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Hessonite Garnet (Gomed)

Hessonite Garnet (Gomed)

Gomed Stone or Hessonite Garnet stone is a powerful crystal to add to your collection. Apart from its magnificent aura, the stone is ruled by a notorious planet, Rahu, or North Node, a shadow planet that can blind you to rights and wrongs in the name of materialistic desires and fame. To tame the energies of Rahu so you don’t ruin your life and to initiate a positive transformation, a Gomed stone is an excellent pick.

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  1. Hessonite Garnet - 2 Carats
    Origin : Africa
    ₹ 2,240.00
  2. Hessonite Garnet - 2.24 Carats
    Origin : Sri Lanka (Ceylon)
    ₹ 3,136.00
  3. Hessonite Garnet - 2.29 Carats
    Origin : Africa
    ₹ 1,923.60
  4. Hessonite Garnet - 2.58 Carats
    Origin : Sri Lanka (Ceylon)
    ₹ 4,515.00
  5. Hessonite Garnet - 2.69 Carats
    Origin : Africa
    ₹ 2,824.50
  6. Hessonite Garnet - 2.72 Carats
    Origin : Sri Lanka (Ceylon)
    ₹ 4,760.00
  7. Hessonite Garnet - 2.74 Carats
    Origin : Africa
    ₹ 2,493.40
  8. Hessonite Garnet - 2.75 Carats
    Origin : Sri Lanka (Ceylon)
    ₹ 4,812.50
  9. Hessonite Garnet - 2.77 Carats
    Origin : Africa
    ₹ 3,878.00
  10. Hessonite Garnet - 2.77 Carats
    Origin : Sri Lanka (Ceylon)
    ₹ 4,847.50
  11. Hessonite Garnet - 2.82 Carats
    Origin : Africa
    ₹ 2,961.00
  12. Hessonite Garnet - 2.87 Carats
    Origin : Africa
    ₹ 2,812.60
  13. Hessonite Garnet - 2.88 Carats
    Origin : Sri Lanka (Ceylon)
    ₹ 4,435.20
  14. Hessonite Garnet - 3.17 Carats
    Origin : Africa
    ₹ 1,775.20
  15. Hessonite Garnet - 3.51 Carats
    Origin : Africa
    ₹ 1,965.60
  16. Hessonite Garnet - 3.63 Carats
    Origin : Africa
    ₹ 2,286.90
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About Gomed Stone


Gomed stone or Gomedhikam stone is a precious gemstone in Hindu Mythology. 

  • The Gomedhikam stone or Gomed stone in English is known as Hessonite Garnet and is associated with the Garnet family of minerals.
  • It was a favourite of the Greeks and Romans.
  • The Hessonite stone is also known as the Rahu stone.
  • The chemical composition of the Gomed Ratna is similar to grossularite which is a part of the garnet group consisting primarily of calcium and aluminium.

Usually, an original Gomed stone is found in placer deposits across the world. The best hessonite stone is found in Sri Lanka and India, while some deposits are also present in Brazil, Canada, Madagascar, and Tanzania. It brings clarity and equilibrium to a person’s mind, which might get distorted due to Rahu’s impact. It also infuses creative inspiration into a person’s mind and helps rid them of negative thoughts or anxiety.

Not only mentally, but Gomed gemstone makes a person’s spiritual side healthy and active. In ancient times, there was a belief that Gomed gemstone had talismanic powers.

Who Should Wear?

Who should wear Gomed Stone?

  • According to Vedic astrology, the Gomed stone ring harnesses the energy of Rahu or the north lunar node.
  • It is associated with causing emotional and mental imbalances, confusion, and delays. 
  • The Gomed stone ring is best suited for those born in January, and the zodiac sign that is generally associated with it is Aquarius (Jan 20- Feb 18). 
  • The stone also offers protection in cases of Kaal Sarpa Dosha when the other seven planets lie between Rahu and Ketu.

The Gomedhikam stone ring energises the crown chakra, which energises the other chakras. This indicates how powerful a hessonite stone ring is. You must consult a professional astrologer and get an analysis of your birth chart before choosing this stone as suitable for you.

If you want to know whether a hessonite stone is a good fit for you, try our free gemstone recommendation tool online.

How to wear Gomed Stone?

People generally prefer wearing a gomedhikam stone ring or a pendant.

