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Yellow Sapphire is a part of the coveted navratna, a collection of 9 powerful gemstones. It imbibes the yellow color's energy, optimism, and warmth and enlightens you by opening your mind to new possibilities. 

Yellow Sapphire is also known as the Pukhraj stone, Kanakapushyaragam stone, and Pushkaraj stone. It harnesses the energy of Jupiter. People born in September or those with a prominent Jupiter placement reap the maximum benefits of Pukhraj stone. Those who wear it experience a burst of energy to pursue their dreams without fearing failure. 

If you are indecisive, struggle with communication, or lack persuasion capabilities, a Yellow Sapphire will do wonders for you. This has also given it the name “Salesman stone”, i.e., a stone that helps you to promote yourself and your creation. 

Amazing Benefits of Pukhraj Stone

A Pukhraj benefits every aspect of your life, finances, career, health, spiritual advancement, or relationships. Yellow Sapphire will not disappoint you if you want to bring a positive transformation into your life. Read further to know how the Pukhraj stone benefits your life. 

1. Career and Financial Benefits of Pukhraj Stone

  •  According to legends, Yellow Sapphire is a helper of Lord Ganesh, who is a harbinger of prosperity and wealth. 
  •  As it controls the impact of Jupiter, the Guru or teacher of the solar system, wearing Yellow Sapphire makes you more inclined to learn and impart knowledge. This makes it a good fit for teachers, public speakers, and academicians. 
  •  Pukhraj brings good luck and prosperity when you keep it in a wealth box for your home. In fact, many ancient cultures cremated their loved ones with a Yellow Sapphire stone for comfort and luxury in their afterlife. 
  •  It promotes mental clarity, which helps you make better professional and financial decisions. Merchants in the Far East carried Yellow Sapphire or wore it so that it touched their skin to ensure success in professional endeavors. 
  •  Yellow Sapphire stone benefits by improving your rationality and perspective or insight-capturing abilities, making it a good fit for journalists and advocates as you make more informed judgments. 
  •  The benefits of Yellow Sapphire extend to students and those who want to grow in their careers. It keeps distractions at bay and helps you focus and grow, as Jupiter is the planet for expansion.

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2. Relationship Benefits of Yellow Sapphire

  •  Pukhraj brings balance and harmony to your emotional state, which directly influences your relationships, be it professional or personal. 
  •  Yellow Sapphire benefits if you face marital delay or cannot find a suitable husband. It harnesses the energy of Jupiter, which is personified as a husband. 
  •  The stone assists in the easy resolution of marital disputes and promotes love and respect in a relationship. This is why it is a preferred choice for engagement rings, as they symbolize everlasting love and positivity in relationships. 
  •  You can end your communication struggle with the opposite sex using the Yellow Sapphire, as it makes you more charismatic and confident.

3. Health Benefits of Pukhraj Stone

  •  In ancient times, Pukhraj stone was used to treat snakebites and eliminate toxins from the body. In the present day, it is an energizer that promotes vitality and strength. 
  •  It is known for curing ailments of the ears, nose, throat, digestive system, and blood. 
  •  It balances physical health, regulates blood pressure, strengthens immunity, and promotes holistic wellness. 
  •  The benefits of Pukhraj stone aren’t limited to physical health. Its stunning yellow color promotes mental clarity and improves focus. 
  •  As a result of a balanced body and mind after wearing the Yellow Sapphire stone, your sleep quality improves, and your stress levels reduce. 
  •  It is true to its name, “Gem of detoxifiers,” as it rids your body of unwanted toxins or negativity, contributing to your skin’s glow-up. 

Astrological Significance and Spiritual Benefits of Pukhraj Stone

  •  The stone is a protector from evil energy and unwanted company. If you find yourself attracting the wrong people who cause damage in your life, it is time to consider buying a Yellow Sapphire. 
  •  It works on the solar plexus chakra and helps you become more confident in following your own rules rather than becoming a subject of others. 
  •  Yellow Sapphire benefits in improving your intuition and psychic abilities that help you align with your divine purpose. 
  •  It provokes you to not focus on mundane issues but trust in higher powers and a broader vision of your life. 

Side Effects of Yellow Sapphire

Yellow Saphhire is a powerful gemstone, and we advise you to consult a professional astrologer or use our gemstone recommendation tool to check its compatibility with your birth chart. 

In case of incompatibility, you will experience the following side effects of Yellow Sapphire within 3-5 days: 

  •  Sudden cracks on the stone’s surface
  •  Lack of sleep and unstoppable nightmares 
  •  Unexplained financial losses or health issues
  •  Increase in arguments and conflicts with partner
  •  Increased anxiety, stress, and other psychological issues 

You will experience Yellow Sapphire side effects if your stone isn’t of good quality: 

  •  Broken stone increases the chances of theft
  •  White spots on the surface impact your lifespan 
  •  Changes in the stone’s color indicate destruction 
  •  Faded or milky Yellow Sapphire trouble your health


The benefits of Pukhraj stone are wide-ranging, and if worn correctly, it transforms your life for the better. Get your Yellow Sapphire jewelry today! 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How to check if Yellow Sapphire suits you? 

Observe its effects for a trial period of 3 days. If Yellow Sapphire suits you, 

  •  You will receive positive news on the professional or personal front 
  •  You will feel more optimistic about life
  •  Your stuck deals will resolve on their own
  •  Your health and sleep patterns will improve   
  •  You will see sudden financial gains 

On which finger should ladies wear Pukhraj? 

Ladies should wear Pukhraj on the first finger of their right hand for maximum benefits. 

Does Yellow Sapphire suit everyone? 

Even though the stone’s yellow color embodies positivity, warmth, and happiness, it does not suit everyone. Yellow Sapphire benefits people with dominant Sagittarius and Pisces placements or those born in September.