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Iolite (Neeli)

Iolite (Neeli)

Iolite or Neeli is a powerful Saturn-ruled gemstone that helps in heightened spiritual experiences, unblocks your creative block, and allows you to set meaningful goals that suit your inner desires. Explore our exclusively curated collection of 100% original Neeli stone and buy the one that suits your needs and budget. 

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  1. Iolite (Neeli) - 8.12 Carats
    Origin : Myanmar
    ₹ 7,714.00
  2. Iolite (Neeli) - 5.09 Carats
    Origin : Myanmar
    ₹ 5,853.50
  3. Iolite (Neeli) - 4.97 Carats
    Origin : Myanmar
    ₹ 5,715.50
  4. Iolite (Neeli) - 7.67 Carats
    Origin : Myanmar
    ₹ 8,820.50
  5. Iolite (Neeli) - 5.7 Carats
    Origin : Myanmar
    ₹ 6,555.00
  6. Iolite (Neeli) - 6.43 Carats
    Origin : Myanmar
    ₹ 7,394.50
  7. Iolite (Neeli) - 5.73 Carats
    Origin : Myanmar
    ₹ 6,589.50
  8. Iolite (Neeli) - 6.1 Carats
    Origin : Myanmar
    ₹ 7,015.00
  9. Iolite (Neeli) - 7.01 Carats
    Origin : Myanmar
    ₹ 8,061.50
  10. Iolite (Neeli) - 5.38 Carats
    Origin : Myanmar
    ₹ 6,187.00
  11. Iolite (Neeli) - 4.75 Carats
    Origin : Myanmar
    ₹ 5,462.50
  12. Iolite (Neeli) - 5.85 Carats
    Origin : Myanmar
    ₹ 6,727.50
  13. Iolite (Neeli) - 4.25 Carats
    Origin : Myanmar
    ₹ 4,887.50
  14. Iolite (Neeli) - 5.46 Carats
    Origin : Myanmar
    ₹ 6,279.00
  15. Iolite (Neeli) - 6.15 Carats
    Origin : Myanmar
    ₹ 7,072.50
  16. Iolite (Neeli) - 7.16 Carats
    Origin : Myanmar
    ₹ 8,234.00
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About Iolite Stone


Iolite stone, also known as Neeli, Kaka Neeli, or Nili stone in Hindi, derives its name from the Greek word IOS, which translates to violet. The name “Neeli Stone” is a testament to the crystals’ mesmerizing blue hues that awe anyone who wears them. Being ruled by Saturn, the Iolite is an upratna for the Neelam stone and is held in high regard across cultures. 

From serving as a navigational compass to the Vikings to being a powerful low-cost alternative to Blue Sapphire, Nili stone is rising to the top ranks for gemstone preferences for people. 

Who Should Wear?

Who should wear Iolite Stone?

If we had to describe the Iolite meaning in 2 qualities that make it a worthy pick, it would be psychic prowess and focus. The Saturn-ruled stone is incredible for everyone but is particularly beneficial for Capricorn(Makar) and Aquarius(Kumbh) Rashi per Vedic astrology. For the Capricorn zodiac sign, the crystal complements their grounded nature and improves their intuition to make better decisions. The Neeli stone ring works on its core quality, discipline, and focus for Aquarius. Being an air sign, it is susceptible to losing itself to distractions, but Iolite brings it back to present and focus. Take our free gemstone recommendation test to see if Iolite is a good fit for you. 

Western astrology designates Iolite as a birthstone for Virgo. It is a good pick for people with ascendants in Gemini, Sagittarius, and Taurus. The energy of a Neeli stone ring brings stability, psychic insights, and an adventurous streak to these zodiac signs so that you can dream but stay focused on the current moment to realize those dreams. 

How to wear Iolite Stone?

Iolite gemstone rings, like any other powerful crystal rings, work best when you follow the activation rules as they showcase your seriousness and belief in the gemstone. Keep the following points in mind when you want to wear this stone: 

Weight  The ideal stone weight should be at least 1/10th of your body weight.
Color The color spectrum of Neeli ranges from blue to blue-violet and even darker. The closer your Neeli stone ring is to bluish-violet, the better.
Metal The metal in which you decide to wear a stone can make or break its impact. The best metal for Neeli stone is Silver.
Day and Time As the stone is ruled by Saturn (Shani), the best day to wear it is Saturday before 7:30 AM.
Finger The middle finger of the dominant hand is suitable for a Neeli stone ring
Mantra Chant the Shani mantra ऊँ शं शनैश्चाराय नमः। (Om Shan Shanicharay Namah)


How To Cleanse Iolite?

