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Blue Sapphire (Neelam)

Blue Sapphire (Neelam)

Blue Sapphire Stone or Neelam Stone is a powerful gemstone that has been a royal favourite for centuries. A natural Blue Sapphire is ruled by Saturn, a planet of discipline and labor that has changed people’s destinies based on their karma. Consult a professional astrologer and buy Blue Sapphire gemstone. 

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  1. Blue Sapphire - 2.05 Carats
    Origin : Sri Lanka (Ceylon)
    ₹ 11,275.00
  2. Blue Sapphire - 2.06 Carats
    Origin : Sri Lanka (Ceylon)
    ₹ 18,128.00
  3. Blue Sapphire - 2.15 Carats
    Origin : Sri Lanka (Ceylon)
    ₹ 26,875.00
  4. Blue Sapphire - 2.16 Carats
    Origin : Sri Lanka (Ceylon)
    ₹ 14,040.00
  5. Blue Sapphire - 2.17 Carats
    Origin : Sri Lanka (Ceylon)
    ₹ 30,380.00
  6. Blue Sapphire - 2.18 Carats
    Origin : Sri Lanka (Ceylon)
    ₹ 27,250.00
  7. Blue Sapphire - 2.66 Carats
    Origin : Sri Lanka (Ceylon)
    ₹ 17,290.00
  8. Blue Sapphire - 2.72 Carats
    Origin : Sri Lanka (Ceylon)
    ₹ 20,400.00
  9. Blue Sapphire - 2.95 Carats
    Origin : Sri Lanka (Ceylon)
    ₹ 22,125.00
  10. Blue Sapphire - 3.01 Carats
    Origin : Sri Lanka (Ceylon)
    ₹ 31,605.00
  11. Blue Sapphire - 3.02 Carats
    Origin : Sri Lanka (Ceylon)
    ₹ 28,690.00
  12. Blue Sapphire - 3.04 Carats
    Origin : Sri Lanka (Ceylon)
    ₹ 45,600.00
  13. Blue Sapphire - 3.16 Carats
    Origin : Sri Lanka (Ceylon)
    ₹ 14,220.00
  14. Blue Sapphire - 3.69 Carats
    Origin : Sri Lanka (Ceylon)
    ₹ 16,605.00
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About Blue Sapphire Gemstone


Blue Sapphire stone or Neelam Ratna is a precious Vedic gemstone that is highly praised for its powerful astrological benefits. It is one of the popular blue gemstones that come in a variety of blue hues ranging from light blue hue, pale blue hue to royal blue hue. The intensity of Neelam stone colors depends on hue, saturation, and brilliance. The most suitable Blue Sapphire stone color comes in a royal blue hue with exceptional clarity and luster.

  • Often described as the most powerful gemstone in astrology, the Blue Sapphire stone in Hindi is known as Neelam ratan.
  • It is also known by several names - Neela stone, Nila stone, Nilam stone, Indra Neelam stone, Indraneelam stone, Aparajita Neelam, Aparajita Nila, Indranila stone, Mayuri Neelam stone, Nilamani stone, Nilmani stone, Raktamukhi Neelam, Neelamani, Indraneel, Neela Pukhraj, Mayur Neelam, Kanchanaburi Sapphire, Neel Mani stone, and Nilkanta Moni.
  • Known as the stone of the planet Saturn, Blue Sapphire meaning is considered a good luck stone.
  • According to Indian and Western Astrology, this Kumbh Rashi Ratan when worn in the form of Blue Sapphire jewelry brings immense astrological benefits.

Who Should Wear?

Who should wear Blue Sapphire Gemstone:

  • Blue Sapphire's birthstone month is September.
  • The astrological Blue Sapphire rules the planet, Saturn.
  • According to Vedic Astrology, it is a Kumbha Rashi stone (Aquarius Zodiac Stone) and can also be worn by people born under Capricorn and Libra zodiac signs.
  • Blue Sapphire gemstone is a highly powerful stone, so it is recommended to wear only after expert Astro Consultation.

For positive astrological benefits, Blue Sapphire is worn in the form of a Blue Sapphire stone ring, Blue Sapphire pendant, and bracelet. Astrologically, it is highly recommended to wear a Blue Sapphire stone in silver metal to reap its maximum benefits.

If not worn as per the Astro guidance, then it can provide negative benefits to its wearer, resulting in financial losses and various health problems.

Note: To know if Blue Sapphire suits you the best, you can check from our Free Gemstone Recommendation Tool online.

