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The beauty of Jade is slowly capturing hearts beyond Asia. However, the charm is much more beyond its physical appearance. The positivity and calm as a consequence of Mars and Venusian energy of this March birthstone is making it one of the most popular gems. 

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  1. Jade - 11.46 Carats
    Origin : Burma
    ₹ 3,209.00
  2. Jade - 7.66 Carats
    Origin : Burma
    ₹ 2,145.00
  3. Jade - 7.06 Carats
    Origin : Burma
    ₹ 1,977.00
  4. Jade - 3.66 Carats
    Origin : Burma
    ₹ 1,025.00
  5. Jade - 8.1 Carats
    Origin : Burma
    ₹ 2,268.00
  6. Jade - 6.7 Carats
    Origin : Burma
    ₹ 1,876.00
  7. Jade - 5.33 Carats
    Origin : Burma
    ₹ 1,492.00
  8. Jade - 9.45 Carats
    Origin : Burma
    ₹ 2,646.00
  9. Jade - 3.31 Carats
    Origin : Burma
    ₹ 927.00
  10. Jade - 3.93 Carats
    Origin : Burma
    ₹ 1,100.00
  11. Jade - 4.37 Carats
    Origin : Burma
    ₹ 1,224.00
  12. Jade - 4.84 Carats
    Origin : Burma
    ₹ 1,355.00
  13. Jade - 4.51 Carats
    Origin : Burma
    ₹ 1,263.00
  14. Jade - 3.63 Carats
    Origin : Burma
    ₹ 1,016.00
  15. Jade - 8.94 Carats
    Origin : Burma
    ₹ 2,503.00
  16. Jade - 4.45 Carats
    Origin : Burma
    ₹ 1,246.00
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About jade Stone


Jade stone is a semi-precious crystal that radiates positivity, power, and wisdom and is a fascinating research subject in Asian culture. China leads the way by worshiping the stone for its healing energies and associating it with royalty. In fact, the Chinese name for the stone is “Yu,” which roughly translates to “Royal gem.” Jade stone in Tamil is pronounced “Jateh” and is highly revered in the culture. The Asian obsession with the natural Jade stone is slowly trickling down to non-Asian folks, as is visible in the increased use of Jade gemstone Gua Sha face rollers and jewelry. 

While green Jade stone has a lot of varieties under its umbrella, Green Jade stone is the most popular of them all. Should you buy Jade stone? In these exhausting times, where having a moment of silence is sacrificed in the name of work, Green Jade, being the harbinger of peace, prosperity, and purity, can be your sigh of relief. 

Who Should Wear?

Who Can Wear Jade Stone? 

Regardless of your zodiac sign, Jade’s positivity and healing capabilities extend to all. If you still want to ensure your birth chart’s compatibility with the stone, try our free gemstone recommendation tool and get an expert opinion. 

But if you ask, “Who can wear Jade stone and benefit the most from it,” people born in March have a special connection with the gemstone, making it a birthstone for the month. To answer "Who should wear Jade stone?" for zodiac signs, Gemini, Virgo, and Taurus top the list.

For Gemini, Jade helps tame their tendency to get distracted and improves their focus. For Virgos, it sharpens their attention to detail and grounds them in the present so they’re not overwhelmed by their perfectionist tendencies. Lastly, it complements Tauruses on their appreciation for finer things in life by attracting more by providing stability and security.

As for the ruling planets, Jade harnesses the energy of Mercury and Venus, i.e., it works on making your life prosperous using Mercury’s effects and heals you emotionally and physically using Venusian properties. So, if you value peace of mind, struggle to find emotional balance, or want to become a good luck magnet, Jade is the right pick for you

How to wear Jade Stone?

The answer to “How to wear Jade stone” is pretty simple. Follow the given steps properly and see how the stone transforms your life.  

Day and time to wear the stone You can wear the stone any day after taking a bath in the morning.
Suitable hand/finger to wear the stone Wear a Jade stone bracelet in your left hand as your heart is on the left side. And for a Jade stone ring, the middle finger is considered the best choice.
Color Jade is available in various colors but the most preferred variety is an Emerald green color
Activation Cleanse the stone once every few days under clean tap water and keep it in moonlight for a few minutes to rid the stone of stagnant energy and recharge it for more.


Types and Origin

When we talk about Jade stone origin, 2 distinct varieties come up, Nephrite and Jadeite. While both are gorgeous and powerful, the latter is preferred for its rarity and regality. Jadeite is available in multiple colors: green, white, purple, brown, and many more. And from this bunch, Imperial Jade is the one that makes people swoon the most. Everything about Jade screams perfection, from its Emerald-like regality to its meditative and calming aura. 

In terms of production, Myanmar tops the list by accounting for nearly 70% of the global Imperial Jade supply. Canada, New Zealand, Russia, and China are other top producers of an original Jade stone. 

