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Tiger Eye

Tiger Eye

Capturing the essence of one of the most dangerous predators in the world, Tiger Eye stone is a possession for the brave. It is ruled by 2 of the fiercest planets in the solar system, Sun and Mars. The rulers make it a storehouse of passion and power without letting you lose sight of the prize. 

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  1. Tiger Eye - 4.48 Carats
    Origin : Africa
    ₹ 1,568.00
  2. Tiger Eye - 5 Carats
    Origin : Africa
    ₹ 1,750.00
  3. Tiger Eye - 4.73 Carats
    Origin : Africa
    ₹ 1,656.00
  4. Tiger Eye - 5.55 Carats
    Origin : Africa
    ₹ 1,943.00
  5. Tiger Eye - 5.06 Carats
    Origin : Africa
    ₹ 1,771.00
  6. Tiger Eye - 3.98 Carats
    Origin : Africa
    ₹ 1,393.00
  7. Tiger Eye - 4.88 Carats
    Origin : Africa
    ₹ 1,708.00
  8. Tiger Eye - 4 Carats
    Origin : Africa
    ₹ 1,400.00
  9. Tiger Eye - 4.88 Carats
    Origin : Africa
    ₹ 1,708.00
  10. Tiger Eye - 6.81 Carats
    Origin : Africa
    ₹ 2,384.00
  11. Tiger Eye - 6.87 Carats
    Origin : Africa
    ₹ 2,405.00
  12. Tiger Eye - 5.26 Carats
    Origin : Africa
    ₹ 1,841.00
  13. Tiger Eye - 6.35 Carats
    Origin : Africa
    ₹ 2,223.00
  14. Tiger Eye - 5.37 Carats
    Origin : Africa
    ₹ 1,880.00
  15. Tiger Eye - 6.04 Carats
    Origin : Africa
    ₹ 2,114.00
  16. Tiger Eye - 8.78 Carats
    Origin : Africa
    ₹ 3,073.00
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About Tiger Eye Stone


Courage, Resilience, and Vitality- These 3 words perfectly represent a Tiger Eye stone meaning. 

The golden brown hue of Tiger Eye stone is a testament to its wild spirit that ignites a spark of passion and the ability to fight any demons that can become a hurdle in your path. The ruling planets of Tiger Eye gemstone are the Sun and Mars, both epitomes of fierce energies to help you rise like a Phoenix. 

While the Sun’s energy empowers your solar plexus chakra to become more confident, Mars helps you stay away from evil eyes and fight life’s challenges head-on. And just like the rays of the Sun offer respite from dark clouds, the energies of an original Tiger Eye stone help you emerge victorious from your darkest moments and shine bright.  

A natural Tiger Eye stone symbolizes inner transformation that attracts the life you dream about. You can visualize the ability of Tiger Eye gemstone to bring you desirable opportunities like the predatory energy of a Tiger that spots its prey regardless of the mess around. 

Who Should Wear?

Who Can Wear Tiger Eye Stone? 

A common question people often ask is, “Is Tiger Eye stone birthstone?” The answer is no. Tiger Eye isn’t a traditional birthstone. But ruled by the Sun and Mars, Tiger’s Eye zodiac signs include Leo, Aries, Gemini, and even Capricorn. 

Leo, the Sun-ruled zodiac, benefits from the stone by becoming a confident and visionary leader who refuses to be in a shell. 

For Aries, the Tiger Eye stone balances the chaos with calm as the sign tends to get reckless and mistake it for passion. It ushers in peace to maintain their rationality in making important decisions. 

For Gemini, the grounding energy of the stone stabilizes the twin personality of this zodiac sign that often struggles with anxiety, indecisiveness, and creative blocks. The stone expands their imaginative potential and roots them in the present moment. 

How to wear Tiger Eye Stone?

A powerful gemstone like Tiger Eye begins showing its effect the moment it touches your body. You can wear a Tiger Eye bracelet, ring, or pendant. But for a complete transformation, you should wear it according to rituals and procedures that activate its core energies. 

Day and time to wear the stone Wear it before sunrise on Thursday 
Suitable metal to wear the stone Silver brings out the best in Tiger Eye
Which finger to wear Tiger Eye stone? You can wear Tiger Eye stone on ring finger of the left hand and a Tige Eye stone bracelet on your left wrist
Best color of the stone Tiger’s Eye stone is available in a variety of colors but the most effective one is a blend of Golden Brown
Mantra to activate Tiger Eye stone

You can chant Gayatri Mantra- गायत्री मंत्र. ॐ भूर्भुवः स्वः तत्सवितुर्वरेण्यं भर्गो देवस्य धीमहि धियो यो नः प्रचोदयात्।।

You can also chant specifc Sun or Mars mantras to activate particular set of energies of the stone.