How to wear Blue Sapphire Gemstone:

It is recommended by expert astrologers to wear Neelam gemstone only after taking note of the following key points-

Color of Blue Sapphire Medium to Dark Blue
Suitable Metal Silver
Weight of the Blue Sapphire Minimum 1/12th of the body weight. A person weighing 60 kg can wear a 5-carat Blue Sapphire
Neelam Stone Finger The Middle finger of the working hand
Best time to wear Blue Sapphire The stone is best worn on Saturday evenings. Best worn during Shukla Paksha (Waxing Moon)
Mantra and Chanting Frequency Om Sham Shanicharaya Namah, ऊँ शं शनैश्चराय नमः (108 times)


Note: It is recommended to wear the Blue Sapphire original stone only after an expert astrologer consultation.

Types and Origin

Blue Sapphire gemstones (Mayuri Neelam stones) are valued in national and international markets because of their rich blue hue, radiance, and loupe-clean clarity. The types of Blue Sapphire vary in the change in color tone (light Blue Sapphire, Royal Blue Sapphire, etc.), Blue Sapphire origin and the powerful energies exhibited by them provide exceptional astrological benefits and health benefits.

Below are some of the most popular types of Neelam stone based on the origin:

 1. Ceylon Blue Sapphire:

  • Also known as Ceylon Neelam, this variety of Ceylon Sapphire is known for its true blue hue.
  • Sri Lanka is known for producing an impressive variety of Blue Sapphires in their unheated and untreated forms.
  • The Sri Lanka Blue Sapphire possesses excellent durability and shine and is used to make stunning engagement rings.

2. Kashmir Blue Sapphires:

  • Kashmir Sapphires are known to exhibit a brilliant dark royal blue color that makes them highly desirable and expensive.
  • Kashmir is known to produce the best quality Kashmiri Neelam stone with a velvety appearance.
  • It is also known as Jammu Sapphire or Kashmiri Blue Sapphire in the gem market and is found in the Paddar valley of the Kishtwar district of Jammu and Kashmir.
  • You can buy original Kashmiri Neelam online from Dhanshree Gems.

3. Bangkok Neelam Stone:

  • Also known as Thailand Blue Sapphire or Thai Nilam, this variety is widely used for astrological purposes.
  • It comes in a deep blue hue with outstanding cut and exceptional clarity.
  • Bangkok Blue Sapphire stones have no inclusions and are highly valued in national and international markets for their rich blue hue.

4. Burma Blue Sapphire:

  • Burma is known to produce gem-quality Burmese Neelam stones.
  • The historical significance of this place and this high-quality blue colored gemstone produced in Burma (Myanmar) make Burmese Blue Sapphire highly valuable in the gem market.

5. Cornflower Blue Sapphire:

  • The Cornflower Blue Sapphire gemstone color is pure blue with brilliant luster and clarity.
  • This Kumbh Rashi gemstone variety does not contain a purple or green tone (as observed in Green Neelam stone or Khooni Neelam stone) and the pure blue hue is evenly distributed across the gemstone.
  • Because of its rich hue and astrological significance, Cornflower Blue Sapphires are highly desirable.

Blue Sapphire Benefits

The Neelam Pathar brings immense wealth, prosperity, and health benefits to its wearer. Original Neelam Ratna activates and balances the vital Chakra of the body - The Throat Chakra.

The other color varieties of Blue Sapphire with a slightly pale blue hue, vivid blue hue, or bluish-purplish shade are known for both astrological and jewelry purposes.

Some of the remarkable benefits of Blue Sapphire-

1. Astrological Benefits of Neelam Stone

  • Neelam stone benefits people who are dealing with the difficult phase of Shani Saadesati. 
  • One of the most popular benefits of Neelam stone is that it brings immense wealth and financial prosperity to the wearer.
  • When worn in the form of rings, the Blue Sapphire ring benefits businessmen and professionals who are facing stagnancy or difficulties in their professional lives. 
  • Blue Sapphire stone benefits in bringing abundant opportunities for people to increase their wealth and brings fame and popularity.
  • Neelam benefits by bringing discipline to the life of the wearer. It also makes the person focused and determined in life. 

2. Health Benefits of Neelam Stone

  • Apart from the astrological Neelam benefits, this stone also possesses powerful health benefits.
  • Indra Neelam stone benefits people suffering from various joint pains and arthritis.
  • Blue Sapphire also helps the wearer deal with stress, anxiety, and other psychological problems.
  • This gemstone tends to keep the sensory organs healthy and balances the mind and body coordination.

The effects of Neelam stone 

Neelam stone side effects and positive effects are seen after a few days of wearing it. When it is worn as an Indraneelam ring or in any form of jewelry piece, Blue Sapphire benefits are seen. The Neelam stone astrological substitutes, which are blue semi precious stones - Iolite (Neeli) and Blue Topaz also bring similar positive effects to their wearer.

So, if you are looking for a Blue Sapphire stone, then you can buy Neelam gemstone online from Dhanshree Gems.