The Neeli stone ring doesn’t need elaborate cleansing rituals. Wash it with warm water and mild soap to scrap the dust and stagnant energy, and recharge it under natural sunlight for 30 minutes.

Types and Origin

As per various records, the first physical evidence of Neeli pathar was discovered in Norway by Jean-Claude Delamétherie. Natural Iolite Stone is found in Africa, Brazil, India, and Sri Lanka, apart from Norway. Wyoming in the United States also houses significant reserves of the stone. 

While there are no distinct varieties of Neeli pathar, you can find the stone in various colors. The crystal shows pleochroism, the ability to reflect different light based on the angle you hold it in, and is available in a wide color spectrum from blue to bluish-violet. Some other uncommon shades include green, brown, yellow, and gray. 

If you’re stepping out to buy Neeli pathar, these 4Cs will help you become a more informed consumer:


As discussed above, the best color for this crystal is bluish-violet. However, be on the lookout for the overly inky blue appearance of the stone because it might be a ploy to fool you. And, remember, a natural blue Iolite gemstone always shows pleochroism. So, see the stone from different angles to make a choice. 


Finding minor inclusions that are not easily visible to the naked eye is common in Neeli pathar. So, minor inclusions or stains are acceptable in the crystal as long as it doesn’t affect the pleochroism and overall brilliance.


A skilled cut can make an ordinary stone extraordinary and vice-versa. Cut for stones that exhibit pleochroism becomes even more critical as exquisite craftsmanship is needed to bring out the stone's brilliance. Look for cuts that make it happen instead of dimming its light.


Usually, Neeli pathar is available in the cart weight from 1 to 10. However, beyond 5 carat, the stone's rarity is reflected in its expensive pricing. Pick a weight that suits your budget and needs. But ensure it isn’t so small that its effect is practically non-existent. A general rule of law states you should wear a stone at least 1/10th of your body weight. 

Iolite Stone Benefits

Iolite Stone Benefits:

If we were to describe Nili stone benefits in Hindi in a single line, it would be, “मानसिक शांति, आत्म-समर्थन, और आध्यात्मिक विकास”. Iolite, or Nili stone in Hindi benefits, extends to every sphere of life. Let’s have a glimpse into its magnificence:

Spiritual Benefits of Iolite Stone:

Heightened Intuition

Neeli stone benefits your decision-making by connecting you to your true desires and sharpens your intuition, which guides you to a better life. 

Chakra Alignment

Nili Stone benefits your inner world's harmony for your overall well-being. It also sharpens your third eye and throat chakra. 

Aids Meditation

Neeli stone benefits concentration and higher acceptance of divine guidance, resulting in a more spiritual meditative experience. 

Health Benefits of Iolite Stone:

Physical and Emotional Detoxification

Iolite stone benefits physical recovery. It resists your temptation to turn to intoxicants during minor inconveniences. This protects your liver. It also aids in your emotional healing journey by allowing you to find confidence within and conquer your pain. 

Stress Alleviation

Neeli Stone helps in dealing with stress and anxiety. You can envision the future instead of dwelling on the past. 

Sleep Improvement

Everyone struggles with tossing and turning in bed, hoping for a sound sleep. The Iolite benefits your body to calm down and your mental chatter to go quiet so you can sleep. 

Professional Benefits of Neeli Stone:

Improved Creativity

If you’ve been suffering from a creative block or want to grow in your field, this stone is a perfect choice. 

Better Focus and Concentration

The Neeli stone benefits allow you to focus your energy on what matters instead of getting distracted from your goals. 

Positive Money Mindset

Working for money is one thing. Getting money to work for you is another. And you can successfully do the latter by using the positivity from this stone. 

Iolite Stone price

Iolite Stone Price:

The Nili stone price in India starts from Rs. 450/ratti and goes to Rs. 2,000/ratti, as the quality increases. These can vary from dealer to dealer. On the other hand, the international price range lies somewhere between $5-$60. 

But there is no blanket Iolite stone price in India. The stone’s color, clarity, cut, origin, and carat weight determine the Nili Ratan’s price. It all comes down to your needs and budget. If you want the best options for Neeli stone price for a 100% original crystal, buy Iolite stone from Dhanshree Gems


1. Is Iolite a birthstone?

Yes. According to Western astrology, Iolite is a birthstone for people born in September. 

2. What is the spiritual power of Iolite?

The spiritual power of Iolite heightens your psychic powers in the form of better intuition and connection with the divine. 

3. Which finger is the Iolite on?

You can wear Iolite on the middle finger of the dominant hand.