However, some dealers can fool you into buying lab-produced polished glass as Jade instead of letting you bask in the purity of an original Jade stone. To avoid this, follow these 4C’s and become a more informed consumer when you buy Jade stone


Usually, people prefer cabochon or faceted cut for an original Jade stone to bring out its radiance and not let any part of it go to waste. However, you can go for other cuts too. 


The color spectrum of Jade is wide. Apart from its availability in pink, white, brown, and other colors, its green spectrum is broad too. However, the best kind of green is a specific medium hue, a transparent one that resembles an Emerald and reflects regality. 


For a valuable Jade, find a piece with minimal to no inclusions, as inclusions make it less effective. 


Like any other stone, the value of Jade increases with increasing weight. As large-sized green Jade stones are rare, the increase is steep, but the effect nonetheless compensates the same. In the end, it comes down to your budget and needs

jade Stone Benefits

Jade Stone Benefits

The benefits of wearing Jade stone are present in every area of your life, be it your relationships with yourself or others, your health, or your finances. Let’s look at some Jade stone benefits below: 

1. Spiritual Benefits 

Harmony and Balance

Jade brings harmony and balance to your spiritual energy. It aligns your mind, body, and spirit, fostering a sense of peace and tranquility.

Protection and Luck

Jade is a powerful protective stone. It shields the wearer from negative energies and promotes good luck. 

Connection with Nature

The stone is connected to the Earth's energy. Jade stone benefits in deepening the connection with the natural world and helps in grounding oneself, making it an ideal stone for meditation and spiritual growth. 

2. Health Benefits of jade Stone 

Physical Healing

Green Jade stone benefits with detoxification, boosting the immune system, and alleviating physical ailments such as headaches, joint pain, and digestive issues.

Emotional Stability

Jade is known for its calming and soothing properties, which can help reduce stress, anxiety, and emotional imbalances. 

Longevity and Vitality

In traditional Chinese medicine, green Jade stone benefits with longevity and vitality. It slows down the aging process and boosts energy levels.

3. Financial Benefits of Jade

Harbinger of Prosperity 

Jade is often called the "Stone of Prosperity" because of its association with abundance and wealth. Green Jade stone benefits your financial success and makes you comfortable with luxurious living.

Financial Wisdom

Jade is also associated with wisdom and discernment, particularly in financial matters like managing resources effectively.

Stability and Security

Your mindset is as crucial as your skill to elevate your financial status. Jade’s grounding energy helps you achieve the confidence to sustain and grow your wealth instead of letting your insecurity get the worst of you. 

4. Relationship Benefits of Jade Stone

Love and Harmony

Jade is called the "Stone of Love," as it promotes love, harmony, and balance in relationships. Jade benefits from developing understanding, compassion, and communication between partners, creating a deeper and more meaningful connection.


Jade's gentle energy encourages forgiveness and healing in relationships. It helps resolve conflicts, lets go of grudges, and fosters reconciliation between loved ones, paving the way for greater harmony and unity.

Loyalty and Commitment

Jade promotes fidelity, trust, and mutual respect, strengthening the bond between partners and ensuring a lasting and fulfilling relationship.

Jade Stone Price

Jade Stone Price

An original Jade stone price depends on a lot of factors like its color, clarity, cut, origin, carat weight, transparency, and much more. Usually, Jade stone price in India starts from Rs. 280 Per carat and goes to Rs 1500 Per carat, as quality increases. The green Jade stone price keeps changing to accommodate the ever-increasing global demand and limited supply. 

Get the best Jade stone price at Dhanshree Gems, who work tirelessly to assure you receive premium quality gemstone that passes through a string of checks to test its originality. You can also buy Green Jade stone online at dhanshree gems.  


1. Is Jade stone expensive?

If you want a finer quality Jade, it can be expensive. You should choose the one that suits your budget without compromising on its efficacy. 

2. How to identify real Jade stone?

To identify real Jade stone, you can use the following tests:

  • Check the stone for temperature. If it’s cool, the stone is definitely Jade but if it feels warm, it isn’t. 
  • Try scratching the stone. Its high rank on the Moh’s scale of hardness means it can’t be scratched easily. 
  • Watch the stone under bright light. A real Jade stone has even pr consistent coloration but an artificial stone has bubbles and inconsistent patterns. 

3. Who can wear Jade stone? 

Anyone can wear Jade stone but it is especially beneficial for Gemini, Virgo, and Taurus. 

4. How to wear Jade stone?

You can wear Jade as a bracelet, ring, and even a pendant. To feel its energy, wash the stone with Ganga Jal or clean tap water and wear it after taking a shower in the morning. 

5. What are Green Jade stone healing properties? 

Green Jade stone offers you grounding energy to connect to the infinite universe within you which helps your emotional healing. The stone also calms you and offers a non-chaotic state of mind to think clearly and make better decisions. The positivity of this stone helps you professionally and personally.