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Blue Sapphire Prices

Price of Blue Sapphire Stone:

This wonderful blue color stone variety exhibits a vivid blue hue with exceptional saturation and clarity. This makes it highly valuable in the national and international markets.

  • The blue sapphire color is one of the key determinants of the stone’s price.
  • Other determinants of Neelam stone price can vary with its clarity, cut, and other quality factors
  • At Dhanshree Gems, the natural Blue Sapphire price per carat starts from ₹ 1250 per carat  and goes up to ₹ 50 lakh per carat.
  • Kashmiri Blue Sapphire price or Kashmiri Neelam stone price varies from ₹ 20000 per carat to ₹ 90 lakh per carat.
  • The original Neelam price depends on the origin and therefore the price of Kashmiri Blue Sapphire differs from the Indraneelam stone price and other origin Neeli stone prices.

The other varieties of Blue Sapphire are also desired for their beautiful appearance.  This gemstone is desired for its powerful astrological benefits and metaphysical properties. Apart from this, original Neelam stone rings, Neelam pendants, and Neelam bracelets look beautiful when worn as a piece of jewelry. 

You can customize your jewelry with certified Neelam stone online from Dhanshree Gems. Our CAD experts will design your jewelry based on your requirements at the best price of Blue Sapphire stone and you can buy Blue Sapphire online at your convenience.

For best astrological results, this gemstone is worn in the form of a Neelam stone ring, Neelam pendant, or bracelet. Considering the Blue Sapphire price per ratti or Neelam gemstone price per carat and metal charges, the Blue Sapphire cost of jewelry can vary depending on the choice of metal, design, and cut of the gemstone.

The Neelam stone cost in the bracelet also varies depending upon the thickness of the metal chain used and the quality of the gemstone. Also, the Neelam ratan price in the bracelet is also determined on the basis of the metal used and the gemstone quality.

People are fond of this precious gemstone and wear it in the form of jewelry. It also depends on the wearer’s choice and expert Astro consultation in which form Blue Sapphire gemstone is worn. You can customize your certified Blue Sapphire gemstone jewelry from Dhanshree Gems. Our CAD experts will design your jewelry based on your requirements at the best cost of Neelam stone.

Moreover, to calculate the Blue Sapphire price in India, one should consider the quality factors. After careful analysis of the gemstone from a genuine gem laboratory, the original Neelam stone price in India is fairly determined.

Note: 1 Ratti = 0.91 Carat (Approximately)

To know the original Neelam stone price or Kashmir Blue Sapphire price per carat or from other origins based on your requirement, you can Contact Us. Our experts will get in touch with you and show you a natural Blue Sapphire online at the best Blue Sapphire stone price.


1. Which Blue Sapphire is best for astrological purposes?
Blue Sapphire original stone from Ceylon (Sri Lanka) is considered the best for astrological purposes. Also known as Sri Lankan Blue Sapphire, this gemstone when worn in a bright blue hue with good clarity brings immense wealth and prosperity to the native’s life.

2. How many carat Neelam stones should I wear?
Neelam stone should be worn based on the wearer’s body weight. The carat weight of this blue precious stone should be 1/12th of the body weight. If the wearer’s body weight is 60 Kg, then he/she can wear a 5-carat original Neelam stone.

3. How to check whether the Blue Sapphire stone is original?

It is important to check the authenticity of Blue Sapphire to not get manipulated by sellers. There are 3 tests that you can undertake to see if blue sapphire is original or fake: 

  • Fog Test: Breathe on the stone and see the time taken for the mist to be removed. A real blue sapphire is a good conductor of heat, so mist will disappear instantly. A fake one will do the same in a long time of 5-10 seconds. 
  • Reflection of light: Shine the light of the torch on the blue sapphire stone. A real stone will reflect back blue color while a fake stone will reflect back different colors. 
  • Inclusions: While for some gemstones, inclusions depreciate the value and effect, they are generally considered a mark for purity and authenticity in blue sapphire. These inclusions are present due to their natural formation process and a completely clear stone should ring a bell for being fake(rarely is it real). However, these imperfections are quite small and not visible to the naked eye. If the stone has significant liquid inclusions or air bubbles, the stone is usually fake or not effective. 

4. How do you check if Blue Sapphire suits you?
The precious and authentic Blue Sapphire will start showing its effects (both Blue Sapphire side effects or positive Blue Sapphire effects) after 1-3 days of wearing. If you are not facing any health issues, then it shows that the real Blue Sapphire Neelam stone suits you. However, if you are feeling adverse health effects or experiencing huge financial losses, then you should consult the astrologer and avoid wearing a Neelam Ratan.

5. Can we wear Diamond and Blue Sapphire together?
Yes, you can wear Blue Sapphire and Diamonds together. They make a perfect combination when worn in the form of a high quality Neelam stone ring with diamonds surrounding it.