Spiritual texts and mythological lore is incomplete without mentioning the significance of rudraksha beads in the inner transformation of a human being. Two words make up Rudraksha, Rudra, and Aksha, loosely translating to tears of Shiva. 

But where do rudraksha beads grow? 

A rudraksha bead is the fruit of Elaeocarpus ganitrus, a broad-leaved evergreen tree of South East Asia. They initially look like blueberry beads because of their inedible exterior but take the form of a prayer bead after drying. 

The rudraksha is not a contemporary fad but has been a part of holy Hindu scriptures like Bhaqat Puran, Padma Puranam, and Shiva Purana. Ancient sages recommend its use in japa, i.e., repeated prayer or mantra chanting. In some scriptures, Rudra is the one who removes misery from the believer’s life and turns sorrowful tears into joy.  

So, the meaning of rudraksha lies in this transformation from pain to bliss. As per ancient beliefs, praying with beads speed up the process of attaining four goals of human life- Dharma, Artha, Kama, and Moksha. 

Types of Rudraksha Beads:

Rudraksha comes in mainly 21 varieties, varying in the number of vertical lines(mukhi) on its surface. The mukhi decides the ruling planet and God that the particular rudraksha represents.

Type Ruling God Ruling Planet Significance
1 Mukhi Shiva Sun Available only to a few by the grace of Lord Shiva, it helps attain liberation by washing off the wearer’s past sins. 
2 Mukhi Ardhanareshwar Moon It focuses on harmonious relationships and a positive outlook towards life
3 Mukhi Agni Sun It clears off any hurdles of past karma that hinder success in the present life.
4 Mukh Brahaspati  Jupiter It makes you more confident and ignites a creative spark to produce unique work
5 Mukhi Kalagni Jupiter It works on improving awareness and listening to inner wisdom
6 Mukhi Kartikeya Mars It helps ground and stabilize your life and counter Mars’ troubling effect
7 Mukhi Lakshmi Venus It is a harbinger of wealth and fortune with peace
8 Mukh Ganesha Ketu It gives you the courage to pass through the obstacles created by Ketu
9 Mukhi Durga  Rahu It helps you conquer your darkest fears and stand up to your enemies
10 Mukhi Krishna All It protects you from evil energy or black magic
11 Mukhi 11 Rudras All It is a perfect addition to your spiritual practice to gain more wisdom.
12 Mukhi Aditya(Sun God)  Sun It enhances leadership skills, vitality, and fearlessness
13 Mukhi Kamadeva Venus It helps you fulfill your desires by improving the success rate and minimizing failures
14 Mukhi Hanuman Mars You imbibe the main quality of Hanuman, his bravery, using these beads
15 Mukhi Pashupathinath Mercury It helps you identify true happiness and rise from the materialistic obsession of the world.
16 Mukhi Mahamretunjaya Moon This powerful bead protects you from fatal physical illnesses
17 Mukhi Katyani Devi Saturn Professionally ambitious people benefit the most from these beads
18 Mukhi Bhumi Devi Earth It keeps you grounded and helps achieve balance and harmony
19 Mukhi Narayana Mercury It is a wish-granting rudraksha bead and also protects you from negativity
20 Mukhi Brahma Earth It improves your creative energy and blesses you with prosperity
21 Mukhi Kubera Earth It manifests wealth represented by Lord Kubera

Who can wear rudraksha beads?

Chapter 25 of Shiva Mahapurana clearly states that anyone from any varna, ashram, sex, or culture can wear rudraksha beads. Often, some people stop girls from using rudraksha mala due to myths of troubling marital relationships or believing that women are not strong enough to handle their power.  

However, women have been traditionally wearing the beads and thriving. It is visible in the pictorial representations of Goddess Parvati and Maa Durga, who adorn the rudraksha malas. 

If you read the types of rudraksha beads, 4 of them represent the divine Goddesses- Maa Durga, Bhumi Devi, Maa Lakshmi, and Kalyani Devi. 

So, women can wear rudraksha mala without worry and reap all its benefits.  

What are the benefits of rudraksha beads? 

While every type of rudraksha has a unique advantage, there are some general benefits that all rudraksha beads offer. Some of them are- 

  •  They absorb positive vibrations and amplify the energy of the mantra you chant with every bead. They are a worthy addition to your meditation practice. 
  •  They protect against negativity, evil energy, or any deliberate psychic attacks. 
  •  They center your overactive mind and focus your energy on the present moment. 
  •  They act as a confidence booster and give you the courage to face life's hurdles. 
  •  They protect mental and physical health from illnesses. 
  •  Repetitive mantra chanting with rudraksha beads stabilizes your rhythmic heartbeat, making you less prone to heart diseases. 


The power of rudraksha beads is getting recognition from scientific communities worldwide. It has led to a surge in their demand. If you religiously practice mantra chanting with a rudraksha mala, you will get rewards such as spiritual protection, finances, health, and well-being. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Why does a rudraksha mala have 108 beads? 

People generally believe that you should devote half of your complete breaths, almost 10,800 in number, to spiritual or higher powers. But since it is not an easy feat, if you wholeheartedly focus on recalling the almighty at least one-hundredth of 10,800, they will bless you. It is the reason for 108 beads on the rudraksha mala. 

Where to buy original rudraksha? 

Since the demand for original rudraksha has overtaken the natural growth potential, many people are dealing with fake rudraksha beads, which can do more harm than good. You can visit Dhanshree Gems to get original, untreated, and perfect rudraksha beads that offer your desired benefit. 

Can girls wear rudraksha? 

Yes, girls can wear rudraksha. Do not fall for myths propagated by stereotypical people who say women cannot wear the rudraksha mala. The pictorial representations of Goddess Parvati, Maa Durga, and many others with the mala indicate that women can yield the power of beads.  

Which is the most powerful rudraksha variety? 

The Panchmukhi or the 5 mukhi rudraksh is the most powerful variety. It makes you aware of your inner wisdom and shields you from negative experiences, bringing positivity and prosperity.