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Ruby (Manik)

Ruby (Manik)

Ruby stone is a precious gemstone that is popularly known as the ‘King of Gemstones’. Original Ruby stone symbolises love, optimism, and protection. A natural Ruby stone is the birthstone for people born in July. Ruby gemstones harness the Sun’s energy and bring positivity & happiness. Ruby Stone is the perfect gift to your loved ones.

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  1. Ruby - 1.44 Carats
    Origin : Burma
    ₹ 9,360.00
  2. Ruby - 1.53 Carats
    Origin : Burma
    ₹ 10,710.00
  3. Ruby - 1.61 Carats
    Origin : Burma
    ₹ 7,728.00
  4. Ruby - 1.65 Carats
    Origin : Burma
    ₹ 13,200.00
  5. Ruby - 1.67 Carats
    Origin : Burma
    ₹ 11,690.00
  6. Ruby - 1.68 Carats
    Origin : Burma
    ₹ 18,480.00
  7. Ruby - 1.78 Carats
    Origin : Burma
    ₹ 9,790.00
  8. Ruby - 1.85 Carats
    Origin : Burma
    ₹ 10,175.00
  9. Ruby - 1.98 Carats
    Origin : Burma
    ₹ 10,296.00
  10. Ruby - 1.99 Carats
    Origin : Mozambique
    ₹ 17,512.00
  11. Ruby - 2.62 Carats
    Origin : Madagascar
    ₹ 19,650.00
  12. Ruby - 2.76 Carats
    Origin : Mozambique
    ₹ 30,360.00
  13. Ruby - 2.96 Carats
    Origin : Mozambique
    ₹ 17,168.00
  14. Ruby - 3.13 Carats
    Origin : Mozambique
    ₹ 42,255.00
  15. Ruby - 3.21 Carats
    Origin : Madagascar
    ₹ 57,780.00
  16. Ruby - 3.43 Carats
    Origin : Mozambique
    ₹ 29,155.00
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About Ruby Gemstone


Ruby is an astrological powerhouse as well as a protector of health. The Vedic texts accord high importance to it.

  • It comes from the Corundum family of minerals.
  • Ruby is one of the popular red gemstones that come in a variety of red hues ranging from a light red, pinkish-red to a bright red hue.
  • The intensity of Ruby stone colors depends on the hue, saturation, and presence of chromium.
  • The precious ruby stone, ruling the mighty Sun, is popularly known as a good luck stone.
  • According to Indian and Western Astrology, Ruby is a lucky stone for the Leo zodiac sign.
  • The Manik Ratna is a (Leo) Singh Rashi stone and people also born under Scorpio, Pisces, Aries, and Sagittarius zodiac signs can wear the original Manik stone.

Often described as a ‘King of Gemstones’ and a powerful gemstone in astrology, the Ruby stone name in Hindi is Manik. The other names of Rubies stones are Manik ratan, Manikya stone, Manikyam stone, Kempu stone, Chuni stone, Yakut stone, or Yaqoot stone. The use of Ruby stone is seen when it is worn in any form of jewelry.

Who Should Wear?

Who Should Wear Ruby Gemstone

  • Ruby birthstone month is July.
  • The astrological Ruby rules the planet, Sun.
  • According to Vedic Astrology, the dark Ruby colour is considered the most suitable.
  • The Manikya Ratan is worn by Leo, Scorpio, Pisces, Aries, and Sagittarius zodiac signs.

Ruby gemstone is a highly powerful stone, so it is recommended to wear only after expert Astro consultation. If not worn as per the Astro guidance, then it can provide negative benefits to its wearer resulting in various health problems and problems in parental relations.

For positive Ruby stone effects, it is worn as a ring, pendant, or a bracelet. Astrologically, it is highly recommended to wear untreated and unheated Ruby in gold metal to reap its maximum benefits

How to wear Ruby Gemstone

It is recommended by expert astrologers to wear natural Ruby stone only after taking note of the following key points-

Color of Ruby Bright Red
Suitable Metal Gold
Weight of the Ruby Minimum 1/12th of the body weight. A person weighing 60 kg can wear a 5-carat Ruby
Ruby Stone Finger The Ring finger of the working hand
Best time to wear Ruby Sunday mornings, between 5 AM- 7 AM is an ideal time to wear ruby gemstone.
Mantra and Chanting Frequency 'Om Surya Namha’, “ॐ सूर्याय नम.” (108 times)

 Note: It is recommended to wear the genuine Ruby stone only after an expert astrologer consultation.

