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Opal also called as 'The Queen of Gemstones' is a semi-precious gemstone. Opal rules the planet Venus and is worn by Libra and Taurus zodiac signs. It’s available in different varieties like Fire Opal, Pink Opal, Black Opal, etc. An original Opal stone allows you to embrace your imperfections and attract healthy relationships along with working on your crown and root chakra. 

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  1. Fire Opal - 3.5 Carats
    Origin : Australia
    ₹ 12,250.00
  2. Fire Opal - 3.59 Carats
    Origin : Australia
    ₹ 50,260.00
  3. Opal - 4.18 Carats
    Origin : Australia
    ₹ 2,299.00
  4. Opal - 4.19 Carats
    Origin : Australia
    ₹ 2,304.50
  5. Opal - 4.41 Carats
    Origin : Australia
    ₹ 2,425.50
  6. Fire Opal - 4.51 Carats
    Origin : Australia
    ₹ 31,570.00
  7. Fire Opal - 4.6 Carats
    Origin : Australia
    ₹ 19,320.00
  8. Fire Opal - 4.62 Carats
    Origin : Australia
    ₹ 30,030.00
  9. Opal - 4.68 Carats
    Origin : Australia
    ₹ 2,574.00
  10. Opal - 4.69 Carats
    Origin : Australia
    ₹ 3,048.50
  11. Fire Opal - 4.73 Carats
    Origin : Australia
    ₹ 30,745.00
  12. Fire Opal - 4.8 Carats
    Origin : Australia
    ₹ 48,000.00
  13. Fire Opal - 4.8 Carats
    Origin : Australia
    ₹ 18,240.00
  14. Opal - 4.81 Carats
    Origin : Australia
    ₹ 3,751.80
  15. Fire Opal - 4.89 Carats
    Origin : Australia
    ₹ 10,269.00
  16. Opal - 4.93 Carats
    Origin : Australia
    ₹ 3,697.50
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About Opal Gemstone


Opala is derived from the Sanskrit word “Upala” which means “precious stone”. The meaning of Opala stone as a Greek equivalent of “Opallios” is to see a change in color, which holds true as the stone looks different to people standing in different directions. Opal is a commonly used semi-precious gemstone known for its wonderful ‘play of colors’ effect which is also known as the fire effect. This effect is the reason why many people call it the fire opal stone.

  • Opal stone in Hindi is known by different names like Dudhiya Stone, Upal Ratna, and Opala Ratna. It is found in a huge color variety ranging from blue, black, white, and pink.
  • It is found in a huge color variety ranging from blue, black, white, and pink.
  • Apart from this, based on their origin, the Australian Opal and Ethiopian Opal are known across the world for their stunning appearance and astrological benefits.

Who Should Wear?

Who should wear Opal Stone?

  • Known as the stone of the planet Venus, Opal gemstone is considered a good luck stone.
  • October borns wear Opal gemstone. The beautiful Opal birthstone rules the planet, Venus. It is a powerful gemstone for Tula Rashi (Libra).
  • According to Indian Astrology, Opal Ratna is worn by people born under Taurus (Vrishabh) and Libra (Tula) zodiac signs.
  • In western astrology, Opal is considered beneficial for Libra, Virgo, Capricorn, Gemini, and Aquarius zodiac signs
  • Opal astrology proves to be beneficial for people born under Taurus, Capricorn, Virgo, Aquarius, and Gemini zodiac signs who can reap the benefits of the Opal stone.
How to wear Opal Stone?

It is recommended by expert astrologers to wear Opal gemstones only after taking note of the following key points:

Color of Opal Gemstone White, Blue, Black, Pink, Fire Opal
Suitable Metal Silver, Gold, Platinum
Weight of the Opal Minimum 1/10th of the body weight. A person weighing 50 kg can wear a 5-carat Opal stone.
Finger in which Opal is worn The Ring finger of the working hand
When to Wear The most pious day to wear it is in Shukla Paksha(Waxing Moon) phase. Amongst the days of the week, Friday mornings between 5Am-7AM are considered ideal.
Mantra and Chanting Frequency 'Om Shum Shukraya Namaha’, ॐ शुं शुक्राय नमः  (108 times)


Note: It is recommended to wear Opal gemstone only after an expert astrologer consultation.

Find if Opal is suitable for you using our Free Gemstone Recommendation tool.

