Opal Stone reflects hope and purity and shields against negativity. Opal stone benefits those with a weak Venus placement and is the birthstone for October. It works on the Sahasrara chakra and connects you to universal awareness. It harnesses the power of Venus and works tirelessly to magnify the positive Venusian attributes of beauty and love. 

Legendary literary works like “Twelfth Night” and “The Merchant of Venice” rave about Opal’s beauty and its symbolism of luxury and elegance. 

Opal is poetically called the “Pandora” or “The Light of the World” for its supernatural powers and reflection of different colors, which many believed was evidence of Opal having qualities of many gemstones. This led to it being called the “Queen of Gems”. 

Hollywood divas like Katy Perry, Rihanna, Taylor Swift, and Cara Delevigne wear Opal jewelry on red carpets. 

Before we move to the Benefits, let’s talk about its 5 key types of Opal Stone:

Types Characteristics
White Opal
  • Located in South Wales, Australia. 
  • Strengthens creativity, intuition, and emotional balance
Fire Opal
  • One of the rarest Opal varieties found in Australia.
  • Works on grounding and emotional healing
Black Opal
  • One of the rarest Opal varieties found in Australia.
  • Works on grounding and emotional healing
Water Opal
  • Located in Queensland, Australia.
  • Works on creativity and inspiration.
Boulder Opal
  • Located in Queensland, Australia.
  • Works on creativity and inspiration.

Here are Some Astrological Benefits of Opal Stone:

Opal Stone benefits every area of your life, be it health, relationships, spiritual growth, or career. Let’s explore each of them in more detail. 

1. Physical and Emotional Health Benefits of Opal Stone 

  •  The ancient crystal healers considered opal a must-have in their collection for its ability to accelerate the healing process, be it physical or emotional. 
  •  If you’re experiencing chest blockages resulting in unusual breathing patterns, opal works on strengthening the respiratory system. 
  •  Opal, especially White Opal, benefits the immune system and treats chronic illnesses and fatigue. 
  •  The stone works on eye-related ailments, as is evident from its Middle Age symbolism as “Opthalmius,” meaning eye stone. 
  •  It is also a pain reliever during pregnancy and a blood purifier for the body’s well-being. 
  •  The people who struggle with addiction to drugs and alcohol find the strength to fight their urges by wearing Opal stone. 
  •  Black and Fire Opal benefits in regulating sleep patterns and help overcome the struggle of recurring nightmares.
  •  It works on pancreatic issues and hormonal imbalances, making it a favorite of pregnant women. 
  •  Opal gemstone benefits you by harmonizing the left and right brain hemispheres to become more peaceful. 
  •  For those with Parkinson’s disease or a trembling body, Opal brings neuro-stability, restoring balance and strength. 

2. Relationships Benefits of Opal Stone

  •  In ancient times, it epitomized love and partnership. Today, it symbolizes loyalty, fidelity, and emotional stability. 
  •  Opal, especially Fire Opal stone, benefits in reducing inhibitions and improving metabolism. It energizes the sexual chakra in the body. 
  •  It makes you more passionate and emotionally sound, thus improving the relationship’s compatibility. 
  •  Not only romantic love, but the benefits of Opal stone extend to self-love if you’ve lost connection with your inner self and search for external validation. 
  •  It aids new mothers in adjusting to the demands of a newborn and dealing with difficult or naughty children. 
  •  Opal allows the free flow of energy, making teamwork and cooperation with others easy. 
  •  A weak Venus placement can lead to significant disputes and discord within a marital couple. Opal gemstone benefits by making you more accommodative to other person’s needs,  improving marriages. 

3. Spiritual Benefits of Opal Stone

  •  In ancient times, people believed the Diamond industry suffered due to Opal’s exponential growth. They spread the rumour that Opal was an evil luck stone. But many believed it to be an invisible shield against the evil eye that protected the wearer.
  •  White Opal stone benefits in helping you align with the universe by working on the crown chakra and makes you more aware and in tune with yourself. 
  •  As Opal is a ruler of Venus, the planet of love, it works on the heart chakra by opening you to receive and give love and care. 
  •  It serves as an aura cleanser and protects you in dangerous and uncomfortable situations. 
  •  The benefits of Opal go beyond your physical self and helps you uncover your psychic abilities, which are present in everyone but dormant in most, and heighten your intuition to make   better decisions.   
  •  It helps you receive guidance from angelic realms by making you more aware and intelligent of spiritual wisdom. 
  •  The benefit of Opal gemstone reflects an optimistic attitude toward a life where you start seeing the silver lining in every dark cloud. 
  •  As Opal reflected different colors, people believed that it possessed the powers of almost every gemstone of the reflected color and considered it lucky. 

4. Financial Benefits of Opal Stone

  •  If you struggle with self-belief or have been in a creative block for a long time, Opal Gemstone benefits by opening up your mind to new possibilities and sources of inspiration, making  you a magnet for more financial opportunities. 
  •  It makes you more spontaneous and uncovers a risk-taking side that helps attract fantastic opportunities.  
  •  Opal stone benefits you by bringing every opportunity to lead a luxurious and comfortable life, which are attributes of Venus. 
  •  If you want to fit in with an elite group of people, this stone is a good choice as it makes upward social mobility easier.  
  •  If you’re working in the travel and tourism industry or are struggling with debts and litigation, Opal is your saviour. 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the benefit of wearing Opal? 

Venus, the planet of love, luxury, comfort, and stability, is the ruler of the Opal gemstone. So, Opal benefits by ensuring you’re desired financially and emotionally stable life becomes a reality. 

What happens after wearing Opal? 

Opal benefits you by becoming your best friend and an embodiment of your third eye by helping you guide through difficult situations. It saves your relationship by making you listen to your partner’s needs and building a stable foundation to grow together. It also helps you connect to your psychic abilities and make decisions that sync with your true desires.