and platinum
Finger in which it should be worn Middle finger of dominant hand
When to Wear Saturday Evenings


Types and Origin

Lajward stone price are based on color, cut, clarity, and carat. Opposed to popular belief, it is available in different shades of blue apart from deep blue, which gets decided by the source. 

Three key areas that have a significant presence of the stone are: 

Persian (Afghanistan): Original lajward stone finds its prominent presence in Afghanistan and is, therefore, the most expensive. It has insignificant or no pyrite and calcite veins that might contribute to a lower value but golden vein structure, which is glorifying.  

Siberian (Russia): This variety has some pyrite or calcite veining structures and is slightly inferior to the Persian. It is in high demand due to lower costs.

Chilean: The Chilean variety of lapis lazuli is at par with the Afghan variety but has more white streaks rather than golden-bronze.

Lapis Lazuli Benefits

Lapis Lazuli Stone Benefits:

  • Lajward stone benefits those looking for heightened spiritual awareness and calmness in life. 
  • It works on strengthening the third eye chakra that opens up your mind to connect with higher consciousness.
  • It influences the throat chakra and allows the wearer to be more confident with their expression and feelings. 
  • It increases self-awareness resulting in harmonious relationships and friendships with better conflict resolution. 
  • It promotes fearlessness and allows you to shine brighter in workplace settings, ushering in success and determination. 
  • It works on physical health by reducing inflammation, controlling blood pressure, works on insomnia, depression, etc. 
  • It is used in crystal therapies and meditative sessions across the world for its powerful aura and capability of helping a person concentrate. 
  • Many showpieces and sculptures for decoration use the stone as its stunning blue color shines vibrantly. 

Price of Lapis Lazuli Stone

Price of Lapis Lazuli Stone:

Lapis lazuli price or lajward stone price in India starts from as low as Rs.280 per carat and increases with quality and origin. We at Dhanshree gems offer the best and most affordable lapis lazuli stone prices with a guaranteed quality check and premium varieties to cater to every customer group.

Buy lapis Lazuli stone online at Dhanshree Gems today.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Does lapis lazuli stone represent friendship?

Yes, lapis lazuli is a stone of companionship and building solid friendships. It gives the wearer mental clarity and emotional strength to handle conflicts easily.  

How do you cleanse lapis lazuli? 

Lapis lazuli is a water stone and does not need significant cleansing rituals. Wash the stone in mild water with soap and then with flowing water to remove the soapy residue. You can also keep the stone overnight with hematite to charge and cleanse it.