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Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj)

Quality Check of Yellow Sapphire Gemstone: Real vs. Fake

Just like other prized gemstones, Yellow Sapphire has its value and is known to impart great benefits to the individual. But the precious gem can only show its miracle if it's authentic, and no duplicitous activity has been performed on it by the seller. With so many online and offline gemstones shops in Delhi, it is challenging for a layman to understand which one is real and which is not. We will suggest you with specific gemstone identification methods that will help you differentiate between the right and the fake gemstone.

Quality Check of Yellow Sapphire Gemstone

Identify the flakes of Yellow Sapphire.

Begin by comparing the yellow sapphire gemstone with a piece of yellow glass because fake sapphires are generally made from glass. While yellow glass may look similar to yellow sapphire at a glance, the two gemstones are a lot different from each other when compared. Any layman will be able to understand the difference as yellow glass is too big and too colorful to be real.

Check for the inner scratches.

Be it any Sapphire gemstone of any color; it is bound to be extremely hard. Diamond is one of the hardest gemstones, and sapphire ranks just after it, on the same scale. This is the reason that sapphires do not have the possibility to get scratches on them. But a glass imitation of yellow sapphire often has lots of surface scratches because glass ranks low when compared with the Sapphire gemstone.

Natural Yellow Sapphire

Take the help of a magnifier.

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Yellow Sapphire: The Perfect Partner for an Unmarried Girl

Yellow Sapphire Is the Perfect Partner for an Unmarried Girl

A regular question asked to astrologers and amongst the commoners is “How impactful can wearing Natural Yellow Sapphire can turn to be for a female?”. This is a very regular inquiry concerning Yellow Sapphire (pukhraj) gemstone that is normally asked by astrologers or even on the web. Do you realize that gemstones have the power to heal celestial bodies and much more? These celestial stones benefit females in finding the right match and then getting through with a blissful married life.

In spite of the fact that the fundamental motivation behind a gemstone is to offer advantages to all locals. As we realize that every planet is related to a specific gemstone, that favours the locals with heaps of advantages.

Gemstones are fundamentally used to make the situation of a specific planet ideal in one's horoscope.

Yellow Sapphire stone is the Gemstone of Brihaspati-Jupiter and this planet is the significator for Husband in a Females horoscope. There is a general comprehension among Astrologers as indicated by the Astrological guideline that wearing a natural yellow sapphire ousts the deterrents in marriage and favours the individual with a not too bad marriage.

In North India, there is one famous saying in Hindi which mentions ”Kanya Ke Vivah me jab ho Raha ho avrodh , Gyani Tab Karte hain, Peetmani par Shodh'. That means when an unmarried girl is not getting married because of unavoidable circumstances, then wearing a yellow sapphire stone can heal the planets and lead to a happy and prosperous married life. What gives better result is a concentrated examination of the seventh house and the planets affecting it, marriage and social associations.

Benefits of yellow sapphire; Gemstone of planet Jupiter on women’s life

Do you know what is

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Astrological Benefits of Yellow Sapphire

Astrological Benefits of Yellow Sapphire

The yellow sapphire indicates wisdom and courage. The variety of yellow sapphire is also known as pukhraj, and it is one of the expensive gemstones. The stone is known for wealth, prosperity, name and fame in your life.

The stone is also called from its various names such as Push Raja, Peterman, and Topaz Stone. According to the astrology, there are many astrological benefits of yellow sapphire, such as one who is suffering from ailments of the gall bladder, liver, insomnia, arthritis, heart, and impotence.

The stone is also helping girls to find their best life partner. This does not only prevent disease but also it can influence the psychological factors in everyone’s body to increase their vision.

The world is made up of stones and rocks, and the most precious ones are precious for a reason. The precious stones are called gemstones which include diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, rubies, and more. The topmost position is held by Diamonds, but second to it comes the stone of Jupiter named Yellow Sapphires. There are many astrology benefits of Yellow Sapphire but it is also loved by many in the form of adornments or jewelries.

There are many other names by which Yellow Sapphire is known by Apart from Yellow Sapphire, it is also known as Pukhraj, Pushpraag, Guruvallabh, Vachaspati Vallabh, and also Pitmani. Yellow Sapphires prove to be highly beneficial in improving and enhancing the spirituality, mentality, and physicality of a person and also helps them in reducing emotional turmoil. It also removes inauspicious events from the possessor’s life.

Benefits of Yellow Sapphire

Yellow Sapphires are found to be helpful in many forms. They help in strengthening professional life, enh

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