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Ruled by the Sun, a Sunstone is one of the best crystals to add to your collection. It harnesses the fiery energy of the planet that manifests in your life as confidence and passion. Contrary to the popular view, a Sunstone gemstone is real and of natural origin that enhances your wardrobe and aids your growth. 

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  1. Sunstone - 9.63 Carats
    Origin : Mexico
    ₹ 2,696.00
  2. Sunstone - 4.14 Carats
    Origin : Mexico
    ₹ 1,159.00
  3. Sunstone - 5.03 Carats
    Origin : Mexico
    ₹ 1,408.00
  4. Sunstone - 5.26 Carats
    Origin : Mexico
    ₹ 1,473.00
  5. Sunstone - 8.17 Carats
    Origin : Mexico
    ₹ 2,288.00
  6. Sunstone - 5.88 Carats
    Origin : Mexico
    ₹ 1,646.00
  7. Sunstone - 4.13 Carats
    Origin : Mexico
    ₹ 1,156.00
  8. Sunstone - 4.83 Carats
    Origin : Mexico
    ₹ 1,352.00
  9. Sunstone - 4.17 Carats
    Origin : Mexico
    ₹ 1,168.00
  10. Sunstone - 4.88 Carats
    Origin : Mexico
    ₹ 1,366.00
  11. Sunstone - 5.05 Carats
    Origin : Mexico
    ₹ 1,414.00
  12. Sunstone - 4.05 Carats
    Origin : Mexico
    ₹ 1,134.00
  13. Sunstone - 4.2 Carats
    Origin : Mexico
    ₹ 1,176.00
  14. Sunstone - 11.32 Carats
    Origin : Mexico
    ₹ 3,170.00
  15. Sunstone - 3.75 Carats
    Origin : Mexico
    ₹ 1,050.00
  16. Sunstone - 3.79 Carats
    Origin : Mexico
    ₹ 1,061.00
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About Sunstone


Surya Dev, or the Sun God, is held in high regard in Vedic culture and is the reason for life, positivity, and warmth on this Earth. A significant proportion of the same regard is passed on to the Sunstone. Surya Ratan, as a Sunstone crystal is called in Hindi, is considered a physical manifestation of solar energy. The Sunstone meaning is about material and spiritual growth, optimism, and vitality.  

But Indian culture isn’t the only one to believe in the ability of Sunstone. Vikings used the sun rays reflected off hematite inclusions in the Sunstone gemstone to navigate rough waters. The Norse mythology considered it a protector for travelers against evil spirits and physical danger. Modern healers use Sunstone in chakra healing therapy sessions to unblock your solar plexus chakra to restore faith in your abilities and improve your self-worth.

Who Should Wear?

Who should wear Yellow Sapphire Gemstone:

The golden-brown crystal represents vitality, leadership, creativity, and everything good and positive in the world. The warmth of this stone makes it the perfect crystal for everyone who wants to bring a ray of sunshine and positivity to their life. 

Even though Sunstone isn’t a traditional birthstone, it’s generally considered lucky for people born under the zodiac sign of Leo and Libra. For Leos, the solar energy of a Sunstone pendant complements their inherent authoritative attitude and helps them in self-expression and creative output. For Libras, the crystal reaffirms their belief in harmony and balance and aids their decision-making process, which is often the hardest thing to do for a Libra.

In addition to these 2 zodiac signs, the following people can benefit from a Sunstone bracelet:

  • Creative folks: Creativity thrives on freedom of the mind. And a Sunstone pendant helps you achieve that by clearing blockages and infusing life into your ideas..
  • Leaders: The fiery energy of the crystal complements leaders or people who want to gain authority amongst the masses.
  • Positivity Seekers: Those who are feeling the brunt of unbearable circumstances or want to get out of a gloomy state of mind can benefit from the warmth and revitalizing energies of the crystal.

How to wear Yellow Sapphire Gemstone:

You can harness the positive and refreshing energy of the Sunstone to its full effect by using the following activation guidelines:

Day and Time to wear the stone The best day to wear the stone is Sunday before sunrise
Weight of the stone Wear a stone that’s at least 1/10th of your body weight
Suitable hand to wear Wear the Sunstone bracelet on your right-hande.
Suitable metal Gold or Panchdhatu are the most suitable metals for a Sunstone
Mantra for wearing the stone Recite the Surya Mantra ॐ ह्रां ह्रीं ह्रौं सः सूर्याय नमः (Om Hraam Hreem Hroum Sah Suryaya Namah) 108 times.


