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Irani Turquoise (Irani Firoza)

Irani Turquoise (Irani Firoza)

Irani Turquoise, or Irani Firoza is a gorgeous blue colored semi-precious stone that’s perfect for experiencing the true meaning of expansion and protection. The stone is ruled by Jupiter, the largest planet in the solar system and the Guru of the celestial universe. Feroza harnesses its energy and protects you from danger while giving you the freedom to experience adventures of life. 

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About Irani Turquoise Stone (Irani Firoza Stone)


Irani Turquoise, popularly called Irani Firoza, Firoza Irani, or Firoozeh, is a crystal seeped in the aristocratic riches of the world. Simply said, the Irani Firoza stone was a stone for the royals and anything considered precious. Their inclination towards the stone was visible in their monumental architecture, where important buildings were decorated with Iranian Turquoise gemstones. 

Each of these names of Irani Firoza holds a unique symbolism. While Persia and Iran highlight the geographical origin of the stone, Firoozeh roughly translates to “victory” in Farsi. In Sanskrit, Irani Firoza is known as Peroj or Haritashm, which signifies abundance and prosperity. Ruled by Jupiter, Firoza is all about expansion (material and spiritual) and wisdom

Be it as jewelry or a decorative item, Irani Firoza stone amplifies positivity, makes you feel like nobility, and sharpens your intellect to aid your growth. Basically, Irani Turquoise stone aesthetic appeal combined with its spiritual prowess make it a delightful purchase. In fact, Nader Shah, the prominent Persian ruler, had extraordinary taste in jewelry. His turban had an Iranian Turquoise in the center that impressed anyone who met him.  

Who Should Wear?

Who should wear Irani Firoza or Irani Turquoise Stone?

The luxury feeling of Turquoise rings for women can make anyone giddy like a kid. But December-borns benefit the most from Firoza as it is the birthstone for the month. For zodiac signs, it is most compatible with Sagittarius, Pisces, and Aquarius. 

For Sagittariuses, the stone complements its inherent knack for traveling and exploration and pushes it to pursue its passionate nature without losing its sense of self. For Pisceans, the stone works on their throat chakra and helps them articulate their emotions clearly as they’re sensitive and often put others’ needs before them. And lastly, for Aquarius, the crystal pushes their creativity to new heights and makes them confident communicators. 

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How to wear Irani Turquoise Stone?

Below are some of the key points for wearing it:

Weight The ideal stone weight should be at least 1/12th of your body weight.
Color The color spectrum of Turquoise rings for women ranges from blue to green. The most valuable preference for this gemstone is a medium blue or sky blue shade that resembles a robin’s egg.
Metal The metal in which you decide to wear a stone can make or break its impact. The best metal for women and mens Turquoise stone ring is Silver.
Day and Time The best day to wear mens Turquoise stone ring is Thursday before sunrise.
Finger For Irani Firoza, ring finger or the index finger are suitable. 
Mantra Chant the mantra for Jupiter ॐ ग्रां ग्रीं ग्रौं सः गुरुवे नमः (“Om Graam Greem Groom Saha Gurvey Namah”)


Types and Origin

The first evidence of an original Irani Feroza stone was spotted in Turkey (hence, the name). Presently, the most prominent sources of the finest Firoza are present in Iran (specifically, the Neyshabur mine), Egypt, China, and the US. 

You can refer to the following buying guide of Firoza when you decide to add it to your collection. The differentiation of the stone occurs on the level of rarity, matrix patterns, and color. The following 4C’s will help you make an informed choice.


Each shade on the color spectrum of Turquoise, which lies from blue to green, is beautiful. However, the most preferred and valuable shade is sky blue or medium blue, which is vibrant yet soothing. 


Usually, an original Irani Feroza stone is available as an opaque or semi-translucent stone. You must’ve also seen matrix or branch-like designs that adorn Firoza stones. Buy a stone that has minimal inclusions and minimal veining for exquisite jewelry. 


The most popular cut for Turquoise is cabochon, the smooth, rounded shape that brings out its veins and colors beautifully. Some premium pieces are even carved with Arabic inscriptions to make them more personal. 


A general estimate for an original Irani Feroza stone suggests that a piece between 3-10 carats is a good bet for getting maximum benefits. Of course, you chose a piece according to your preference and budget. 

Irani Feroza Stone Benefits

Irani Firoza Stone Benefits:

If we were to describe Nili stone benefits in Hindi in a single line, it would be, “मानसिक शांति, आत्म-समर्थन, और आध्यात्मिक विकास”. Iolite, or Nili stone in Hindi benefits, extends to every sphere of life. Let’s have a glimpse into its magnificence:

Spiritual/Metaphysical Benefits of Irani Firoza Stone:

Intense Connection With Oneself

While every other gemstone heightens intuition and facilitates connection with your inner self, the Firoza stone takes it further. It silences your mental chatter so you can get spiritual insights. 

Spiritual Protection

One Irani Feroza stone benefit that makes it unique is it changes its color or loses its shine when exposed to danger. This benefit alerts you to change your path and protect yourself. 

Emotional Balance

If you often find yourself on edge or experience impulsive outbursts, the Irani Feroza stone benefits you in achieving emotional equilibrium and having a peaceful outlook toward problems. 

Health Benefits of Irani Firoza Stone:

Emotional Healing

The stone is an incredible tool to deal with heavy emotions without letting the overwhelming feeling sink you. It allows you to confront your true feelings and approach the resolution in a more informed and rational manner. 


Be it helping you overcome your addiction to intoxicants, working on healing emotional wounds, or getting your body to flush out toxins, Irani Feroza stone benefits your overall well-being.

Sleep Improvement

Everyone struggles with tossing and turning in bed, hoping for a sound sleep. The Iolite benefits your body to calm down and your mental chatter to go quiet so you can sleep. 

Professional Benefits Irani Turquoise Stone:

Creative Expression

Irani Feroza Stone benefits in opening new creative avenues. These improve your skillset and help you grow in your field. You can deal with any creative blocks or ruts effectively with this stone.

Confidence and Wisdom

The Neeli stone benefits allow you to focus your energy on what matters instead of getting distracted from your goals. 

Irani turquoise Price

Irani Feroza/Irani Turquoise Price

An original Irani Feroza stone price in India depends on factors like its color, matrix pattern, rarity, clarity, and origin. Usually, the Irani Feroza price starts from 450 Per carat and goes to Rs 2000 per carat as its quality improves. 

You need to find a high-quality stone that’s a budget purchase and also powerful. Head to Dhanshree Gems and get the best Irani Turquoise price on a wide selection that is visually stunning and spiritually transformative.


1. Can we wear Feroza in our left hand?

Yes, you can wear Feroza in your left hand. However, for maximum benefit, it’s advisable to wear this crystal in your working hand. 

2. Which finger for wearing Irani Feroza stone?

For Irani Feroza stone, ring finger and index finger are most appropriate. 

3. What is Irani Feroza good for?

Irani Feroza is good for your creative expansion, spiritual enlightenment, and protection from negative entities, experiences, and thoughts. 

4. Who can wear Irani Firoza?

Apart from Saggittarius and Pisces, you can wear an Irani Feroza if you want to expand your professional skills, make better decisions, and connect with yourself to improve your relationships.