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Tanzanite is a wonderful stone for Air signs, especially Libra and Gemini. It’s a healing stone that refines your psychic abilities like heightened intuition, leading you towards making decisions that are attuned to your desires. Buy Tanzanite Gemstone from our handpicked collection.

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  1. Tanzanite - 5.51 Carats
    Origin : Tanzania
    ₹ 18,183.00
  2. Tanzanite - 5.61 Carats
    Origin : Tanzania
    ₹ 39,270.00
  3. Tanzanite - 5.89 Carats
    Origin : Tanzania
    ₹ 17,375.50
  4. Tanzanite - 6.3 Carats
    Origin : Tanzania
    ₹ 47,250.00
  5. Tanzanite - 6.56 Carats
    Origin : Tanzania
    ₹ 39,360.00
  6. Tanzanite - 6.61 Carats
    Origin : Tanzania
    ₹ 19,830.00
  7. Tanzanite - 6.64 Carats
    Origin : Tanzania
    ₹ 33,200.00
  8. Tanzanite - 6.73 Carats
    Origin : Tanzania
    ₹ 50,475.00
  9. Tanzanite - 6.9 Carats
    Origin : Tanzania
    ₹ 12,420.00
  10. Tanzanite - 6.99 Carats
    Origin : Tanzania
    ₹ 43,338.00
  11. Tanzanite - 7.04 Carats
    Origin : Tanzania
    ₹ 24,640.00
  12. Tanzanite - 7.33 Carats
    Origin : Tanzania
    ₹ 47,645.00
  13. Tanzanite - 7.49 Carats
    Origin : Tanzania
    ₹ 11,235.00
  14. Tanzanite - 8.31 Carats
    Origin : Tanzania
    ₹ 29,085.00
  15. Tanzanite - 8.31 Carats
    Origin : Tanzania
    ₹ 70,635.00
  16. Tanzanite - 8.39 Carats
    Origin : Tanzania
    ₹ 67,120.00
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About Tanzanite Gemstone


Own the symbol of beauty with the tanzanite gemstones

There are hundreds of gemstones found on this planet. Each of them has unique properties and virtues. If there were a stone for defining beauty, it would be the tanzanite stone. They are one of the most gorgeous blue and violet tinted stones. But their beautiful appearance is not all about them. They have some tremendous advantages for the wearer. Thus, to know more about this stone, we must first start with a short introduction.

Introduction about the gemstone

The gemstone has a remarkably unique blue and violet colour. It makes it identifiable quite easily. The blue and violet hue in this stone is because of the presence of two minerals. They are- zoisite and vanadium. The mineral of this stone is zoisite.

The name of the stone gives hints about its place of origin. It is in Tanzania. And more precisely, in a small area for mining located near the Mererani Hills. Also, these stones are found only in this place in the whole world. The tanzanite stone name in Hindi is the same as that of its name in English. The longer you stare at the stone, the more it appeals to you to own them. They are immensely beautiful. And can also benefit you equally well.

Tanzanite Gemstones Facts & Properties

Tanzanite Stone Facts:

Tanzanite derived from zoisite mineral is a blue gemstone with undertones of violet. It is considered to be the birthstone to those born in December. Tanzanite was first found at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania and it is the only known source of Tanzanite till date.

Tanzanite Stone Properties:

Hardness: 6.5 (Mohs Scale)

Nature of Crystal: Solid

Refractive Index: 1.69-1.7

Birefringence: 0.008 to 0.013

Specific Gravity: 3.35

Tanzanite Stone Prices

Prices of the stone

The tanzanite gemstone is quite expensive. It is because of its rarity. It is found only in Tanzania and that too, in just one small mining area. Therefore, it is very scarcely available on this entire planet. Also, the price range of tanzanite stone price in India is huge. The variety in the prices of this stone is because of many reasons. These reasons are its properties. And, the factors influencing the price range of this stone are as follows.


The most popular colours of this stone are blue and violet. A unique characteristic of this stone is that it can show the beautiful property of Pleochroism. It enables the change of colours in the stone while you see it from different angles. And, because of this property, the generic colours of the stone merge. As a result, it leads to the formation of the blue-purple hue of this stone. The stones that are bigger than 5 carats have subtle and rich colours. Therefore, their price also rises.


The bigger, the better. It means that if the tanzanite stone is big, it will be more expensive than smaller ones. Also, more than 5 carats stones are more expensive because they have rich and well-saturated colours.


The cuttings of the stone are also essential. But, it is one of the factors that does not receive the required attention. But, it is because of the cuts of the stone that it receives the Pleochroism property. Without this property, the stone will not have its unique and charismatic clue-violet colours. Thus, the cut of the stone is an important factor in determining its price. The more precise cutting, the higher the price.


The clearer the stone is, the more pricey it will be. The stones undergo checking under the microscope. If any scratches, blemishes, or dullness is visible to your naked eyes, consider the price of that stone below. And, if the stone is speckle-free and blemish-free, it will be highly expensive.

We have mentioned the factors that influence the prices of the stone above. And some factors determine the quality of the stones. Let us now jump into that discussion.

Tanzanite Benefits

Benefits of Tanzanite gemstone

The following points highlight the different benefits of tanzanite gemstones.

