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Malachite (Kidney stone)

Malachite (Kidney stone)

Malachite stone is an earthly energy crystal that roots you in a way that calms you down and helps you focus on the life you want to lead. Ruled by Jupiter and Venus, a Malachite gemstone expands your intellectual and creative capacities so you are in harmony with the path meant for you.

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About Malachite Stone


Have you experienced the healing energy while walking on misty grass in the early hours of the day? That is what wearing Malachite feels like. 

Be it serving as a green kohl for Cleopatra, adorning the headdresses of Egyptian kings, or serving as a healer and protector, Malachite gemstone has been a historical favorite. 

मेलाकाइट (Malachite stone in Hindi) comes from malache, which translates to mallow for the stone’s resemblance to the color of mallow leaves. Some also believe the root word for Malachite stone is malakos, which means soft. Either way, both root words fit Malachite green stone perfectly as it lies in the softer range of gemstones with hardness around 4 on Moh’s scale. 

It harnesses the energy of the planet of expansion, Jupiter, and the planet of beauty, Venus. The vibe of the former ruler shines in the stone’s ability to impart wisdom and spiritual growth. The latter’s energy helps you explore your creative energy and find inner balance and harmony.

Who Should Wear?

Who Can Wear Malachite Stone? 

People born under the zodiac sign of Taurus attract luck and wisdom from a Malachite birthstone. The crystal leverages the pre-existing connection of Taurus folks with Earthly energies and grounds them to make better decisions with resilience and focus. 

In addition to Taurus, the Malachite bracelet suits Capricorn and Scorpio. For the former, the crystal complements their ambitious nature by fostering discipline and rationality in their lives so they make decisions based on reality instead of daydreaming mindlessly without action. For Scorpios, their passion and adventurous spirit gain balance and control with Malachite pendant so that they don’t do anything impulsive they might regret later in the heat of the moment. 

In addition to these zodiac signs, people who want to explore their spiritual paths and heal or women who need help dealing with cramps and childbirth can benefit from Malachite. 

How to wear Malachite Stone?

Malachite is a powerful gemstone to wear. You can wear a Malachite bracelet, ring, or pendant to reap its benefits. And to activate the complete set of energies of the stone, the following set of rituals and procedures will help you: 

Day and time to wear Wear it before sunrise on Thursday 
Suitable metal Silver brings out the best in Tiger Eye
Which finger for the Malachite ring? You can wear Tiger Eye stone on ring finger of the left hand and a Tige Eye stone bracelet on your left wrist
Mantra to activate Malachite

||ऊँ ग्रां ग्रीं ग्रौं सः गुरुवे नमः || (Om Graam Greem Graum Sah Gurve Namah) for Jupiter

|| ॐ शुं शुक्राय नम:|| (Om Shum Shukraya Namah) for Venus

Suitable weight for the stone The right carat weight for a gemstone is 1/10th of your body weight. 


Types and Origin

Malachite Stone is found in Congo, Zambia, and Namibia, but the largest supplier of Malachite is Russia, as is visible in its incorporation in intricate architecture. As Malachite is gradually joining the ranks of rare gemstones for its depleting reserves, some dealers are selling fake stones at exorbitant prices, depriving the customer of the transformation and healing energies of the stone.  

If you don’t intend to burn your pockets on some fake piece of lab-treated glass, keep the following guide handy and buy Malachite stone that is original and effective.


Also called the peacock stone for its vibrant green color, Malachite’s color spectrum majorly lies between pale, light green and deeper, evergreen shades of green. But the stone isn’t of a uniform color. It has darker tone twirls and bands that resemble the tree rings. The best way to spot a fake Malachite is the blending of these bands. An unnatural stone has darker and sharper bands, while an original stone has softer patterns that blend well with the green stone. 

Clarity And Luster

A good Malachite stone has no cracks or blemishes other than darker-hued bands or patterns, as the former reduces the quality while the latter increases its authenticity. A polished original Malachite stone has a gorgeous, silky luster that adds a distinct sparkle to anything you wear. 


As Malachite is a soft stone, it’s easy to cut it into various shapes to fit a pendant, bracelet, or ring. However, it’s essential to cut it in a way that brings out its homogenous green color and surface patterns instead of reducing its inner shine. 

Malachite Stone Benefits

Malachite Stone Benefits:

While the list of Malachite benefits is quite long, here’s a brief glimpse into its powers: 

1. Transformation

The beautiful green Malachite benefits your phoenix-like transformation by making you adept at handling obstacles and dealing with failures healthily by grounding you. 

2. Physical Healing

The Malachite stone benefits your body detoxification, boosts your immune system, and works on kidney-related ailments. The crystal is commonly called a “Kidney Stone” as well.

3. Emotional Healing

The grounding and earthly energies help you control the overwhelming emotions and instead look at the bigger picture or silver lining. A Malachite bracelet benefits in dealing with any past traumas, heartbreak, losses, or disappointments. 

4. Protection

Every time your positive transformation shines in the crowd, many prying eyes want to overturn it and make you an example of a failure. Malachite gemstone benefits your reputation from these evil eyes so that you can focus on your growth without worrying about these people. 

5. Creative Expension

Malachite works on harmonizing your solar plexus, heart, and throat chakra, making you confident with self-expression and emotions.

6. Chakra Alignment

The peace Malachite brings in your heart, mind, and body attunes you to opportunities that assist in your expansion and help you find the extent of your capabilities so you don’t limit yourself.

Malachite Stone Price

Malachite Stone Price:

The green Malachite Stone is modestly priced and starts from ₹280 per Ratti. The Malachite price depends on a variety of factors like origin, carat weight, color banding, luster, and cut. 

Head to Dhanshree Gems to buy Malachite stone and get the best Malachite gemstone price for an original and certified stone that brings the transformation you’ve yearned for. 

Note: 1 Ratti = 0.91 Carat (Approximately)


1. What is Malachite stone good for?

Malachite is good for spiritual transformation, physical and emotional healing, and grounding in the universal energy. 

2. Malachite stone for which planet?

Malachite is ruled by 2 powerful planets, Jupiter- the planet of wisdom and expansion, and Venus- the planet of love and harmony.