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Ruled by Mars, a Pyrite stone offers you a happy and well-balanced life and brings in a lot of money and creative benefits, making it one of the top favorite stones for gemstone enthusiasts. 

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  1. Pyrite - 13.56 Carats
    Origin : Peru
    ₹ 949.00
  2. Pyrite - 16.18 Carats
    Origin : Peru
    ₹ 1,133.00
  3. Pyrite - 16.24 Carats
    Origin : Peru
    ₹ 1,137.00
  4. Pyrite - 16 Carats
    Origin : Peru
    ₹ 1,120.00
  5. Pyrite - 15.31 Carats
    Origin : Peru
    ₹ 1,072.00
  6. Pyrite - 10.4 Carats
    Origin : Peru
    ₹ 728.00
  7. Pyrite - 12.14 Carats
    Origin : Peru
    ₹ 850.00
  8. Pyrite - 17.16 Carats
    Origin : Peru
    ₹ 1,201.00
  9. Pyrite - 13.56 Carats
    Origin : Peru
    ₹ 949.00
  10. Pyrite - 11 Carats
    Origin : Peru
    ₹ 770.00
  11. Pyrite - 16.34 Carats
    Origin : Peru
    ₹ 1,144.00
  12. Pyrite - 14.29 Carats
    Origin : Peru
    ₹ 1,000.00
  13. Pyrite - 10.59 Carats
    Origin : Peru
    ₹ 741.00
  14. Pyrite - 10.63 Carats
    Origin : Peru
    ₹ 744.00
  15. Pyrite - 8.78 Carats
    Origin : Peru
    ₹ 615.00
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About Pyrite Stone


Fool’s Gold- Yes, that’s the name the fiery Pyrite stone is popularly known by. However, there’s so much more to unearth about this “Pseudo-Gold” that it’ll make you wonder why you haven’t had a stone like Pyrite gemstone in your collection. 

The name “Pyrite” is derived from “pyr,” a Greek word meaning fire, which is apt considering its golden glow that ignites passion within you. In addition to its color, you can attribute the sudden burst of energy to the planetary ruler of an original Pyrite stone, Mars. Its ruling planet is a beacon of courage and resilience that can empower anyone going through adversities.   

And like real Gold symbolizes wealth, the radiant golden Pyrite stone brings you opportunities that compound your wealth without letting you lose yourself to material desires or letting anyone else spoil your success. 

Be it as a piece of Pyrite jewelry, a meditative tool, or a home decoration, Pyrite gemstone lightens up your career, relationships, and inner balance and pushes you to conquer your fears. Like many other gemstones, a raw Pyrite stone (a natural, untouched crystal) is an excellent tool to speed up your spiritual journey and align you with your true purpose.

Who Should Wear?

Who Should wear Pyrite stone?:

The healing energy of a Pyrite bracelet offers you the courage to face your life with confidence and vigor and gives you the motivation to stand up when life is dragging you through the pit. A Pyrite bracelet is a perfect choice for: 

  • Those seeking clarity and focus in their personal and professional lives.
  • Those who want to explore their creative potential.
  • Those surrounded by negativity need a spark of positivity.

How to Wear Pyrite stone?

While the Pyrite bracelet is wonderful for anyone to wear, you need to keep some basic rules in mind so you can reap its benefits without worry:

Weight  The ideal stone weight should be at least 1/10th of your body weight.
Color Its beautiful brass golden color is a sight for sore eyes
Metal The metal in which you decide to wear a stone can make or break its impact. The best metal for a Pyrite stone ring is Silver.
Day and Time As the stone is ruled by Mars (Mangal), the best day to wear it is Tuesday before 7:30 AM.
Finger/Hand The ring finger of the dominant hand is suitable for a Pyrite stone ring. And if you prefer bracelets, a Pyrite bracelet should be worn in the right hand
Mantra  Chant ॐ क्रां क्रीं क्रौं सः भौमाय नमः (Om Kram Kreem Kraum Sah Bhaumaya Namah) while wearing the stone


How To Use Pyrite Stone To Attract Wealth?

