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Blue Topaz

Blue Topaz

Blue Topaz or Neela Pukhraj stone is a December birthstone. If you’ve been struggling with restlessness, brain fog, or a creative block, buy Blue Topaz Gemstone to bring peace and serenity to an otherwise chaotic life.

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  1. Blue Topaz - 5.51 Carats
    Origin : Brazil
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    Origin : Brazil
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  3. Blue Topaz - 5.77 Carats
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  4. Blue Topaz - 6 Carats
    Origin : Brazil
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  5. Blue Topaz - 6 Carats
    Origin : Brazil
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About Blue Topaz Gemstone


It is similar to aquamarine in looks, and many Vedic astrologers recommend it as an alternative to blue sapphire. Blue topaz pendants and rings have been historically relevant for their soothing effect on the wearer. They harness the power of Jupiter and usher in abundance and wisdom. 

  • The December-born people have a blue topaz birthstone assigned to them as a lucky charm.
  • Ancient sages considered the stone as a way to increase longevity and intelligence along with a calming aura.
  • The blue topaz stone in Hindi is called Neela pukhraj and is considered a provider of wisdom.
  • The stone unblocks the throat chakra and opens the person toward a healthier expression.
  • Topaz jewelry is always in high demand for its exquisite appearance and powerful vibrations. 

Blue topaz rings for men and women are available in various parts of the world, including Brazil, Russia, Siberia, the United States, etc. The spiritual powers of the blue topaz stone allow the wearer to connect to the higher consciousness and introspect.

Who Should Wear?

Who should wear Blue Topaz Stone:

  • Blue topaz birthstone is considered a blessing for people born in December.  
  • Those with a favorable planetary position of Jupiter can immensely benefit from the stone. 
  • Blue topaz stone ring is worn majorly by those born in the zodiac placement of Sagitarrius but people born under the Scorpio zodiac sign benefit as well. 
  • According to many astrologers, those who are reeling under the ill effects of Saturn can also benefit from it.

If you are unsure if blue topaz is a right fit for you, try our free gem recommendation tool for accurate answers.  

How to wear Blue Topaz Stone:

People wear the stone as blue topaz necklaces, blue topaz earrings, pendants, and rings. London blue topaz rings are in high demand globally for their gorgeous color.

To harness its power in its complete essence, you must follow the steps given below:

Color Wide spectrum of shades of blue
Suitable Metal Silver, platinum, and white gold
Appropriate weight 1/10th of body weight
Suitable finger Index finger of right hand
When to Wear Thursday mornings
Mantra and Chanting Frequency Beej (seed) mantra "HAM" | (108 times)

Types and Origin

It is rare to find blue topaz, which in Hindi is called Neelomani, which is naturally blue. Most stones are subjected to various treatments to give them a blue hue. While many countries have blue topaz available within a broad range of blue colors, three dominant varieties of the stone have captured most of the market.

  • London blue topaz: It is the most expensive type of stone currently available in the market. The London blue topaz stone has an intense hue and is darker than other types but lighter than a sapphire. It is exposed to a nuclear reactor to get a higher saturated blue color.
  • Swiss blue topaz: It is lighter than London blue topaz but has a larger audience due to easy availability and affordability. It goes through electron radiation treatment to get its blue hue. 
  • Sky blue topaz: If you love the calmness of a cloudless sky, then this stone type is for you. It is given the beautiful sky blue color by exposing it to gamma rays. 

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Blue Topaz Benefits

  • The stone accelerates the spiritual connection with higher power and is excellent for those who want to upgrade their meditative capabilities. 
  • The blue topaz stone benefits those who struggle with communication by opening up the throat chakra and improving self-confidence
  • The stone color is sufficient to indicate the calmness and peace it brings to person's life.
  • It relieves a person of stress and anxiety along with issues like unwarranted jaw-clenching that indicate heightened mental strain.

Blue Topaz Prices

Blue topaz stone price depends on several factors: color, clarity, cut, inclusions, origin, and size. The saturated hues are valued higher than the lighter ones.

  • Blue topaz stone prices in India start from ₹ 350 per carat and go up to ₹ 2000 per carat, depending on the quality. 

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1. What does blue topaz symbolize?

It symbolizes wisdom, peace, and longevity. The historical relevance of stone revolved around using it to attract calmness and intelligence. 

2. Is blue topaz a lucky stone?

Blue topaz is undoubtedly a lucky stone that people demand worldwide for its extraordinary power to attract abundance and good health. It is why women's and men’s rings of blue topaz witness high sales. 

3. Who should wear a blue topaz?

Blue topaz is a December stone worn by people born this month and those having Sagittarius placements in their chart. It is also worn by those who have a weak Saturn placement. But, people should consult professional astrologers before wearing this stone. 

4. How can you tell if blue topaz is pure?

While many people prefer a scratch test to check the authenticity of a gemstone, we would not recommend the same in the case of blue topaz since the stone, when rubbed with Quartz or any other hard rock, might end up with scratches.

There are other different examinations you can do to check if the stone is pure: 

  • Stone clarity: While this test is not a 100% guarantee, higher inclusions indicate that the stone is likely fake. 
  • Air bubbles: The presence of air bubbles signifies tampering with the stone or creating a fake one.
  • Conductivity: A pure blue topaz stone, when rubbed with a woolen cloth, will be able to magnetize your hair and pull them towards itself, unlike a fake one.