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Things to Know Before Buying Panna Stone - Dhanshree Gems

Emerald is a part of the most precious triad: Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald. People call it by various names across the country, such as Markata in Sanskrit, Panna in Hindi, Maragatham in Tamil, and Marathakam in Malayalam. These names indicate the widely dispersed yet equally high-value people associate with the gemstone.

Vedic astrology considers the Maragatham stone in high regard. This green-colored stone is a revered member of the Beryl mineral family. It is known to be a protector against evil with the ability to identify lies and worn for attracting abundance and success in intellectual and creativity-focused ventures.

As per Vedic astrology, those with a weaker Mercury in their birth chart can immensely benefit from the cosmic powers of the Maragatham stone that can help get rid of negativity. Astrology enthusiasts consider it lucky for people belonging to Gemini, Virgo, and Cancer.

But it is essential to buy natural emerald stone from a trustworthy source to gain maximum benefits. Dhanshree Gems offers the best range of emerald stones, which are unheated and untreated, to help you get the maximum benefit from your purchase.

Benefits of Emerald stone

Emerald stone helps in improving a person’s intellectual and creative potential. It leads to exponential professional growth that helps in attracting financial abundance. It protects the body from diseases and improves physical health too. Ancient texts associated it with peace of mind because the green color of Panna stone is soothing to look at. Improved decision-making is an incredible by-product of the Panna stone. People working in the media industry, and finance sector, like banking, benefit from this gemstone.

Things to Know Before Buying Panna Stone

Panna is a powerful stone only when it is authentic and pure. Many dealers dupe customers by selling tinted g

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Do Gemstones Really Work?

Do Gemstones Really Works?

Gemstones have been prized by people throughout history for a variety of reasons. They have played amazing roles throughout human history, from adornments to religious symbols, and amulets to lucky charms. Often, before wearing these beautiful gems people wonder, do gemstones really work? The answer is not a simple yes or no. Gems have been a representation of prestige, riches, power, and supernatural support. In short, gemstones mean a piece of cut-and-polished mineral crystal that is used to create jewelry or other ornaments.

Natural gemstones, in particular, have a long history of use in Indian astrology. Every Indian knows of Aryabhatta, an eminent 5th-6th century astronomer. His only known surviving work, Aryabhatiyam, which revolutionized astronomy, used gemstones in his research. 

What are Gemstones?

Gemstones are the Rashi stones extracted from the earth's natural soil that has been used for centuries to free us from the troubles the planets have placed before us. Different astrology stones have different, and occasionally overlapping properties. Our karma can be affected by these gemstones in a variety of ways. Additionally, the correct Rashi stone will enable you to clear old karma far more quickly than you would be able to do without them. As you have read above astrology stones will work when worn in a certain fashion with some rules, let’s dive into that so you can have your life turned around for good!

Do gemstones really work?

Gemstones do work but there are certain rules and regulations to be followed for that to happen. These astrology stones are science and not magic. When a substance with such a high vibration contacts your body, it undoubtedly has an impact on your overall health, particularly on your nervous system and your spiritual aura. When worn in the correct manner, t

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What Determines the Price of Gemstones?

Gemstone Pricing

Gemstones, regardless of anything, can have different shapes, sizes, cut, color, quality, etc. Amongst all these choices, ever wondered how would an expert decide what should be the gemstones prices? Whether quoting a value would be worth the gemstone price?

Welcome to the world of magic - where fantasy and spark are the ones in the spotlight.

Cost of gemstones, therefore, depends heavily on how the buyer sees the gemstone value. Have you also thought about knowing exactly from one article all about these precious stones and precious gems?

There are a variety of gemstones. For instance, there is ruby, diamond, sapphires, etc. However, we can not deny the fact that the thing about some over-the-top premium gemstones like rose quartz, opal, and aquamarine still stands out. These gemstones are valued differently. For example, valuation like gemstone price per carat or gemstone price per ratti.

Sapphire price per carat, for example,can range ₹ 3 lakh per carat ($4675 approx.) and goes up to ₹ 10 lakh per carat ($15500 approx.) What makes them so precious? How is the price determined? What are the factors that decide the same?

Let us reflect on the factors that affect the price of gemstones.

From the lens of different people and the economics of market penetration, the prices will differ. You'll ask us why to read what we have got to share with you.

