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Turquoise (Firoza)

Turquoise (Firoza)

Turquoise Gemstone is a beautiful stone that delights people who are curious to gain spiritual wisdom. It’s a birthstone for December and is lucky for people having Sagittarius placements. It absorbs any evil eye that might be a roadblock in your growth. Explore your spiritual journey and buy Turquoise Stone today!

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  1. Turquoise - 6.44 Carats
    Origin : Arizona
    ₹ 5,474.00
  2. Turquoise - 6.49 Carats
    Origin : Arizona
    ₹ 5,062.20
  3. Turquoise - 6.79 Carats
    Origin : Arizona
    ₹ 5,975.20
  4. Turquoise - 7.22 Carats
    Origin : Arizona
    ₹ 4,873.50
  5. Turquoise - 7.27 Carats
    Origin : Arizona
    ₹ 4,216.60
  6. Turquoise - 7.29 Carats
    Origin : Arizona
    ₹ 4,957.20
  7. Turquoise - 7.45 Carats
    Origin : Arizona
    ₹ 4,842.50
  8. Turquoise - 8.68 Carats
    Origin : Arizona
    ₹ 6,770.40
  9. Turquoise - 8.71 Carats
    Origin : Arizona
    ₹ 6,532.50
  10. Turquoise - 8.77 Carats
    Origin : Arizona
    ₹ 7,717.60
  11. Turquoise - 9.42 Carats
    Origin : Arizona
    ₹ 8,289.60
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About Turquoise Gemstone


Turquoise is a French word for Turkish, and gem enthusiasts believe that the stone was introduced to medieval Europe by Turks. The stone's calming presence and its breathtaking blue hue stun many people.

  • The Turquoise Stone in Hindi is called Feroza stone, which has become a popular name for the stone’s turquoise color.
  • The firoza stone is known for bringing peace and tranquility to a person’s life and is considered a fantastic choice for those who wish to explore their spiritual journey.
  • Irani Firoza, i.e., turquoise from Iran, is considered the premium variety of the stone and is valued the highest.
  • It is also available in selected areas of Tibet. Tibetan turquoise is also known as sky stone for its ocean blue appearance and is revered by the locals as a spiritual stone, fallen from heaven.
  • Mostly, Turquoise jewelry benefits people born in December by keeping them grounded and calm.

The archaeological history of the Turquoise gemstone has made it one of the most sought-after stones and visible even in megastar accessories like Salman Khan’s bracelet, which cracks in the presence of evil energy, as the actor himself explained.

Who Should Wear?

Who should wear Turquoise Stone:

  • A turquoise birthstone is a charm for those born in the zodiac signs of Pisces, Aquarius, and Sagittarius. 
  • Those having strong Jupiter placements or experiencing ill effects of the Guru Graha can wear Turquoise rings, bracelets, pendants, or earrings.  
  • Turquoise benefits December-born the most.

If you want to check whether turquoise stones are a perfect fit for you, try our free gemstone recommendation tool and get an expertly curated answer. 

How to wear Turquoise Stone:

The captivating bluish-green color of the Irani firoza is a treat for sore eyes and gives peace of mind and wisdom to the wearer with financial abundance.

The following table will guide you to wearing the gemstone properly: 

The color of the stone Lies on a spectrum from blue to green
Suitable Metal Silver is the most beneficial but can also be worn with gold and copper
Appropriate weight For rings, ideal weight is 1/10th of your body weight. For bracelets, the weight is increased for the stone to touch the skin properly
Suitable finger Turquoise stone benefits the most when worn on the ring finger of the right hand
When to Wear Thursday, Friday, and Saturday between 6 AM- 8 AM are considered ideal days and time
Mantra and Chanting Frequency

'Om Graam Greem Groom Saha Gurvey Namah', “ॐ ग्राम ग्रीम ग्रूम साहा गुरवे नमः" (108 times)

Types and Origin

The turquoise stone has remained a historically and contemporarily relevant gemstone, highly demanded globally. There are over 20 different varieties mined from various locations.

We have discussed the top 4 which have mesmerized wearers across the world:

1. Irani Turquoise: The price of Irani Firoza is the highest in the turquoise range. And the reason for that is quite simple, the premium quality.  

2. Tibetan Turquoise: Tibetan Firoza is mined from our pristine Himalayas, works on the throat chakra, and allows the body and mind to move beyond blockages that have hampered progress. The stone’s spiritual origin has made it a famous Feng shui symbol, revered by the locals. 

3. Bisbee Turquoise: This type is different from the others as it is not blemish-free but has a brown-red colored matrix adorning the surface. The price of this turquoise is higher due to its rarity and found in an Arizona copper mine.    

4. Sleeping Beauty Turquoise: This stone is found in many jewelry pieces in North America and is a highly celebrated stone, known for its clarity with a minimal matrix. It is found in an Arizonian mine shaped like a sleeping lady. The location has given its name "Sleeping beauty."

Turquoise Stone Benefits

Turquoise is one of the oldest stones that has intrigued gem enthusiasts and astrologers. Apart from the beautiful blue color, feroza stone benefits people in many areas of life, some of which are listed as follows: 

  • Irani turquoise is considered a medium to connect a soul to a higher power. It strengthens the intuitive capabilities of the person and works on improving third-eye capabilities.  
  • It allows people to communicate better as it strengthens the throat chakra. 
  • Those engaged in self-sabotage have seen a positive impact after adorning the stone.
  • Firoza stone benefits people frequently impacted by evil energies in their vicinity and is believed to change color when it detects the same. 
  • It is a shield and protects the wearer from harmful health impacts due to mental health issues like anxiety, depression, and stress and prevents untimely death.

Turquoise Stone Prices

The original firoza stone price depends on its weight, color, rarity, and clarity. The heavier and blemish-free turquoise is, the more its price will be.

  • At Dhanshree Gems, Firoza stone prices can range from ₹ 350 per carat to ₹ 3000 per carat and higher, depending on the scarcity and quality.
  • Firoza stone prices in India usually start from ₹ 350 per carat and keep rising based on quality differences. 

If you want a high-quality stone variety with 100% assurance of purity, buy turquoise online from Dhanshree Gems. We offer you the best prices with a wide selection range to suit your budget and need.


1. Who can wear Irani Firoza? 

People born in December wear the Irani Firoza. As per Vedic Astrology, those born in the zodiac placements of Pisces and Sagittarius benefit the most from it. 

2. Which color of Firoza is best for Astrology? 

Turquoise is available in many colors, such as green, purple, and blue. But opaque sky blue colors are considered the best for harnessing the power of this stone. The Firoza Ratna price changes according to the origin and color, affecting the quality. 

3. Which finger is best for the Feroza ring? 

Jupiter stone rings like those of Yellow Sapphire and feroza are best suited for the ring finger of the right hand. 

4. What are the benefits of wearing Feroza stone?

Feroza stone benefits the wearer in many areas of life. It bestows wisdom for better decision-making, strengthens throat chakra for better communication, eases the mind, and brings calm and tranquility to life.