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Did you know that in ancient times, people did not trade the Moonga stone in the areas of its harvest?

The world recognized the astrological benefits of Moonga stone. This resulted in high valuations and trading in wealthy areas. It was one of those rare gemstones that served as ornamentation for weapons in warfare. But it was also a medicine to cure physical ailments.

Its usage does not stop here.

People from Italy to Spain wore the stone as an amulet to protect themselves from evil spells.

How does the Moonga stone fare in modern times? Read on to find out!

Introduction - Moonga Stone

Red Coral, known as Moonga stone in Hindi, differs from other gemstones. It forms from the accumulation of living organisms, Isis Nobiles, found in the depth of seawater. The plant is processed into the Moonga stone once it reaches maturity.

Italian and Japanese red corals are the most demanded varieties for their reddish-pink color. Its beautiful hue has made Moonga one of the top choices for ornaments apart from astrological benefits. The fiery red planet Mars rules the red coral and can transform your life for the better. So, wearing a Moonga stone can benefit you if you are struggling with financial losses, unexpected health issues, or reeling under the influence of evil energy, 

But you should never wear the red coral gemstone without consulting a professional astrologer.  

Usually, people with Aries and Scorpio placements can benefit from the Moonga stone. It is a part of the valuable navratna stone collection.

Astrological Benefits of Moonga (Red Coral) Stone

Moonga stone benefits your health, finances, relationships, and outlook toward life. Let us understand the red coral stone benefits in detail.

1. Career and Financial Benefits of Moonga Stone

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  • If you are debt-ridden, Moonga stone can help you attract finances to repay your debts and live peacefully.
  • People consider Lord Mars as “Bhoomi Karaka” in Vedic astrology. It means the ruler of wealth, property, and land. So, the stone that harnesses the energy of this mighty planet ought to benefit you with your assets, right? Using this stone, you can gain control over ancestral lands or find good bargains on new ones.
  • Professionals who struggle with self-confidence will feel more empowered to make bold career choices and earn a fortune.
  • If your business is struggling, you can see a successful run with this stone.
  • It improves focus, vision, and determination to continue your professional journey.
  • Red coral stone benefits the wearer in pragmatic thinking and making logical decisions.
  • Professionals working in the real estate industry, management of physical assets, army, and other physical pursuits can benefit from the Moonga stone. 
  • Mars is the planet of warfare. So, the wearers can gain motivation and a competitive spirit to continue on their professional journey.
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2. Physical Health Benefits of Red Coral

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  • Red coral radiates cosmic yellow color and protects against blood-related diseases.
  •  The stone improves bone strength and protects against muscular and joint pains.
  •  Some people believe that the Moonga stone can help in the healing journey during cancer, asthma, and tumors. 
  •  Historically, it was a stone to cure infertility, and even today, many people wear it during pregnancy to avoid miscarriages.  
  •  Some astrologers also believe that the Moonga stone improves blood circulation. This reduces the risks of cardiac arrest.
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3. Mental Health Benefits of Moonga Stone

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  • Red coral benefits the Muladhara or root chakra. This makes you more grounded, practical, and optimistic about life.
  • It improves focus, self-confidence, and concentration. 
  • Those struggling with anxiety, depression, and other psychological health issues can benefit from the Moonga stone.
  • It brings calm, stability, and peace to the wearer’s life.
  • It safeguards against evil energy or black magic rituals. This is why people in ancient times used it as an amulet to ward off evil spirits and protect themselves. 
  • People who struggle with an inferiority complex and low self-esteem can use the Moonga stone to find the courage and navigate life in a healthy and confident manner.
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4. Relationships Benefits of Red Coral

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  • If you are reeling under Mangal dasha or are a manglik, Moonga ratan can help you handle the negative consequences more easily.
  • Mars is a symbol of love and unity. The stone can help you harness the energy to improve your current relationships.
  • It promotes longevity in marital relationships and encourages a healthy resolution of conflicts or discord.
  • It also works on the Hindu idea of Mangalya Balam and improves marital compatibility and spouse longevity.


Red coral, or the Moonga stone, is a powerful addition to your life. It harnesses the powers of the mighty Mars and gives you the courage to deal with its harmful effects. The astrological benefits of Moonga stone make it one of the most popular gemstones that people wear today. If you want to change your life, buy Moonga stone today!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of red coral stone for marriage?

Red coral stone, also known as rakta prabal stone, benefits marital couples by

  • Improving their compatibility
  • Reducing the scope for conflicts
  • Strengthening love
  • Promoting togetherness.

What are the side effects of wearing a red coral gemstone?

Like every other powerful gemstone, red coral stone benefits are not for everyone. Some side effects of this gemstone are:

  • If you do not consult a professional astrologer, the stone’s energy might harm you in case of incompatible birth charts.
  • Moonga stone can aggravate your temper if you are short-tempered or impulsive.
  • It can bring discord in marital relationships and increase bitterness.
  • It can harm your health and cause various blood-related ailments.

Which rashi should wear red coral gemstone? 

According to Vedic astrology, coral stone benefits people with Aries and Scorpio zodiac sign placements. It is a birthstone for March, April, October, and November.