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The Salesman Stone, i.e., Yellow Sapphire, also called Pukhraj, is a mass favorite with limited consumption. Its appreciation lies in the stunning yellow color that makes you look like a ray of sunshine in the literal sense! The benefits of yellow sapphire include unexpected wealth, spiritual experiences, healthy relationships, and a life you’ve dreamt about. 

Then why is the consumption exclusive? 

Despite the range of benefits, the stone is used exclusively due to its exorbitant price. Hence, finding a substitute for Pukhraj becomes vital. 

In this blog, we mention the top 4 worthy substitute of Yellow Sapphire that offer a glimpse of the benefits of Yellow Sapphire and are more accessible. 

Best Substitute of Yellow Sapphire 

Often, people ask us, “Do gemstone substitutes work?” Well, it depends on the quality of the substitute and the overall compatibility with your birth chart. 

The following 4 best substitute of pukhraj stone initiate a positive transformation in your life.  

1. Citrine

citrine stone

Citrine, known as Sunela in Hindi, is the best substitute of yellow sapphire. It’s available in the color spectrum from yellow to orange, but the best quality citrine is usually golden-yellow. Like the pukhraj stone, Citrine works best for people having prominent Jupiter placements and is a lucky stone for Gemini. 

It harnesses the Sun’s energy that detoxifies you externally and internally. In fact, in the historical ages, people believed Citrine helped to ward off evil spirits and negative thoughts from the wearer’s mind. 

In addition to attracting opportunities that help you create a memorable legacy, it is an incredible stone if you want to experience true healing and spiritual enlightenment. The best part about this stone is you experience material riches and gradually ascend to a place of detachment from the material world, experiencing true happiness and bliss. 

2. Yellow Topaz 

yellow topaz

Many gemstone dealers fool buyers by selling Yellow Topaz in the name of Yellow Sapphire, as the 2 look indifferent when kept side by side. However, what makes Yellow Topaz a worthy substitute of pukhraj is more than just its appearance.

The healing properties of Topaz help you stay calm in the chaos of modern life by balancing your chakras. You become more grounded in the present moment. As a result, you can control your anxiety and work on consequent issues like insomnia. Yellow Topaz is a great choice to improve your overall well-being and make you look forward to a new day every day. 

3. Yellow Jade

Yellow Jade is a beloved stone, especially in Asia. Countries like China treated yellow color jewelry as an exclusive right of the royalty. This made Yellow Jade a priced possession. The present-day belief regarding yellow jade is that it benefits people with low self-esteem. 

It works on the solar plexus chakra responsible for self-worth issues. Its healing properties justify this benefit by making you a more confident person with effective solutions to handle trauma. 

Like yellow sapphire, its substitute is a good luck stone that brings prosperity and positivity. 

4. Heliodor

The gorgeous golden yellow color is simply the tip of the magnificence it hides within. The name of the stone translates to “Sun’s Gift” and is a must-have for anyone who intends to excel in leadership roles. Like the Sun, Heliodor makes you an optimistic leader who believes in spreading the light to help others grow to their full potential. 

This yellow sapphire substitute also shields you from harm and makes you more courageous and confident. If you are a part of any creative endeavor, Golden Beryl is the perfect partner to navigate the creative blocks and explore your potential. 

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If you want to transform your life, there is no better stone than a Yellow Sapphire. Its power and benefits astound even the non-believers. The brilliance of the substitute of Yellow Sapphire makes it a suitable choice for those who want to taste the power and magnificence of pukhraj without emptying their pockets. Head to Dhanshree Gems and get your favorite substitute of Pukhraj today!  

Frequently Asked Questions 

Do gemstone substitutes work like original stones? 

Yes, gemstone substitutes can transform your life, provided they are high quality and compatible with your birth chart. 

Can I wear Topaz instead of Yellow Sapphire?

Yes, if you have a limited budget but want the benefits of yellow sapphire, you can wear a yellow Topaz. 

Summary of the Article : 

Category Yellow Sapphire Citrine Yellow Topaz Yellow Jade Heliodor
Hardness (Moh’s Scale) 9 7 8 6 7.5 - 8
Color Pale yellow to deep golden Yellow to Amber Golden to Brownish Yellow to Golden Brown Yellow to Greenish - Yellow
Mineral  Corundum Quartz Silicate Jadeite Beryl
Influencing Planet Jupiter Jupiter and Sun Jupiter Mercury Sun
Suitable Zodiac Signs Sagittarius and Pisces Gemini, Leo, Virgo Sagittarius and Pisces Aries, Gemini, Libra Aries, Leo, Sagittarius 
Key Benefits Financial prosperity, spiritual growth, and successful relationship Abundance (material and spiritual) and creative expansion Manifestation and positive energy Emotional Balance and harbinger of luck Confidence, courage, and clear communication.