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Know your gemstone by birth month

Are you confused about your birthstone that will be beneficial to wear? This article is definitely going to help you in finding the lucky and suitable birthstone for you.

You can have your own gemstone with the help of knowing the month you are born. The astrological gemstones are connected with the universe and planets that convert the positive and negative energies according to the position of planets in your birth chart.

You have also seen that people do not hesitate to wear astrological gemstones as jewellery and accessories. The astrological gemstones are elegant and bring fortune to the wearer.

No more confusion will be scrambling your mind once you go through the Birth Month & Gemstone for the astrological benefits.

Why should we wear Birthstone?

The list is never-ending because wearing your birthstone has infinitive advantages. If we follow Indian astrology, it is believed that the birthstone has the power to block negativity and convert it into positive energy. You will be surrounded by a positive environment where these positive energies are directly connected to your planets. You will be released from mental stress, physical mishap and other life’s problems. Each and every birthstone works distinctively.

Birth Month Birthstone
January Garnet
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Do's and Dont's while buying Cat's eye stone

When Rahu gives malefic effects in one's horoscope, then Cat's Eye Stone is an inimical gemstone to save your life. There are some steps to follow while buying Cat's eye gemstone in Delhi because many sellers sell cultured and synthetic Cat's Eye Stone.

Lehsunia Gemstone belongs to the shadow planet Ketu that brings instant positive and negative effects for its wearer.

To tackle the adverse effects of Ketu, one should consult the astrologer before wearing Lehsunia Ratna. Find out some important do's and don'ts while buying a cat's eye gemstone.

➤ Is Cat's eye a real stone?

Chrysoberyl cat's eye is the best quality of this gemstone. It has the most distinct and most robust Lehsunia effect of all gems. This gemstone can get polished into a cabochon.

➤ Why do we wear Cat eye stone?

According to astrology, crucial surgeries are mostly caused due to a malefic effect of Ketu in one's horoscope. If the person wears Lehsunia stone, then it nullifies the adverse effects of Ketu.

➤ What kind of stone is a Cat's eye?

Chrysoberyl cat's eye stone is yellowish-green and transparent to translucent. Cat's eye is also known as Lehsunia in Hindi, and it can reduce the malefic and adverse effects of Ketu.

Do's and Dont's while buying Cat's eye stone

➤ Do's and Dont's while buying Cat's eye stone

· that you put your money on certified Cat's eye stone. Please do not buy a cultured or fake gemstone because it can give you unsatisfactory results.

· Always check the cat eye stone price per carat in India and don't fall for cheap Lehsunia Ratna. There might be chances of cheap

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Wear Gemstones in Right Fingers Only

People do wear rings in different fingers, however, have you at any point wondered which fingers are right to wear your celestial gemstones. Indeed, characteristic prophetic gemstones convey explicit vitality inside them. At the point when associated with a specific finger, that vitality can increment or decline. Accordingly, it is essential to comprehend which fingers are right to wear the gemstones when you buy natural gemstones online.

Wear Gemstones in Right Fingers Only

The Fingers and the Basic Elements

According to the antiquated Vedic science, there are five essential components of nature: earth, water, fire, air, and ether (otherwise called space). These components shape everything that exists in nature as well as offers a frame to a human's body. All of these components are related to the diverse fingers of the human body.

While the Thumb speaks to the Fire component, the Index Finger speaks to the Air component, the Middle Finger speaks to the Ether component, the Ring Finger speaks to the Earth component, and the Little Finger speaks to the Water component.

Left versus Right Hand

Fingers, as well as the hands likewise, have a unique essentialness in crystal gazing. While the right hand is dynamic and giving, the left hand is uninvolved and responsive.

The correct hand is connected to cognizance in the personality, and the left hand is connected to the intuitive personality. If the right hand is related to yang, the left is related to yin.

When you buy gemstones online for the right hand, it builds up the energies that exist in the inward world, likewise being affected by the relating finger. Though, when you wear a

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The Beginner's Guide To Buy Pearl Gemstones

The Beginner's Guide To Buy Pearl Gemstones

Beauty could be found at every corner of nature, but some things say "elegance" like nothing else. Pearl gemstones are one of them. Also known as "Moti", pearl gemstones are different from the long list of gemstones due to their organic origin. They are literally like the gift of the ocean to you, which is why they have more appeal than most other items in the list of gemstones.  

However, natural pearls are very rare, hence the natural pearl price is quite high. The ones you see often in the market are produced in lakes under human supervision, called "cultured" pearls. And then, there are many others that are simply faked. So, how do you figure out the real from the fake?

Well, here is the guide for buying pearl gemstones:

  • Natural pearls are extremely rare and becoming rarer every day, so natural pearl price is extremely expensive too. Unless you want to spend lots of money, you would do well with cultured pearls.
  • When you buy gemstones, look for the nacre, the layer surrounding the pearl. Both cultured freshwater pearls and natural saltwater pearls have solid nacre, but cultured saltwater pearls instead have layers of nacre around a central nucleus.
  • The colour of the pearl might also influence your choice. Most pearls are white in colour but have an overtone of other colours like rose-red or gold. Furthermore, cultured pearls might be dyed to develop pearls of any colour You can find more about the colours of pearl gemstone online.
  • The price of the pearl is usually determined by its weight. The pearl price per gram is not standardized and ranges significantly according to the quality. Generally, freshwater cultured
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