The following points must be kept in mind while choosing the stone as an ideal fit for you:

Color of the stone Brownish-yellow or red colored
Suitable Metal Silver is the best metal for gomed gemstone
Appropriate weight Ideally, it should be 1/10th of body weight, so a 50 kg person can wear a 5 carat stone.
Suitable finger for wearing the gemstone It usually shows the best results when worn on the middle finger of the right hand which is ruled by Saturn.
When to wear Saturday morning (5 AM-7 AM) is the best day and time to wear the gomedakam stone.
Mantra and chanting frequency

 "ॐ रां राहवे नमः” (Om Rang Rahave Namaha) | You must chant the mantra 108 times

Types and Origin

Hessonite Garnet Stone is a hard material of low density. During ancient times, Greeks and Romans used it for jewelry and talismanic properties.

Those who have Rahu in favorable houses generally have luck on their side, while those who have it in weaker positions are bound for insecurities and dilemmas regarding life. In short, they are unable to think straight.

The hessonite stone or gomed stone can be segregated into three categories based on their area of origin, which are listed as follows:

  1. Ceylon Gomed Stone: Ceylonese gomed, famously called saloni gomed stone or siloni gomed, is a stone from Sri Lanka and is considered a premium type of hessonite due to its blemish-free and lustrous finish. It is honey-colored and is the most expensive type of gomedakam. 
  2. African Gomed Stone: African gomed stone is a relatively cheaper stone and darker in color. It relaxes the mind and reduces stress and anxiety.
  3. Indian Gomed Stone: Indian gomed is a variety at par with African gomed. It is available in brown and even as black gomed. Both Indian and African stone varieties are available easily and, therefore common than Ceylonese.

Gomed Stone Benefits

Gomed Stone Benefits

We can summarise Gomed stone benefits in Hindi as Dhyana, Artha, Kama, Dharma, and Moksha, i.e., Meditation, Finances, Pleasure, Righteousness, and Salvation.

Other hessonite stone benefits are listed as follows:

  • The gomed stone benefits the wearer by protecting them from the harmful effects of the shadow planet Rahu.
  • Hessonite stone benefits the wearer from becoming a target of black magic.
  • It stabilizes the mind and helps individuals to make better decisions.
  • Siloni Gomed stone benefits those looking for an improved financial and social status.
  • They get luck on their side when they wear the stone.
  • The gomed gemstone benefits those who struggle with mental health issues like depression, anxiety, etc. 
  • It is also beneficial as a relaxant for heart palpitations and anxiety..
  • In terms of physical health, gomedhikam stone benefits recovery from allergies, high blood pressure, cancer, etc..
  • Gomed stone benefits for marriage and finding compatible partners make it a popular choice for people seeking a loyal commitment.

Gomed Stone Price

Gomed Stone Price:

The Gomedhikam stone price depends on the origin, color, and treatment meted to it. Another factor that determines a Gomed stone ring price is its cut. The higher the craftsmanship, the better the stone’s radiance and value. Similarly, the Hessonite stone price of a heavier carat weight will be higher than the rest as larger stones are difficult to source. With respect to price variation in types of this stone, the Saloni Gomed stone price is comparatively higher due to its high demand.

Dhanshree gems offer you a wide variety of hessonite stones and are proud to sell 100% original and untreated gomed stones with pricing for every budget requirement.

The Gomed stone price in India depends on various factors. An original Gomed stone price starts from ₹350 per carat and goes up to ₹2500 per carat depending upon the quality you prefer. In India, buy gomed stones online at the best prices with an assurance of quality and finish.


1. What is the difference between garnet and gomed? 

You can visualize a garnet as a big family of which hessonite or gomed is a part. Their difference lies in chemical composition and the planetary energies they support. While gomed is responsible for harnessing Rahu’s impact and is suitable for Aquarius or Kumbh Rashi, every garnet is associated with a different planet.

2. In how many days does a gomed stone show effects? 

You should wait 10-15 days to see the significant effects of the hessonite stone. Though you can witness some benefits earlier, long-term impacts need some days to materialize. The positive impact usually stays for about five years.

3. Can I wear yellow sapphire and hessonite together?

No, you must not pair a yellow sapphire with a hessonite gomed as both have conflicting energies. You must consult a professional astrologer before pairing two gemstones.

4. How do I get a good quality gomed stone?

You should consult a trusted gemstone dealer who can provide proper certifications of an original gemstone.

5. How do I identify the original gomed stone? 

You can check if the stone is original or not using these two signs: 

  • Scratch marks appear when rubbed against quartz or any other hard mineral
  • An original stone displays rainbow colors in both artificial and natural lights

6. Gomed stone which finger to wear?

Wear the Gomed stone on the middle finger of your dominant hand.