Types and Origin

Ruby gemstones are valued in national and international markets because of their vibrant red and pink hues and radiance. The types of Ruby vary in the change in color tone (pink Ruby, dark red Ruby, reddish-pink Ruby stone, etc.), rough Ruby stone origin, and the powerful energies exhibited by them which provide exceptional astrological and health benefits.

Below are some of the most popular types of Ruby stones based on their origin:

1. Burmese Ruby:

  • Burma is known to produce rich quality Rubies.
  • Rubies from Burma are classified as Old Burma Ruby (Old Burmese Ruby) and New Burma Ruby.
  • Burma Rubies are the rarest and finest quality gemstones that are desired for their deep pinkish red color.
  • Some specimens of Ruby Burmese exhibit vivid pigeon blood red hue with brilliant shine and appearance.

2. Mozambique Ruby:

  • Mozambique Rubies are known for their rich red color and excellent transparency.
  • It is believed that Mozambique has become one of the prominent sources of high-quality Ruby production.
  • According to Vedic Astrology, the Chunni stone from Mozambique is considered suitable and brings success in the wearer’s life.
  • Also, Mozambique Rubies are more valuable than Ruby from Burma and Rubies from other origins.

3. Madagascar Ruby:

  • This variety of Ruby gemstone displays slightly pink colored Rubies with loupe-clean clarity.
  • Madagascar is also known for producing high-quality untreated Ruby gemstones.
  • Because of this, Ruby from Madagascar is highly valued among gem collectors and jewelers.

4. Thailand Ruby:

  • Ruby gemstones produced in the mines of Thailand display royal and pure red color with brilliant shine.
  • Due to its luster, the intensity of red hue, and saturation, original Kempu stones from Thailand are known as the ‘King of Gemstones’.

5. Indian Ruby:

  • This Ruby variety is the most durable and is considered suitable for astrological purposes.
  • Rubies from India are known for their deep blood red color and enchanting appearance.
  • Indian ruby stone price starts from ₹ 350 per carat and rises with quality. 

6. Pigeon Blood Ruby:

  • Pigeon blood Ruby exhibits a red hue with a slight purple tone.
  • This is the most sought-after Ruby gemstone variety that is also considered suitable for astrological and health benefits.
  • Pigeon Blood Ruby stones are popularly worn in jewelry pieces for astrological purposes.

7. African Ruby:

  • Africa is known to produce purplish-red colored Ruby gemstones.
  • Mines in Tanzania and Kenya produce gem-quality Ruby gemstones in natural form.
  • But among all the African mines, Ruby from Mozambique is considered the most desirable and finest in quality.

8. Star Ruby:

  • One of the rarest varieties of Ruby stone is Star Ruby.
  • As the name suggests, Star Ruby displays the asterism effect or the star-like effect.
  • This star-like effect is due to the presence of inclusions inside the Ruby gemstone which makes it highly valuable in national and international markets.

Ruby Stone Benefits

The precious Ruby stone enhances wealth, and intellect, and improves the psychological health of the wearer. Original Manik stones activate and balance the vital Chakra of the body - The Heart Chakra. Rubys with a slight light green hue, vivid green, or green-blue hue are known for their remarkable appearance and are worn for both astrological and jewelry purposes.

Some of the remarkable Ruby stone benefits are -

1. Astrological Benefits of Ruby Stone

  • Ruby is a gemstone of royals.
  • According to Vedic astrology, the Ruby stone benefits in improving the social status of the wearer and brings name and fame to the wearer’s life.
  • This gemstone is also known to enhance wealth and financial prosperity.
  • Manik stone benefits are such that it helps the wearer to lead a powerful and luxurious lifestyle.
  • Ruby Stone or Manik Ratan when worn as per expert Astrological guidance brings marital bliss and develops love, harmony, and mutual understanding between the partners.
  • Ruby stone is also known to improve paternal relationships. Mens ruby ring is beneficial for strong father-son bonding.
  • Ruby ring is also worn for bringing success in a political career, academics, and leadership roles.