Types and Origin

Types of Opal Stone:

Opals are found in a plethora of exquisite colors and based on the Opal stone color, each distinct variety of Opal has a unique and wonderful look. Opal gemstones are valued in national and international markets because of their rich hues, radiance, fire effect, or play of colors.

Below are some of the most popular varieties of Opal gemstones:

  • Blue Opal: It comes in a variety of blue hues ranging from light blue to vivid dark blue. Blue Opal does not display a fire effect but contains a milky and homogeneous bluish spectrum produced through the reflection of light.

This variety of Opal is found in the Owyhee region of Oregon and Idaho. Some specimens of Blue Opal display a lovely play of colors in small areas and are also found in the Nevada region.

  • Black Opal: The traces of carbon and iron oxide present in Opals make them appear black. The Black Opal stone exhibits a brilliant fire-like pattern on the surface which makes it highly valuable and unique.

The best quality Black Opals are produced in the Lighting Ridge, northern New South Wales, and White Cliff, Australia. These origins are known for producing gem-quality Black Opal gemstones and are cherished for their brilliant appearance.

  • Fire Opal: This variety of Opal is known for its fiery appearance and found in hues of vivid yellow to bright orange. Fire Opal gemstones are mined in Mexico and are popularly known as Mexican Fire Opals.

These Opal varieties are highly cherished nationally and internationally and look exquisitely stunning when carved into jewelry pieces. The gem-quality Fire Opals are mined in Queretaro and other regions of Mexico.

  • White Opal/Milky Opal: The impeccable beauty of White Opal and the subtle sparkle on its surface makes it a beautiful gemstone for jewelry and astrological purposes. The lovely play of colors effect on a Milky White Opal body also displays a blue sheen effect.

This variety of Opal is also known as Milky Opal or Milk Opal and found in the mines of Southern Australia. The best quality White Opals are found in Andamooka mine, Coober Pedy mine, and Mintabie Opal mine.

  • Pink Opal: Another lovely color variety of Opal gemstones is Pink Opal. This Opal variety is found in the mines of Australia and South America. Pink Opal gemstones display beautiful pink and vivid pink hues with a clean surface.

Some specimens of Pink Opals exhibit slightly white or gray tones but are less valued as compared to uniform pink-hued Opals.

Origins of Opal Stone:

The opal stone has its discovery in the mines of the following places- Australia, Ethiopia and Mexico. But, the Australian Opal Stone is the most popular, beautiful and precious gemstone.

  • Australian Opal: This is the most popular variety of White Opals that displays a brilliant fire effect with a white base color. The intense fiery flashes in Australian Opal gemstones make them highly valuable in the national and international market.

Australian Opal contains 6-12% of water and the presence of water does not affect the appearance and durability of the gemstone.

  • Ethiopian Opal: Another popular White Opal variety comes in a white base color with slightly light flashes of fiery effect on its surface. Ethiopian Opal stone absorbs water and the Opal surface becomes dry making it rough.

Therefore, Ethiopian Opal gemstone loses its fire effect after 2-3 months.

  • Mexican Opal: Mexico is the source of the Mexican fire opal that ranges from transparent to translucent, but they do not exhibit iridescence.

Opal Stone Benefits

The unique Opal stone with a splendid play of colors brings immense health, wealth, and psychological benefits to its wearer.

  • Opal gemstone activates and balances the vital Chakra of the body - The Sacral Chakra, Root Chakra, and Crown Chakra.
  • However,  Opals are found in a variety of colors and each color variety activates a particular Chakra resulting in activating all the Chakras of the body and providing powerful Chakra healing properties.

The following are some of the remarkable Opal gemstone benefits:

Astrological Benefits of Opal Gemstone:
  • Opal is a stone of love. It brings harmony to the relationship and those who are facing marital problems can highly benefit from this gemstone as it develops mutual understanding between the partners.
  • Opal benefits people who want to attain a luxurious lifestyle. Popularly known as an opulent stone, Opal improves social status and brings immense wealth into the wearer’s life.
  • Opal gemstone benefits people who are dealing with insecurities and facing a lack of inspiration for their work. It develops creativity and gives the wearer a push to achieve success in life.
  • People who are dealing with less female attention can get huge benefits from this gemstone. The powerful energies of Opal tend to attract female attention resulting in blissful matrimony life.
Health Benefits of Opal Gemstone:

Aside from being an astrological marvel, the Opal stone is a powerful healer, offering significant health benefits.

