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5 Lucky Stones for Vrishabha (Tauras) Rashi

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What’s the one zodiac sign that loves stability and is ready to hustle to achieve the same but can’t handle the moment they lose a bit of control over the situation? 

It’s Taurus or Vrishabha Rashi. Born between April 21 and May 21, Taureans are ruled by the planet Venus. This blog gives you our best picks for a Vrishabha Rashi stone that can strengthen the effect of Venus if it is afflicted and help you use an already beneficial placement so you can bring your desired life to fruition. 

But before revealing the top 5 gemstones, let’s understand Taurean personality. 

Characteristics of Taurus Zodiac Sign

The governing element of Taurus is Earth, meaning the zodiac sign is essentially rooted in practicality. The sign’s primary need is stability, making it thrive on control. However, this need for control makes them rebellious

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Top 5 Amazing Benefits of Neelam (Blue Sapphire) Stone

benefits of neelam stone

You can’t talk about the mystical world of gemstones without mentioning the majestic aura of a Blue Sapphire. 

Sanskrit text calls it Nilamani and bestows it the status of Maharatni, the Great Gem, with Ruby and Diamond. It is one of the ratnas in the revered Navratna. Mythological references point to the stone as forming the roots of Kalpavriksha, the celestial wish-granting tree.   

However, the Neelam stone benefits have enraptured the hearts of people beyond Indian lands as well. Many say Charles V treated people’s eye-related illnesses by wearing a Blue Sapphire ring. According to Persians, the Neelam stone was a fragment of the ground that held the Earth and the reflections of which painted the sky blue. A divine belief of a similar kind existed among Egyptians and Greeks, who respected and revered the crystal as they did for their deities. 

Before delving deeper into the powerful benefits of the stone,

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4 Best Neelam Stone (Blue Sapphire) Substitute

substitute of neelam stone

Blue Sapphire isn’t an ordinary gem. Also called Neelam Stone in Hindi, Blue Sapphire’s aura, power, and magnificence have been a topic of interest for centuries. From compounding your wealth by unexplainable numbers to making you a magnet for good luck, this blue gemstone lures many powerful pople, most of whom credit it for their power. 

However, the stone is not all about roses and sunshine. The Saturn-ruled gemstone can bring transformation or devastation, depending on how well your birth chart complements its energy. 

And this is one of the reasons why you can opt for a substitute of Neelam stone. Secondly, the stone is undoubtedly a treasure, but premium quality costs enough to burn a hole in your pocket. You might choose a substitute for Blue Sapphire because of its exorbitant pricing. 

But a bigger question is, “Do gemstone substitutes work?”

And the

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Astrological Benefits of Wearing Citrine Stone

citrine stone benefits

Commonly symbolized as 'Pocket Sunlight,' Citrine is one of the most favorite gemstones that appeal to every age group. 

The stone’s color led to it being named Citrine, which takes inspiration from the French word Citron, i.e., lemon. And metaphorically, its ability is like a lemonade- it energizes you to wake up feeling refreshed to take action. 

Apart from its stunning brightness that’s a sight for sore eyes, Citrine stone benefits help you attract the happiness you’ve always craved. It carries the sun's warmth and life-giving energies, which fuels your manifestation powers to realize your dreams. 

Let’s talk about sunela stone benefits in detail.

Astrological Benefits of Citrine (Sunela) Stone

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Good Luck Gemstones for Success and Prosperity

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We know how frustrating it gets when life doesn’t go your way despite your hard work, tears, and sweat. You hope the dark clouds will go away and bring the light everyone talks about, but you’re stuck in an endless loop of despair and disappointment. 

The crystal bracelets for good luck can help you in situations like these. They open your eyes to the troublesome patterns that hold you back and encourage you to be at the right place at the right time and take advantage of your opportunities.  

Here are our top 7 picks for good luck crystals that can help you find meaning and shed light on your true purpose. 

Top 7 Good Luck Gemstones for Success & Prosperity

1. Citrine

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5 Lucky Mesh (Aries) Rashi Stone

5 lucky mesh rashi stone image

Aries (21 March-21 April), or Mesh Rashi, is one of the most passionate and courageous zodiac signs. Unsurprisingly, the ruler of the zodiac sign is Mars, a symbol of fire and desire. The need for an Aries stone primarily arises to handle the consequences of the sign’s unbridled energy. 

Before we reveal the top 5 gemstones for Aries, let’s delve deeper into the zodiac’s personality and how a Mesh Rashi stone can help you. 

How Can A Mesh Rashi Stone Help?  

If we visualize the zodiac signs as a human body, Aries sits in place of the head. In simple terms, Aries is a calculative and rational zodiac sign that doesn’t like to be overloaded with unnecessary information. It echoes the general sentiment of the other 2 fire signs, Leo and Sagittarius, involving passion, ambition, and charm. 

However, the fire usually comes with uncomfortable consequences.

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Things to Know About the February Birthstone: Amethyst

February Birthstone Amethyst image

Amethyst, the February Birthstone, is no ordinary crystal. Be it adorning a Bishop’s ring as protection against psychic attacks or being a royal favorite for its exquisite beauty and grounding energies, the Amethyst Birthstone got it all. The spiritual prowess of the crystal makes it one of the most favored stones for those looking to explore their true, hidden self. 

Read this blog till the end, and get ready to be amazed by the purple crystal! 

Meaning of Amethyst Birthstone

Amethyst, the “Stone of Gods,” is a conduit that helps you connect to your inner self and channel the same calm in the external world. While the initial symbolic association of the purple stone was to prevent

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Powerful Gemstones to Make Rahu and Ketu Strong

gemstones for rahu and ketu image 

The notorious shadow planets Rahu and Ketu bring mixed emotions to the surface. You can hate them. You can cry over them. But you can’t ignore them. 

The potent energies of the mystical celestial entities are often associated with destiny, karmic patterns, and transformations. The Rahu Ketu stones

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Lucky Gemstones for Virgo (Kanya) Zodiac Sign

gemstones for virgo

If there’s one zodiac sign that needs to delicately toe the line of perfectionism without self-criticism ruining its existence, it’s Virgo. 

You can wear a Kanya Rashi stone to regulate the zodiac’s overly analytical and critical tendencies. Before discussing the most compatible Virgo stone, let's understand the sign’s traits. After all, Virgo or कन्या (Kanya) Rashi is one of the most interesting signs in the system. 

The people who are born between August 23 and September 22 belong to the कन्या (Kanya) Rashi. Virgo harnesses the power of Mercury- the planet that represents analytical thinking, communication, creativity, and intelligence. It makes them a good fit for artistic professional endeavors like writing and public speaking. Their obsessive perfectionism and attention to detail can rub people the wrong way and portray them as rude and arrogant. But they

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