2. Health Benefits of Ruby Stone

  • Aside from the ruby gemstone being an astrological marvel, it is also a powerful healer and protects people’s health.
  • Chuni stone benefits people suffering from heart diseases, bone-related problems, and weak eyesight.
  • Ruby is also known to improve blood circulation in the body and improves psychological health as well.

The effects of Ruby stone are seen after a few days of wearing it. When it is worn in any form of the jewelry piece, Ruby's benefits are seen.

The substitute for Ruby stones is Red Garnet. The substitute of Manik stone also brings similar positive effects to its wearer.

If you are on the lookout for a suitable Manik stone alternative, Dhanshree Gems are here to help. You can buy Ruby online and its substitute at the best price based on your requirements.

Ruby Stone Prices

Price of Ruby Gemstone:

Manik stone prices lie on a broad spectrum, providing a wide variety of options for every customer segment. This wonderful green color Ruby stone variety exhibits a vivid green hue or Ruby blue-green hue and is highly valuable in the national and international markets. It is is desired for its powerful astrological benefits and metaphysical properties. Apart from this, the original green Ruby stone rings, natural Ruby stone pendants, and dark green Ruby bracelets look absolutely stunning when worn as a piece of jewelry. 

  • The Ruby price can vary depending on the intensity of red color, clarity, cut, shape, and other quality factors.
  • At Dhanshree Gems, the natural Ruby stone price per carat starts from ₹ 900 per carat and goes up to Lakhs.
  • The other varieties of Ruby are also desired for their beautiful appearance and exquisite range of red and pink hues.
  • The cost of Burmese Ruby Old or Old Burma Ruby price in India varies from ₹ 15000 per carat to lakh per carat.
  • The price of Manik stone depends on the origin and therefore the Star Ruby stone cost differs from the Pigeon Blood Ruby stone price.

You can customize your jewelry with certified Ruby stone original from Dhanshree Gems. Our CAD experts will design your jewelry based on your requirements at the best cost of Ruby stone and you can buy Manik stone online at your convenience. We offer the best rubies stone prices with the guarantee of premium quality, for our customers to visit us again. 

People are fond of this precious gemstone and wear it in the form of jewelry. It also depends on the wearer’s choice and expert Astro consultation in which form Ruby gemstone is worn. You can customize your certified Ruby gemstone jewelry from Dhanshree Gems. Our CAD experts will design your jewelry based on your requirements at the best price of Ruby stone.

Moreover, to calculate the Ruby stone prices in India, one should consider the quality factors. Buying Rubies online can be risky as there are various sources that dupe the buyers and sell fake Rubies at a much higher price. After careful analysis of the gemstone from a genuine gem laboratory, the natural Ruby or Yaqoot stone price is fairly determined.

Note: 1 Ratti = 0.91 Carat (Approximately)

To know the original Ruby stone price in India based on your requirement, you can Contact Us. Our experts will get in touch with you and show you a natural Ruby online at the best Ruby gemstone price (Manik rate per Ratti or per Carat).


1. Which Ruby is best for astrology?
According to Vedic astrology, Burmese Rubies gemstones or Burmese Ruby gemstones are considered highly auspicious and best for astrology. You can buy Burmese Ruby stone online at the best price from Dhanshree Gems.

2. Ruby is the birthstone of which month?
The pure Ruby birthstone month is July. People born in the month of July and under the Leo zodiac sign can wear Ruby gemstones. However, it is recommended to wear the Ruby gemstone only after expert Astro consultation.

3. Which gemstone should not be worn with Ruby?
Astrologically, the combination of ruby stone with Garnet, Sapphires, and Cat’s eye gemstones is considered harmful.

4. In how many days does Ruby give results?
Ruby gemstone results can be seen after a few days of wearing it. Ruby stones give positive results if they suit the wearers.It can be a savior for those suffering from health issues or troublesome family relationships.

5. How can I check if my Ruby is real or fake?
Ruby color is one of the prominent quality factors that determine whether Ruby gems are real or fake. If the original Ruby stone exhibits a vibrant red hue and brilliant shine under light then it is original. However, if Ruby Ratna does not shine under light, then it is not a real Ruby stone.