Heals emotionally
The stone helps you to get over your worries and fears. It helps you establish trust. And, you also tend to find the answers regarding the meaning of life. It brings happiness and frees you from stress.

Provides motivation
The stones connect you with the higher vibrations. And, as a result, you receive motivation from the inside out. It facilitates the altered states as well. Thus, you develop a profound level of motivation.

It brings peace and calmness.
The stone has the properties to attract peace. It calms you down and soothes you. It brings you calm and, thus, fills you with positivity.

Physical benefits
The stone helps you develop better skin and hair. Generally, it can help to treat skin allergies and infections as well. It also detoxifies blood in your body, prevents excessive sweating and firms your immune system.

Spiritual benefits
The stone is associated with the Crown Chakra, the Third-Eye Chakra and the Throat Chakra. Thus, your thoughts, feelings are nurtured positively because of the influence upon the Crown Chakra. Your communication skill, with yourself and others, enhances because of the influence upon the Throat Chakra. And lastly, your intuitions and power of imagination get a boost due to the influence upon your Third-Eye Chakra.

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Own this gorgeous stone for yourself in the form of magnificent tanzanite jewellery. You can make wonderful necklaces. But the most common one is the rings. And a superb option will be a tanzanite ring with diamonds. The blend of the majestic blue with the sparkling white of the diamonds would indeed be beautiful. So, opt for one of these stones and enjoy the best of your life!

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1. Who can wear Tanzanite?

Anyone and everyone can wear the tanzanite stone. There are no boundaries or restrictions regarding who can wear this stone. You do not have to be of any particular zodiac sign, birth date or the like. However, the planet Saturn is well-associated with this stone. Thus. It would be of additional benefit if you could wear this stone during the phase of the planet Saturn. And the zodiac signs that can benefit ideally from this stone are as follows- The Mar's sign Aries and Jupiter's sign Pisces.

Tanzanite birthstone is a December birthstone. And, it is also beneficial for the 24th anniversary. But, the bottom line is that anyone who wishes to wear this stone can readily opt for it. No one would face any side effects from wearing it. And you do not have to have any specific astrological sign as well.

2. How to identify real tanzanite?

First, place the stone under incandescent light. If you can observe a blue colour with a tinge of violet in it, know that the stone is real.

3. Is tanzanite a substitute for any other stone?

Yes. The tanzanite stone can be a substitute for Blue Topaz and Sapphire stones.

4. Why and when tanzanite loses its colour?

Tanzanite can change colours because of the light and the angles. It is because of refraction and its property of Pleochroism. Other than that, prolonged exposure to sunlight may cause tanzanite to lose its colour.

5. What is the most desirable colour of Tanzanite?

The colour of Tanzanite ranges from velvety blue to bluish purple to bluish violet. The reason of the blue color of Tanzanite is due to the presence of a small amount of Vanadium. The naturally occurring Zoisite mineral from which tanzanite is derived is available in a variety of colours like red, orange, brown, green and blue, the blue specimen of ziosite is named Tanzanite. A gem-quality Tanzanite is a clear transparent blue stone with slight undertones of violet. However, the color of any Tanzanite can be intensified by heat treatment.

6. What is the price of Tanzanite stone?

The price of a Tanzanite stone depends on the clarity, quality, color, cut and weight of the gemstone. Any green component in the blue gemstone lowers the price due to the impurity while a pure velvety blue natural Tanzanite holds a very high value in the market. The average price of Tanzanite starts from $300 per carat and increases with the quality and weight of the gemstone.

7. What are the benefits of Tanzanite Stone?

Tanzanite stone is a gemstone whose vibrations stimulate the chakras of the body providing a lot of beneficial effects.

Emotional Empowerment: Adorning a Tanzanite provides emotional strength to fight with the daily struggles of life.

Aid to health issues: The healing power of Tanzanite cures skin and hair related problems.

Enhance Meditative powers: The vibrant energy of Tanzanite strengthens the chakras of our body improving the meditational practice to reach a greater level.

Toxin clearance: Tanzanite is helps in clearing off the entire toxin from the body.

Balancing energies: As the Chakras are stimulated by Tanzanite, the vibrant energy aligns with the energy of our body to produce a balanced state of energy within the body.

Improve intuition level: It is believed to stimulate the throat, third eye and crown chakras unifying the higher mind for better intuition

8. What are the Qualities of Tanzanite Gemstone?

The most important question about the stone is how to tell if the tanzanite stone is real? Some factors determine the quality of these stones. And, the following lists highlight all of them:


The first factor for determining the quality of the gemstone is the answer to this question- what colour is tanzanite stone? Thus, colour is one of the most influential factors for determining the quality of the stone. What you should look for is the blue colour with the tinge of violetish hue in it. And the best way to clarify its colour is by observing it under the light.

The precision of cuts and shape

The tanzanite stone is very beautiful, and its quality enhances if its cuts and carvings are precise. It causes the light to refract in it ideally. And, as a result, the property of Pleochroism would reflect impeccably.


The higher the carat, the better will be its richness of colour. Therefore, a stone of over 2 carats is considered to be a good quality stone.


If there are zero blemishes in the stone, then the clarity of the stone is high. And the more the clarity, the better quality will be that stone.