The fundamental factors that play a role in price determination are the

  • The physical appearance of the stone - how beautiful do they look, how colorful, how lustrous, how perfectly crafted are they, etc
  • Durability, that is, what is the period they remain ‘as they are
  • Rarity, that is,how unique are they, based on their availability
  • Traditional significance/ religious significance

Let us look into all the factors in a bit more detail -
1. Beauty - As the name suggests, it is a

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Importance of Gemstones in Astrology


In Vedic astrology, gemstones are particularly significant for therapeutic reasons. Many monarchs and other royal people have worn these as jewelry or treated them as gorgeous ornaments since ancient times.

Healing is the primary benefit of wearing gemstones. It has been embraced for healing and religious ceremonies throughout history. The power that gems bestow on their wearers is what makes them so valuable, even though they are uncommon and have positive qualities. A gem transmits cosmic energies when it comes into contact with the body.

Depending on their usage, gems can either show their power positively or negatively. Every Rashi stone or gem has some degree of magnetic strength. The majority of gemstones are useful to humans for their therapeutic treatments. They unleash waves and vibrations that could have a significant impact on our lives.

Vedic astrology gemstones have therapeutic qualities, mystical powers, and deeper meaning. These are usually referred to as gemstones or birthstones. Depending on their value and quality, they might be precious or semi-precious. Each planet's impacts on us are balanced when matched with a certain gemstone.

It is best only to wear gemstones that are appropriate for you based on your birth chart. Because it could otherwise lead to suffering and difficulties in life.

Gemstone Connection with Astrology

The gemstones can connect with your body and improve their healing capabilities. They are able to release healing vibrations and energies.

Hindus are not the only ones who wear astrology stone rings or lockets. People of other religions as well do so because of their positive effects. Before

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Know your gemstone by birth month

Know your gemstone by birth month

Are you confused about your birthstone that will be beneficial to wear? This article is definitely going to help you in finding the lucky and suitable birthstone for you.

You can have your own gemstone with the help of knowing the month you are born. The astrological gemstones are connected with the universe and planets that convert the positive and negative energies according to the position of planets in your birth chart.

You have also seen that people do not hesitate to wear astrological gemstones as jewellery and accessories. The astrological gemstones are elegant and bring fortune to the wearer.

No more confusion will be scrambling your mind once you go through the Birth Month & Gemstone for the astrological benefits.

Why should we wear Birthstone?

The list is never-ending because wearing your birthstone has infinitive advantages. If we follow Indian astrology, it is believed that the birthstone has the power to block negativity and convert it into positive energy. You will be surrounded by a positive environment where these positive energies are directly connected to your planets. You will be released from mental stress, physical mishap and other life’s problems. Each and every birthstone works distinctively.

Birth Month Birthstone
January Garnet
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Where to Buy Gemstones in Delhi NCR?

Buy Gemstones in Delhi NCR

Wearing gemstones can change your entire life. Gemstones are one of the most beautiful things on this planet. But, it is not just about their beauty. They carry divine cosmic energies in them. And thus, whenever one wears them, the cosmic energies flow into them. As a result, their physical, mental health, career and relationships flourish. And this is how a gemstone gains its benefits. This is why we say that different gemstones have different benefits.

But, we often do not know where we can find the gemstones. The matter does not end with buying gemstones; rather, it starts with it. Because it is not just about buying gemstones, it is also about buying authentic gemstones. Because the absence of authenticity can spoil everything. If you do not buy genuine gemstones, you do not get their benefits. Moreover, it may have adverse effects on the wearer. Therefore, buying real gemstones is necessary.

And, when it is a city like Delhi NCR, it becomes quite difficult to find the right gemstone store. But, there are many other factors as well. So, if you want to buy Original Gemstones in Delhi, you need to know how to identify a real gemstone. So, let us look into the different factors that can help you identify a real gemstone.

How can you identify a real gemstone?

There are numerous factors that can help you to identify a real gemstone. And the following list states all those factors with a vivid explanation as well. So, the Best place to buy Gemstones will always have stones that satisfy all the following factors:

☑️ Colour

The first factor is the shade of the gemstone. Each gemstone has its unique shade. But, there are many sellers who sell similar-looking but fake gemstones. Thus ensure the colour of the stone you want. Proper research can be very helpful here. Or take an expert's assistance to ensure the colour of your gemstone is authentic. Dhanshree Gem

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Lucky Stones according to your Zodiac Sign

Stones are associated with so much energy, power, and magic. Astrological Gemstones acts as lucky stones that enhance each sun sign’s energy vibration. Wearing gemstone according to your zodiac sign will prominence your sun strength and make you feel more spirited.