  • It benefits people suffering from liver, kidney, and hormonal problems.
  • The other color varieties of Opal - Black Opal and Fire Opal also possess wonderful healing benefits. Both these color varieties of Opal cure psychological problems of the wearer including depression, stress, and anxiety.
  •  Fire Opal and Black Opal can also be worn by people who are dealing with sleeping disorders and insomnia. These gemstones have the tendency to deliver sound sleep to the wearer.

Opal Stone Prices

Price of Opal Stone:

The wonderful play of colors exhibited by Opal gemstone makes it highly valuable in the national and international market.

This gemstone is desired for its strong astrological benefits, metaphysical properties, and healing benefits. Apart from this, Opal rings, pendants, and bracelets look extraordinarily stunning when worn as a piece of jewelry.

  • The price for Opal stone can vary depending on its color, clarity, cut, beautiful fire effect, the intensity of the fire effect, and other quality factors.
  • At Dhanshree, the original Opal gemstone price per carat starts from ₹ 400 per carat and goes up to ₹ 3,000 per carat.
  • The Ethiopian Opal price per carat ranges from ₹ 700 per carat to ₹ 3,000 per carat.
  • Fire Opal starting range is ₹ 900 per carat and goes upto ₹ 20,000 per carat.
  • Considering the Opal Ratan price and metal charges, the Opal ring price can vary depending on the choice of metal, design, and cut of the gemstone.

For best astrological results, this gemstone is worn in the form of a ring, pendant, or bracelet. Moreover, to calculate the Opal stone rate, one should consider the quality factors. After careful analysis of the gemstone from a genuine gem laboratory, the Opal stone price India is fairly determined.

Note: 1 Ratti = 0.91 Carat (Approximately)

To know the Opal stone cost based on your requirement, you can Contact Us and our experts will get in touch with you and show you natural Opal stone online at the best price.

Opal Jewelry & FAQs

Opal Jewelry:

What makes a natural Opal gemstone valuable - its hue, cut, or the wonderful fire effect?

Well, while talking about the beauty of Opal, all these factors are considered equally important. These factors make Opal an extremely opulent gemstone that enhances the beauty of its wearer.

Opal can be worn in the form of rings, pendants, and bracelets based on the wearer’s requirements and can get customized into any metal or shape. However, the sheer beauty of Opal makes it a delicate and soft gemstone. Therefore, wear Opals in simpler shapes as any fancy cut can damage the stone. 

We know Opals come in different colors and exhibit unique effects on their surface. The Australian Opal stone ring is one of the most beautiful Opal rings due to its play of colors. Similarly, Black Opal with vibrant fire effect looks stunning and makes a great choice for an evening function.

People are fond of this beautiful gemstone and wear it in the form of Opal pendants and Opal bracelets. It also depends on the wearer’s choice and expert Astro consultation in which form Opal gemstone is worn. You can customize your certified Opal gemstone jewelry from Dhanshree Gems. Our CAD experts will design your jewelry based on your requirements at the best price.

Opal FAQs:

1. Opal stone effects in how many days?
Original Opal stone effects in a few months after wearing it. The wearer will start experiencing harmony and mutual understanding with the partner. Also, the wearer will be observing success in financial and professional ventures.

2. Opal or Zircon - which is better?
The two gemstones, Opal and Zircon have different astrological benefits and metaphysical properties. Both these gemstones are unique in their way and can be worn only after expert Astro consultation. It is difficult to determine which is better.

  • The gemstone Opal is worn by people born under Libra and Taurus zodiac signs.
  • Zircon is worn by people born under Libra and Cancer zodiac signs.

Therefore, based on the wearer’s birth chart, it is recommended to wear these gemstones.

3. How to wear Opal gemstone?
Natural Opal gemstone, when worn in silver metal on the ring finger of the working hand, gives maximum results. However, as per the wearer’s birth chart and expert Astro consultation, we recommended wearing a genuine Opal stone.

The minimum carat weight of the Opal gemstone or Opal nag should be 1/10th of the wearer’s body weight.

4. Can I wear Opal in my left hand?
Yes, you can wear Opal in your left hand. However, the Opal gemstone finger is the ring finger of the working hand, so if your dominant hand is left, then Opal is worn on the left hand. Consult an expert astrologer before wearing Opal to know which hand suits you the most.

5. Can I wear Opal and Emerald together?
Yes, you can wear Opal and Emerald together. They bring positive benefits in the life of the wearer. However, consult an astrologer before wearing these two gemstones together.