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Real Zircon Stone

Real Zircon Stone

If there’s one stone that provokes you to embrace your inner shine and let it enlighten the world, it’s the beautiful Zircon stone. Ruled by Venus, the crystal embodies the true spirit of love, nourishment, fertility, and beauty, healing you inside out. The White Zircon stone, one of the most popular varieties of the Zircon stone. In addition to its resemblance to a Diamond, the stone excited divinity and purity, offering a hand to guide us through the oath of spiritual journey.

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  1. Real Zircon - 5.88 Carats
    Origin : Sri Lanka (Ceylon)
    ₹ 17,640.00
  2. Real Zircon - 5.52 Carats
    Origin : Sri Lanka (Ceylon)
    ₹ 20,976.00
  3. Real Zircon - 5.93 Carats
    Origin : Sri Lanka (Ceylon)
    ₹ 24,906.00
  4. Real Zircon - 3.99 Carats
    Origin : Sri Lanka (Ceylon)
    ₹ 16,758.00
  5. Real Zircon - 5.45 Carats
    Origin : Sri Lanka (Ceylon)
    ₹ 17,440.00
  6. Real Zircon - 4.36 Carats
    Origin : Sri Lanka (Ceylon)
    ₹ 19,620.00
  7. Real Zircon - 5.89 Carats
    Origin : Sri Lanka (Ceylon)
    ₹ 18,848.00
  8. Real Zircon - 5.06 Carats
    Origin : Sri Lanka (Ceylon)
    ₹ 22,770.00
  9. Real Zircon - 5.96 Carats
    Origin : Sri Lanka (Ceylon)
    ₹ 26,820.00
  10. Real Zircon - 5.19 Carats
    Origin : Sri Lanka (Ceylon)
    ₹ 23,355.00
  11. Real Zircon - 5.12 Carats
    Origin : Sri Lanka (Ceylon)
    ₹ 23,040.00
  12. Real Zircon - 5.01 Carats
    Origin : Sri Lanka (Ceylon)
    ₹ 22,545.00
  13. Real Zircon - 4.45 Carats
    Origin : Sri Lanka (Ceylon)
    ₹ 20,025.00
  14. Real Zircon - 4.11 Carats
    Origin : Sri Lanka (Ceylon)
    ₹ 18,495.00
  15. Real Zircon - 5.76 Carats
    Origin : Sri Lanka (Ceylon)
    ₹ 21,888.00
  16. Real Zircon - 5.19 Carats
    Origin : Sri Lanka (Ceylon)
    ₹ 19,722.00
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About Zircon Stone


Zircon stone, or Jarkan stone in Hindi, is a gorgeous and versatile stone that has captured the hearts of many people for centuries. The history behind the stone’s name is conflicted. Some say the “Zircon” stone is derived from Zarkun, which roughly translates to vermillion. Others say the root word is Zargun, which means gold streak or gold hue. Surprisingly, the color spectrum of a Zircon gemstone makes both the root words relevant. Amongst these colors, the White Zircon stone tops the list of favorites. One can attribute this adoration to the resemblance of a White Zircon with a Diamond. The uncanny resemblance and brilliance led to the mislabelling of many stones in ancient times when people mistook the White Zircon stone.  

The ruling planet of a real Zircon Stone is Venus, the embodiment of love and beauty. Many people believed the Zircon stone to aid fertility and harbor love in relationships, making it a favorite wedding gift. Apart from its long list of benefits, including curing insomnia, healing bones, making you confident, and promoting longevity in relationships, a natural Zircon stone is a symbol of purity and inner wisdom, rewarding the wearers with clarity and awareness.

Who Should Wear?

Who should Wear Zircon Stone?

White Zircon Stone, a stone ruled by Venus, signifies love, beauty, and prosperity. It is a perfect crystal for 2 zodiac signs: Taurus and Libra. The Zircon stone bracelet helps Taurus fulfill their need for grounding and offers the material luxury they yearn for. For a Libra, the Zircon stone ring aids their decision-making skills, which often suffer from their lack of mental clarity. It improves their relationships and works on their communication abilities, making them assertive and accommodating. 

In addition to these 2 zodiac signs, the White Zircon stone ring suits people who are:

  • Creatives: The crystal introduces you to a new world of imaginative possibilities, opening you up to expand your skillset and produce extraordinary work.
  • Spiritual Seekers: The divine energy of the crystal opens up your crown chakra, facilitating a deeper connection with yourself and the higher powers. People who are into spirituality or want to explore the field use it during meditation practices.
  • Clarity And Balance Seekers: If you’re troubled by brain fog impacting your decision-making or feel out of sync with your external and internal circumstances, the Zircon stone ring is a good choice for harmonizing your mind and body and bringing clarity.

How to wear White Zircon Stone Stone?

You can wear White Zircon as a ring, pendant, and bracelet. And the best way to benefit from the crystal is by doing the following rituals with a strong belief in your heart.

Best Day and Time to wear Wear it on Friday morning before sunrise
Suitable finger/hand The best finger to wear a White Zircon stone ring is the ring finger or middle finger of the dominant hand.
Most compatible metal Silver
Suitable Weight 1/10th of your body weight
Mantra for activation Chant ओम शुं शुक्राय नमः (Om Shum Shukraya Namah) 108 times


Types and Origin

Zircon stone origin goes back to thousands of years when its usage was prominent in jewelry. For a long period, the crystal was confused with a Diamond for its similar appearance and brilliance. The locations that house the best varieties of Zircon include Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Myanmar, and Tanzania. Each country adds a distinct touch to the original Zircon in structure, color, and clarity. The main distinction of the crystal, however, is its color. The popular colors of Zircon Stone includes Blue, White, Brown, Yellow, Red, and many more. The color spectrum of this crystal confuses many people, and they mistake it for another stone. For instance, some people mistake a Red Zircon for a Ruby and a White Zircon for a Diamond. 

To avoid such confusion and choose a high-quality White Zircon, let’s explore the 4Cs of this gemstone: 

1. Color

As discussed above, the color spectrum of the stone is wide. While Blue and White Zircon is the most popular variety, you can also choose rarer varieties like Red and Yellow Zircon based on personal preference. 

2. Clarity:

White Zircon exhibits a high clarity level, so it’s vital for you to choose a crystal that is eye-clean or has minor inclusions that are not visible to the naked eye..

3. Cut:

The most common cuts for the stone are round and oval cuts that bring out its inherent radiance, making it shine like a Diamond.\

4. Carat

Zircon is a dense stone, making it look smaller than other gemstones despite having the same carat weight. Always check the actual size in addition to the carat weight when buying the stone. 

Zircon Stone Benefits

Zircon Stone Benefits 

The Zircon stone benefits extend to every significant sphere of your life, be it your relationships with yourself and others, your health, spiritual progress, finances, and so on. Let’s explore White Zircon stone benefits in detail: 

1. Relationship Benefits of Zircon Stone:

Promotes Commitment 

One of the best Jarkan stone benefits for marriage is its innate nature to promote loyalty and fidelity. Like its physical hardness and durability, its astrological impact on relationships manifesting as mutual trust and longevity makes it one of the best stones for marriage. 

Clear Communication 

Zircon clears your headspace to make you a clear, confident, and rational communicator, which improves your relationships by reducing conflicts.

2. Health Benefits of Zircon Stone:

Strengthens Bones 

The hardness of the stone can be a metaphorical representation of its effect on the bones of your body. The crystal is a common healing tool for your skeletal system. 

Relieves Insomnia

The soothing energy of the crystal allows you to have an uninterrupted, sound sleep. 

Cures Joint Pain 

The grounding energy of the stone unblocks the major chakras of your body, removing stagnant energy, soothing pain, and bringing balance and harmony.

3. Financial Benefits of Real Zircon Stone:

Manifestation and Abundance

The White Zircon gemstone benefits your manifestation abilities by amplifying the energy you put in towards your intentions, attracting your desired life faster and wilder than what you pray for. 

Confidence and Emotional Harmony 

The White Jarkan Stone benefits your anxiety related to major financial decisions and professional pivots and helps you stay confident with your skillset in front of others. The sense of security and comfort in your skin is a magnet that draws vital opportunities to your doorstep.

4. Zircon Stone Spiritual Benefits:


The barrage of opportunities and successful ventures at your doorstep may attract evil eyes. The Zircon stone benefits you against psychic attacks and protects you from falling prey to any mishappenings. 

Alignment and Awakening

Wearing the stone opens up your crown chakra and aligns you with the universal forces, helping you connect to your inner self. The resultant awakening of your mind and body transcends you on a different path, bringing you closer to finding your spiritual purpose.

Zircon Stone Price

Zircon (Jarkan) Stone Price:

A Natural Zircon stone price depends on various factors like color, clarity, carat weight, origin, rarity, and cut. For instance, the zircon stone price per carat of a highly saturated stone with a neon glow will be higher than a dull or less vibrant stone. Similarly, a White Zircon stone price of a transparent, minimal to no-inclusion stone will be different than a stone with a clouded structure. Usually, the Zircon stone price in India starts from ₹1800 Per Ratti and goes upto ₹4500 Per Ratti depends on quality, size, and clarity. 

It is important to buy Zircon stone from a trusted seller to benefit from wearing the stone instead of regretting your purchase. Head to Dhanshree Gems to buy White Zircon stone that is authentic, certified, and high-quality.


1. Is White Zircon a real gemstone?
Yes, as dreamy as it looks, a White Zircon is a natural gemstone with brilliance comparable to a Diamond.

2. How to identify original Zircon stone?
First, examine the stone from different angles under light. If it reflects the colors of the VIBGYOR spectrum, it is likely a real stone. Having a hardness higher than 7 on Moh’s scale, you can check the stone’s authenticity by scratching it against a less hard object like a piece of glass. If it scratches the glass but is unharmed itself, the stone is likely a real Zircon. Another test to identify an original Zircon stone is to keep it over a line of text and check if the text appears as a single line or 2 lines. The latter indicates that Zircon is authentic.

3. Is Zircon an expensive stone?
Despite having a comparable rarity to a Diamond, the Zircon stone isn’t expensive.