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If you live in India, you must’ve seen that the country firmly believes in the negative manifestations of someone else’s ill intentions out of jealousy, hatred, or greed

Almost every Indian household has had an episode of being subjected to the Evil Eye or nazar, which has made them believe in the power of ill intentions. Be it wearing an Evil Eye Bracelet for men, tying a black thread on a woman’s foot, making a black kohl mark on a baby’s forehead, or using various rituals to combat the impact of an evil eye, there are multiple routes through which we try to rid ourselves of nazar. 

Let’s walk through the meaning and symbolism behind the Evil Eye and the benefits it can offer you. 

History And Symbolism of Evil Eye

Ancient civilizations spanning Mesopotamia, Greece, Egypt, and Rome harbored beliefs regarding the harmful effects of the evil eye. The evolution of the concept is reflected across cultures. For instance, Islamic traditions use the Hand of Fatima (Hamsa) to ward off the impact of Al-’Ayn or Evil Eye. The eye motif symbolizes intuition, protection, vision, and perception, the power of all 4 shielding you from negativity from others. 

Now, let’s talk about the color of an evil eye. Predominantly, the symbol has 4 colors: Dark Blue, Light Blue, Black, and White. Dark blue emphasizes spiritual protection, light blue focuses on maintaining inner tranquility amongst the external chatter, black transmutes the negative energy into something positive, and white is the beam of divination and eternal bliss. 

Let’s get into the details of the Evil Eye Bracelet. 

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Evil Eye Bracelet Benefits:

The benefits of Evil Eye Bracelet are wide-ranging and influence every area of your life. Some of them are listed as follows:

  • An Evil Eye bracelet benefits by using its ability to protect the wearer against the energy vampires or those who don’t have the best intentions for you. Wearers trust its power to deflect envious gazes and ward off ill fortune, creating a divine halo of spiritual protection.
  • By wearing the bracelet, you open the doors to a ray of hope and the ability to see the silver lining in every dark cloud. The blue hue of the symbol echoes serenity and tranquility and serves as a constant reminder to focus on the brighter aspects of existence.
  • The spiritual significance of an Evil Eye Bracelet benefits everyone who wears it. It heightens your intuitive capabilities and opens up your crown and third eye chakra to connect with divine energies on a clearer, more personal level. evil eye bracelet image
  • How often have you hoped to silence the mental chatter that keeps you up at night and distracts you from the work at hand? The Evil Eye bracelet benefits you to maintain a clear headspace to navigate your life with composure and focus. When worn with intention, the bracelet stabilizes you mentally and emotionally, helping you stay sane even in chaos. 
  • It helps you approach life with a broad mindset. Instead of letting limited judgments scare you away from your dream, the bracelet pushes you to make sound decisions that might provoke you to run away on the first instinct out of fear and doubt, but it will eventually align you with your truest desires.  
  • The Evil Eye Bracelet for women makes you a more confident and empowered individual. The constant assurance of being protected from harm’s way boosts your resilience to stand tall in the face of danger, believing that no harm will come to you. The placebo effect makes you so strong that you stop being afraid to make bold decisions in your best interest. You begin to see rejection as protection instead of losing your heart or questioning your self-worth. 
  • The bracelet also helps you stay attuned to your cultural values and ancestral wisdom and use generational lessons as a guiding light to move ahead in life.
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How to Wear Evil Eye Bracelet?

The Evil Eye bracelet for women is more than an ordinary fashion accessory. It symbolizes divine protection, and the chances to benefit from it increase when you regard it with the same devotion. Keep the following points in mind when wearing an Evil Eye bracelet: 

  • Although you can wear the bracelet on any hand, you will benefit the most when you wear the Evil Eye bracelet for men on the right hand. It heightens your spiritual awareness and warns you of forthcoming dangers that need preparation. The placement creates a flow of positivity throughout your body, which radiates into your decision-making and growth opportunities. 
  • When you wear the bracelet, close your eyes and decide on an intention for wearing the stone. It can be protection, attracting luck, or any specific manifestation you want to come true. Being an excellent conduit to channel intentions, a pure-hearted wish comes true using an Evil Eye bracelet for women.
  • Keep the bracelet on you at all times, especially when announcing any major decisions or stepping out amongst people who don’t want you to grow. You never know how wearing it can protect you from prying vultures who want to see you rot and devour the mess. 
  • To cleanse the stone, keep it in a bowl of water and let it soak in the moonlight for a few hours. The infusion of the moon’s energy recharges the stone so you can wear it with complete protection again. 

Final Thoughts

An Evil Eye Bracelet for men and women is a fashionable accessory that elevates your look and adds a layer of divine protection as a benefit. But like any other stone, the Evil Eye bracelet benefits only if you treat it with devotion and believe in your abilities. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Which hand to wear Evil Eye bracelet? 

Wear the Evil Eye bracelet in your right hand to secure yourself spiritually and infuse positivity in your physical body and radiating energy.