Types and Origin

In terms of availability, South Africa, Australia, India, the US, and Namibia supply a high-quality original Tiger Eye stone. 

From Egyptians viewing the chatoyancy effect as a divine vision and carving the eyes of their deities like the slit of the stone to Romans using it as a protective amulet, Tiger Eye stone origin is rooted in historical riches. And this history isn’t limited to a single variety of gemstones. 

The Tiger Eye stone is available in the following 4 types: 

1. Golden Tiger’s Eye:

It is the most common and preferred type of stone with a brownish-yellow base and darker-hued bands on the surface.

2. Red Tiger’s Eye:

An increase in Iron oxide level results in a reddish-brown Tiger’s Eye, also called a Dragon’s Eye.

3. Green Tiger’s Eye:

It is a gorgeous variety that exhibits chatoyance and lies on a spectrum from dark green to olive green. 

3. Blue Tiger’s Eye:

Called a Hawk’s Eye, the Blue Tiger’s Eye is the epitome of courage, focus, and resilience and is a rare and beautiful stone. 

While the crystal is abundantly available, be aware of the qualities that differentiate an original Tiger Eye stone from a fake one. Refer to the following 4C’s to make an informed purchase:


As discussed above, Tiger’s Eye stone is available in various colors. Ensure you can see the darker color bands and chatoyancy, as both features indicate an authentic stone. 


Tiger’s Eye isn’t a transparent stone. It is translucent or opaque, i.e., it rarely allows light to pass through. 


Choose a cut that brings out the stone’s inner radiance and lets its chatoyancy effect shine. Most people prefer oval cuts for the original Tiger Eye stone bracelet, but pear and freeform aren’t uncommon.


The price and efficacy of a Tiger Eye stone depends on the carat weight you purchase. You need to choose the carat weight that is at least 1/10th of your body weight so you can enjoy the powers of this stone. 

Tiger Eye Stone Benefits

Tiger Eye Stone Benefits:

The Tiger Eye bracelet benefits are wide-ranging and transformative in the true sense. You can feel the energy thumping in your veins every time you wear the stone. This is why it is advisable to wear the stone in a form that makes the stone touch your skin. Some Tiger Eye crystal benefits are listed as follows: 

1. Courage and Confidence

The spirit of the Tiger in Tiger Eye stone benefits you to approach life confidently and handle challenges and downfalls with resilience. 

2. Vitality

The Tiger Eye bracelet benefits you physically and mentally by not giving in to temptations and empowers you to stay focused and active. 

3. Grounding

The temptation to be blindsided by your passion and energy can lead you to troubled waters. The Tiger Eye bracelet benefits you to balance that energy by grounding you in the earthly energies. 

4. Adaptability

The stone is called a shape-shifter. Why? Tiger eye stone benefits you by making you flexible enough to work towards your growth and accept the transformation of yourself and your circumstances. 

5. Prosperity

The sheer determination and focus imparted by the crystal help you attract opportunities that bring you closer to your dream life. 

6. Chakra Alignment

Tiger Eye benefits your solar plexus and throat chakra, resulting in an empowered and expressive version of you. 

Tiger Eye Stone Price

Tiger Eye Stone Price:

The price of Tiger Eye Stone depends on various factors like color, clarity, cut, carat, and origin. For instance, the Tiger Eye stone price of a larger stone from South Africa will be higher than the same carat weight from another country. The Tiger stone price starts from ₹280 Per Ratti and goes to ₹380 Per Ratti and is even higher based on the stone's quality. 

Additionally, a Tiger Eye bracelet price starts from around ₹1000 and increases with bead size and stone quality. 

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Note: 1 Ratti = 0.91 Carat (Approximately)


1. Who should not wear Tiger Eye stone? 

If your ruling planet is in opposition with Sun or Mars, you should avoid wearing Tiger Eye. Especially, Capricorn and Taurus should not wear this stone.

2. In which finger to wear Tiger Eye stone?

Wear Tiger Eye stone in the ring finger of your left hand.

3. Can Leo wear Tiger Eye stone?

Yes, Tiger Eye stone is ruled by Sun, making it a great choice for Leo. the stone helps them embrace and improve their dominating leadership traits while grounding them to become humble