What causes our hearts to flutter when we hear “Ruby”? 

You hear it and instantly imagine something or someone classy and worth looking at, right? 

Ruby gemstone is no different. Its crimson hue is enough to melt hearts and make eyes pop, having captivated the world for centuries. From adorning royal crowns to symbolizing love and commitment, Ruby has held a special place in our culture. 

Then why the need for a substitute of Ruby stone? 

Even though the stone is a breathtaking vision in red, its exorbitant prices or incompatibility with the birth chart can be a hurdle for gemstone lovers.  We’ve compiled a list of 6 Ruby substitute stones you can explore to spruce up your jewelry collection and usher positive change in your life. 

Do Substitutes Work?

Before we move on to Ruby alternatives, a valid question is, “Do Ruby substitutes work?” 

The answer is YES. 

The substitutes allow people to enjoy the magnificence and powers of a gem without the hefty price tag, making them accessible to a broader audience. 

Here is the List of 6 Best Substitute of Ruby Stone

Each of these Ruby substitute stones has a similar appearance and benefit to the original gemstone, giving you various options for choosing. 

1. Red Tourmaline 

Red tourmaline, also known as rubellite, is called a passionate healer. Ancient Egyptians believed Red Tourmaline could help bridge emotional gaps in relationships, making it a powerful symbol of love and reconciliation. Its brilliant pink to reddish-pink hues, often resembling the bloom of a rose, make it a powerful substitute for Ruby. 

2. Red Spinel

Red Spinel, often called the "imposter" of the Ruby world, carries a rich history of being mistaken for Rubies. The Black Prince's Ruby, a famous gem in the British Imperial State Crown, was later discovered as a red spinel. 

This gem boasts a lustrous red hue and impressive durability, ranking just below Ruby on the Mohs hardness scale. Red Spinel is associated with strength and courage and is believed to inspire confidence and resilience in its wearer.

3. Red Topaz

Red Topaz, a rare delight, offers an elegant alternative to Ruby. Its vibrant red color radiates sophistication and warmth. Like Ruby, it is a talisman of love and passion that promotes emotional well-being and harmonious relationships. Even though the intensity of its astrological benefits is not as significant as Ruby, Red Topaz is a good choice if you want to buy a similar-looking red beauty. 

4. Red Garnet

Nature’s passionate palette is how we can summarise the beauty of Red Garnet. Beyond its symbolism of love, passion, and commitment, