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How to Choose Right Gemstone for Your Zodiac Sign?

Are you feeling lost in life? 

Are you facing the brunt of failure despite giving your best? 

Is mental chaos due to life’s turbulence forcing you to give up? 

It will not make you feel better, but YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Our growth journey is lined with hurdles to make us comfortable with change. Sometimes, you need external support to navigate those changes.  

And gemstones can be your ideal partner. 

Before you shop for random crystals, read this blog till the end to answer the most common question- “Which stone should I wear?” and learn how to choose the right gemstone for your zodiac sign. 

You might ask, “Is the zodiac sign important for gemstones to work?” 

Our answer is yes. The compatibility of your birth chart with the gemstone is essential to harness only positive energies. Even though we recommend you consult a professional astrologer for more personalized recommendations, this blog will help you get started for stones according to zodiac signs. 

Why Gemstones?

It is inevitable to question the benefits of gemstones before moving to make your first purchase. We can broadly divide gemstone benefits into 5 segments- 

Energy Alignment

Sometimes, we are so occupied with worldly forces that we aren't attentive to our energy imbalances. It leads to disappointments, frustrations, and a pessimistic attitude towards life. Gemstones harmonize our energies with the universe, promoting balance and alignment.

Enhanced Healing

You might be leading yourself to a pit with unresolved trauma or emotional baggage. Gemstones aid in physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being to live healthily.

Positive Influence

Your surroundings and people influence your vibe more than you think. Gemstones help you filter the influences and focus

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Best Gemstone Combinations To Wear image
Best Gemstone Combinations To Wear

best gemstone combinations to wear

Astrological gemstones are powerful. If you’re reading this blog, the fact isn’t unknown to you. But gemstone combinations are 10X better IF worn as per compatibility. If you ever visit Agra, you’ll hear tales of the renowned Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan wearing the most powerful gemstone combinations and even using many to adorn the walls of prominent monuments like the Taj Mahal. He was an ardent believer in the power of gemstones. 

But what determines if gemstones are compatible? 

Ruling Planets

Compatible rulers create a powerful gemstone combination. Hessonite (Rahu) and Cat’s Eye (Ketu) are a great example. Hessonite's intense energy aligns with Cat's Eye's enigmatic qualities, creating a unique combination.

Color Harmony

Complementary or harmonious colored gemstones have a better compatibility chance—for example, Amethyst (Purple) and Citrine (Yellow).

Energies and Properties

The combination of Aquamarine (Water element) and Moonstone (Lunar connection) harnesses the beautiful serene power of water. Aquamarine's calming influence finds resonance with Moonstone's ethereal charm, invoking emotional balance and intuition.

Let’s talk about the 5 most powerful gemstone combinations that can turn your life around. 

Most Powerful Gemstone Combinations to Wear

Ruby and Pearl 

According to legends, the Ruby-Pearl combination graced the finger of Cleopatra, the mesmerizing Egyptian queen. The fiery charm of Ruby, representing the Sun's vital energy, blends seamlessly with the peaceful moonlit charm of Pearl. 

Together, they are a perfect balance of passion and tranquility. 

The benefits of wearing Ruby and Pearl toget

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Benefits of Cats Eye Stone image
Astrological Benefits of Cats Eye Stone

If you ask us to summarize the astrological benefits of a Cats Eye stone in one line, we’ll use the most common statement passed down through generations:  

Amidst the accelerated pace of technological innovations, a part of the world still thrives on tradition. And this stone occupies a special place in many traditions. The Cat's Eye Stone, or "Lehsunia" in Hindi, is a gem that has captivated hearts for centuries with its charm and power. 

Apart from being considered a mystic powerhouse, this gem is also known for its unique chatoyancy, a striking "cat's eye" effect that dances across its surface when it catches the light. This makes the stone a fashion statement that the world appreciates. 

If you’re here, we’re assuming your interest is in the benefits of Cats eye stone

So let’s get started. 

Here are some Astrological Benefits of Cats Eye Stone:

Physical Health Benefits of Cats Eye Stone

Enhanced Immunity:

This gemstone was widely prevalent as a shield against illnesses in ancient times. According to modern belief, the Cat's Eye Stone's benefits include fortifying the immune system, protecting against infections, and promoting overall well-being.

Aiding Healing:

This mystical gem expedites the healing process, assisting in recovery from various ailments and chronic diseases, complementing modern medical approaches.

Regulating Blood Pressure:

The Cat's Eye Stone may offer respite by regulating blood pressure levels if you struggle with the same.

Energizing the Body:

Wearing this gem can infuse your body with vitality, combating fatigue and promoting a sense of renewed energy.

Balancing Hormones:


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1. Which gemstone should I wear?

Most precious gemstones are worn according to your Rashi / Birth Chart. This practice is just as much art as it is science. Depending on your religious sect, place of birth, and customs - your birth chart can look different, and therefore conclude different stones. We recommend getting a recommendation from your personal astrologer, however, we also provide free astrology consultations in-house at our retail store in Delhi. We are also available on a phone call for a small fee if you are unable to visit. Most Semi-precious stones, Vedic, as well as energy healing equipment are completely free from bias and can always be placed around your home for use without special recommendations.

2. Will I get a certificate along with the gemstone?

For every gemstone you purchase at Dhanshree - you will receive a bill and a certificate of authenticity. These, along with the original stone that you buy from us, constitute your proof of purchase. Please keep these safe in case of Natural Sapphires, as you may want to avail our Stone Upgrade policy in the future.

3. What if the stone doesn't suit me? Can I return it?

Natural stones - especially the precious and semi-precious varieties, will never have negative effects, per se. Yes, even Blue Sapphires/ Neelam. In our long experience with real stories, we have come to learn that these gemstones never harm, or bring malice to us. Apart from increasing positivity, your stone may also be DECREASING negativity in your life. Still, if your gemstone doesn't suit you, we have a clear exchange policy that requires the gemstone in its original condition and proof of purchase. There are no fiat returns for worn gemstones, as we do not trade used gemstones as a matter of ethics. However, you are welcome to select and upgrade your stones by availing yourself of store credit usable by anyone who accompanies you. Please read our Exchange Policy here.

4. Why there is so much variation in the prices of the same gemstone?

As is true for human beings and everything else Mother Nature provides, every stone is completely unique. This makes gemstone sourcing and pricing a complicated endeavor. In general, a Natural Gemstone’s price will depend on a couple of important factors like its color and origin, its weight and it’s shape. There is also a matter of availability and supply, so a stone that cost you a certain amount 2 years ago, may not be the same price anymore!

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