Types and Origin

Be it Vikings using the Sunstone Gemstone as a navigation tool in the sea to diverse mythologies treating the stone as an embodiment of the Sun chariot or Sun God who is positive, visionary, and warm, the Sunstone has entranced people throughout history. The modern conception is no different. 

The stone is most commonly found in the United States, Canada, India, and Russia, each having a variant of the same stone. Contrary to the popular view, Sunstone is available in many colors like Blue, Orange, Red, Brown, and Rainbow, in addition to the most famous Golden-Yellow Sunstone. 

However, to ensure that you get a high-quality Sunstone instead of a polished piece of glass, refer to the following buying guide, which highlights the 4Cs of Sunstone. 

  • Color: Sunstone is available in various colors, and many varieties even exhibit colored flashes, which is a visual delight. Choose a vibrant crystal that makes you feel happy and optimistic. 
  • Clarity: The adularescence effect of Sunstone is its hallmark feature. And that shimmering light effect is possible because of minor inclusions that highlight the stone’s natural origin. These inclusions are why the Sunstone is mostly translucent. 
  • Cut: The preferred shapes for a Sunstone are oval, round, and pear. To highlight the adularescence, the most popular cut is en cabochon.  
  • Carat: Choose a crystal that is convenient to wear but enough to exhibit the entire range of benefits. Usually, gemstone carat weight should be at least 1/10th of your body weight. Choose a size that fits your budget and needs

Sunstone Benefits

Benefits of Sunstone:

In addition to being a companion for the Leo zodiac sign, the benefits of Sunstone extend to every wearer. Harnessing the solar energy, the crystal ushers in a ray of positivity and radiance to your life, making you happier than you’ve felt in a long time. Some Sunstone benefits are: 

1. Solar Energy Amplification 

In an astrological sense, the Sun represents vitality, confidence, warmth, and authority. A Sunstone amplifies this solar energy and allows you to feel the confidence and positivity in your bones. 

2. Solar Plexus Chakra Healing 

A weak solar plexus chakra affects your sense of self and makes you want to settle for less and live in the shadow of others. Sunstone bracelet benefits your self-worth by connecting you to your inner child, healing your negative beliefs, and aligning you with your purpose. 

3. Emotional Stability 

Every top psychologist globally recommends Sun time to rid yourself of gloomy thoughts and low energy phases. The serotonin production from standing in sunlight helps you stabilize your mood and emotional imbalance. While Sunstone cannot replace the effect of real sunlight, it does help you harmonize your emotional wellness and achieve much-needed stability.

4. Creative Growth 

If you’re an artist, a Sunstone bracelet benefits your creative output by making you notice inspiration in every nook and corner of your life experiences. So, you can deal with any creative block or frustration effectively with the crystal. 

5. Brings Mental Clarity 

You can be in the messiest headspace possible, and Sunstone will draw you out from the self-inflicted mental harm with a snap of a finger. The mental clarity allows you to identify your true capabilities, helping you visualize an ambitious yet realistic future. The visionary capabilities help you become a leader people look up to. 

6. Enhances Self Expression 

Sunstone benefits your self-expression by making you a more open, honest, and clear communicator who says what you believe in. The improved communication skills help your relationships with others and yourself. 

Sunstone price

Price of Sunstone:

The Sunstone price depends on color, clarity, cut, origin, carat weight, and adularescence effect. For instance, a heavy Sunstone that exhibits clear flashes with minimal impurities will be priced higher than a crystal with poor transparency and color. Usually, the Sunstone price is ₹280 Per Ratti.

While buying a gemstone, you need to find a reliable dealer for authentic purchases. We can make your online crystal shopping cheaper, easier, and more trustworthy. Visit Dhanshree Gems and buy Sunstone online.


1. How to cleanse Sunstone crystal?

To cleanse a Sunstone, wash it once every few days under clean water and keep it in the sunlight for a few hours to recharge. 

2. What is the Sunstone good for?

The Sunstone is good for attracting financial abundance, mental clarity, optimism and joy, and creative inspiration to your life. In addition, Sunstone also protects you against evil eyes or psychic attacks that aim for your fortune. 

3. Is Sunstone a real gemstone?

Yes, a Sunstone is a real gemstone.