So, here are some stones according to your zodiac sign:


Fortunate gemstones for Aries natives are Bloodstone, Red Jasper, Topaz, and Diamond. These gemstones increase physical strength, provide good luck, and also stabilizes the mind. They also help in overcoming your fears and protects the wearer from the injury.


Their natives can wear any gemstone, including Moonstone, Pearl, Emerald, and Ruby. These gemstones provide inner peace, emotional strength, and balances the sensitive nature of cancer. They also bring serenity and bring calm to a wearer.


The suggested stone for Taurus is Green Aventurine, Rose quartz, Sapphire and Garnet. These gemstones bring inner peace and spiritual alignment to the wearer. They also help in relieving stress and balances the energy of a hard-working Taurus person.


Agate, Citrine, Tiger’s Eye and Emerland are the suggested stones for the Gemini natives. These gemstones have different magical powers and improve personal clarity and spiritual well being. They also bring joy to the wearer's life.


Black onyx, Carnelian, Diamond, and Ruby can be considered as the lucky stones for Leo natives. These gemstones have different magical powers to protect and bring luck to a wearer. They neutralize internal stress and negative emotions and bestows courage.


Green Aventurine, Citrine, and Carnelian are the suggested gemstones for Virgo natives. These gemstones bring soothing vibrations to the mind and body of the wearer and build self-confidence.



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What is Chatoyance Gems?

Chatoyance Gems

Chatoyance is a visual marvel wherein a band of reflected light, known as a " cat's-eye," moves just underneath the outside of a cabochon-cut gemstone. Chryso beryl and tiger's eye are two of the most popular diamond materials that display this wonder. Astounding Examples of chrysoberyl show the best chatoyance and the tiger's eye is the chatoyant pearl most broadly utilized in adornments.

Chatoyance happens in stones that contain many extremely slight equal incorporations inside the rock, known as a " silk." The light reflects from these considerations to frame a flimsy band over the outside of the stone. The group of light consistently happens at the right edges to the length of the equal incorporations. These considerations can be precious stones, empty cylinders, or other direct structures that are available all through the sand and are generally line up with a crystallographic hub. Needle-like precious stones of rutile and hematite are notable for creating a cat's-eye in numerous examples.

Chatoyance - Eye of the Cat

The name "chatoyance" starts from the French word "chat over," which signifies "to sparkle like a feline's eye." The relationship likewise coordinates how a feline's understudies will restrict to a slim cut under a brilliant light.

Tiger's-Eye Cabochons: These stones cost a couple of dollars each. Tiger's-eye is the main chatoyant stone which delivers in enormous amounts in aligned sizes. That makes it the main chatoyant stone ordinarily found in large scale manufacturing adornments stores. It is well known in men's rings and sleeve buttons.

Feline's Eye with a Slit Pupil: This feline's eyes have reacted to brilliant light by shutting their students to a tight cut. From that place, the "cat's-eye" gemstone name starts. Picture copyright and Astrid Gast.

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7 Things To Consider Before Buying Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj) Gemstone

Yellow Sapphire Buying Guide

Yellow Sapphire Buying Guide

1. Shades

The more brilliant and flawless the shading, the worthier a yellow Sapphire. The significant explanation for yellow shading in Sapphires is because of the flow component iron. The elevated iron fixations produce higher shading immersion, prompting the lavishness in shading. The shade of Yellow Sapphires can be enlarged, usually through low-level radiation inside the Earth or lab-instigated illumination. The bright Sapphires aren't destructive. Be that as it may, the hues are known to blur away with time because of presentation to warmth and light.

You can purchase yellow sapphire stone online at our ensured gemstone store Dhanshree gems in Delhi.

2. Clarity

At whatever point purchasing ensured gemstones on the web, try to see that the documentation for the stone is credible. The best Yellow Sapphire is evident that is noticeable to the unaided eye.

Yellow sapphires stones have fewer considerations when contrasted with other shaded rocks, which is truly advantageous, considering the medium tone which the shading shows best does next to no to shroud incorporations.

On the off chance that you are not knowledgeable with the term, Inclusions are the typical result of precious stone development. These can be scratches or chips. Considerations are natural to such an extent that even the best stones are not expected to be totally liberated from them. As per usual, it is continuously important to review the gemstones decisively.

3. Origin

Yellow Sapphires start in Tanzania, Madagascar, Thailand, and Australia. Be that as it may, the best Yellow Sapphires begin in Sri Lanka.

While this is a pivotal factor, the nation where Yellow Sapphires begin doesn't influence

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