Popularly called the “Fool’s Gold,” the Pyrite stone for money attracts financial riches and brings you closer to your dream life. To attract wealth using Pyrite stone:

  • Wear a Pyrite stone pendant, bracelet, or ring to feel the stone’s energy in your bones. 
  • Meditate using this crystal for a heightened sense of intuition and a more receptive crown chakra for spiritual downloads. 
  • Keep the stone near your workplace or where you plan your finances to let its positive vibrations reflect in your decisions. 

Types and Origin

An original Pyrite stone is present in Spain, Peru, and the United States, with scattered but notable deposits in Canada, China, and Russia. Even though the Pyrite properties bring wealth, creativity, and stillness are appealing, be careful while buying the stone, as many dealers sell out fake stones by fooling you with their visual appeal. Keep the following 4C’s in mind to make an informed purchase. 

1. Color:

Its resemblance to Gold in color is widely known. However, many dealers sell fake stones by polishing them with a brassy color with no appeal. Your goal is to look out for an original Pyrite stone, one that is vibrant and consistently golden instead of being patchy or dull.

2. Clarity:

Pyrite is bound to have inclusions and minor imperfections in its natural crystal form. They prove the stone’s origin is natural and not lab-based. However, steer clear of overly clouded stones with inclusions as it might affect its overall impact. 

3. Cut:

Generally, people prefer to wear Pyrite Stone in natural, freeform cuts that highlight its raw beauty. You can also go for cabochon cuts to highlight its visual appeal.

4. Carat:

Pyrite is available in a wide carat range, and it ultimately comes down to your preference and budget.

Pyrite Stone Benefits

Pyrite Stone Benefits

The benefits of Golden Pyrite stone are plenty, making it a beloved must-have in your gemstone collection. Be it health, relationships, metaphysical domain, or professional lives, the benefits of Pyrite stone make life easy without making you lose out on important lessons. Some of the Pyrite stone benefits are listed as follows: 

1. Financial Benefits of Pyrite Stone:

Money Magnet

Prosperity and Abundance are what many people define Pyrite stone benefits with, making it a must-have for material success. Make your dream a luxurious reality with this stone.

Entrepreneurship Success

The confidence and determination in the stone’s energy support individuals in their entrepreneurial endeavors and career progression. Pyrite Stone bracelet benefits a positive mindset and gives you hope and strength to create a better future.

Financial Protection

In addition to making you financially wiser, Pyrite benefits in bringing you out of a money slump and debt situations, bringing stability and peace. 

2. Health Benefits of Pyrite Stone:

Energy Booster

Pyrite Stone bracelet benefits your metabolism and rids lethargy or procrastination tendencies, which improves your physical and mental well-being. 

Respiratory Health

Pyrite Stone benefits your lungs and ensures a steady and deeper breathing experience that relaxes your mind and body.

Emotional Healing 

Pyrite Stone bracelet benefits your healing journey by making you aware of your self-worth and removing yourself from situations that make you question the same. 

"Note: Get Deeper Analysis of benefits of Wearing Pyrite Bracelet"

Pyrite Stone price

Price of Pyrite Stone:

The Pyrite stone price fluctuates globally based on its frequently changing demand. On average, Pyrite stone price in India starts from a few hundred rupees and increases to multiple thousand based on the change in size and quality. 

Unlike other gemstones, the Pyrite price isn’t limited to carat-based calculation. Many dealers sell the stone based on its weight in grams. However, it’s important to double-check the reliability of the dealer and the quality of the stone instead of focusing solely on the Pyrite stone price

Note: 1 Ratti = 0.91 Carat (Approximately)

To know the best pyrite stone price based on your needs, you can Contact Us and our experts will show you a natural Pyrite stone online at the best price.


1. Which hand to wear the Pyrite bracelet?

Wear the Pyrite bracelet in your right hand to attract opportunities to make more money, experience more professional and personal growth, and live blissfully. 

2. Is Pyrite safe to wear?

Yes, Pyrite is mostly safe to wear. However, it’s advisable to remove the stone at frequent intervals and allow your skin to breathe without letting it get overwhelmed by energy. 

3. What is Pyrite used for?

Pyrite is a stone to attract money, worthy opportunities, and experience spiritual adventures.