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Kyanite gemstone is also known as disthene & cyanite, and Vedic astrologers recommend for Saturn owing to its gorgeous blue hue. Kyanite Stone is a priced possession for its ability to show pleochroism, i.e., it changes color based on your viewing angle. Blue Kyanite harnesses Saturn’s discipline and helps you process your anger and other low vibrational emotions healthily.

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  1. Kyanite - 4.98 Carats
    Origin : Nepal
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  2. Kyanite - 5.03 Carats
    Origin : Nepal
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  3. Kyanite - 5.4 Carats
    Origin : Nepal
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  4. Kyanite - 6.15 Carats
    Origin : Nepal
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  5. Kyanite - 6.3 Carats
    Origin : Nepal
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  6. Kyanite - 6.91 Carats
    Origin : Nepal
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  7. Kyanite - 7.11 Carats
    Origin : Nepal
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  8. Kyanite - 9.6 Carats
    Origin : Nepal
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About Kyanite Gemstone


Kyanite is a rare gemstone primarily found in rocks that have undergone metamorphoses. It is used to make high-quality porcelain items and expensive jewelry pieces.

  • One of the main valuable properties of the stone is its pleochroism, i.e., the change in its hue based on the angle and direction of viewing.
  • The chemical composition of the Kyanite mineral is described in the formula sand has two main components, aluminum, and silicate.
  • The physical properties of Kyanite, such as its hardness, variety of colors, and translucent appearance, in the form of a blade-like shape, make it a rare but valuable stone.
  • The Kyanite meaning revolves around deep healing and logical thinking.
  • The Kyanite benefits by providing a soothing and calm effect on the wearer’s mind and body. 
  • The psychological benefits of the stone make it a favorite for those who struggle with mental clarity and restlessness. 
  •  It is one of those rare minerals with a prominent industrial use apart from being a valuable addition to jewelry. 

Who Should Wear?

Who should wear Kyanite Stone:

  • Those born in September benefit from its vibrations, making Kyanite a September birthstone.
  • Kyanite crystal is recommended for the zodiac signs of Aries, Taurus, and Libra
  • Those with Saturn placements can wear the stone as it harnesses the planet's power and enhances a person’s communicative and other mental abilities.

Since it is a powerful stone, we suggest you consult a professional astrologer to see if it is a good fit for you. You can also try our free gemstone recommendation tool, which will give you an accurate answer about your compatibility with Kyanite.

How to wear Kyanite Stone:

Kyanite bracelets, pendants, and brooches are popular jewelry items sold in the market. You must keep the following points in mind while purchasing the stone:

Color of the stone Blue, gray, white, brown, and light green
Suitable Metal White gold and silver
Appropriate weight 1/10th of body weight
Chakra Works on the throat chakra
Cleansing the stone Place it in a wooden/stone bowl with water or keep it in sunlight and moonlight for 30 minutes. Kyanite stone loves natural energy and rituals like these remove any negativity that might be attached to the stone

Types and Origin

Kyanite is found in various countries, including Brazil, India, Kenya, Russia, the US, etc. It is classified based on color, and different colored Kyanites work on multiple chakras.

The various types are:

1. Blue kyanite:

  • It is the most popular type, and like many other blue-colored stones,
  • it works on the throat chakra.
  • Blue Kyanite benefits those who struggle with communication.
  • Healthy self-expression allows a person to feel confident in their opinions and works wonders for those who struggle with overthinking.
  • Nepal is the leading producer of the finest blue kyanite quality. 

2. Black kyanite: It works on the base chakra and is a good stone for keeping a person grounded and away from anything that can drain their energy. 

3. Green kyanite:

  • It is a stone for those who struggle with emotions, i.e., it works on the heart chakra.
  • The stone enables you to open your heart to the people around you and appreciate the love surrounding you.
  • India is the leading producer of the finest green kyanite quality.  

4. Ruby kyanite: It is a stone of empowerment. It allows us to be brave, accept more perspectives, and introspect on what makes us happier and more peaceful. 

You can buy Kyanite online from with the guarantee of purity and a wide variety to suit your budget and need.

Kyanite Stone Benefits

If we were to describe the kyanite crystal benefits in one word, it is positivity. More specific benefits of the crystal are as follows: 

  • It works on the heart, throat, and even third-eye chakra, allowing people to acknowledge and appreciate their own self, emotions, and opinions. 
  • Kyanite, especially blue kyanite stone, benefits those who struggle with anxiety and anger issues by working on their compassionate side and enhancing self-expression. 
  • The stone has a meditative purpose as well. Those who find it difficult to focus and have clear minds to connect with higher consciousness gain massively from kyanite use.
  • It works on restoring balance to improve meditative strengths.  
  • Kyanite uses aren’t limited to meditation but also help you recall messages while dreaming. Those who prefer lucid dreaming can use the stone for an enhanced experience. 
  • If you struggle with sleep, this crystal is known for its soothing properties, which can help you sleep better.
  • It works for physical recovery, maintains blood pressure at normal levels, and cures inflammation. 

Kyanite Stone Prices

Kyanite price depends on origin, cut, inclusions, size, and color. While all colors are popular, blue and green kyanites are the most demanded varieties, and their prices usually start from ₹ 1000 per carat and go to as high as ₹ 10,000 per carat.


1. Which stones work well with blue Kyanite?

Labradorite, Garnet, and Quartz are the three stones that enhance the healing powers of blue Kyanite and create a powerful vibrational effect, amplifying its benefits. 

2. How can you tell if blue Kyanite is real?

  • When force is applied, the Kyanite either won’t break because it is pretty hard or splinters but never in the opposite direction, whereas glass shatters. 
  • Pleochroism is a common phenomenon that is a sure-shot indication of a pure Kyanite.
  • Despite splinters, pure kyanite shines when kept in sunlight.

3. How do you care for kyanite jewelry?

It is essential to exercise great caution when using precious gemstones. You must not subject it to harsh chemicals for cleaning but mildly wash it with warm water and gentle soap. Place it away from other hard stones to avoid damage. Storage requires deep care, with packaging in a soft fabric to sustain Kyanite for the longer term.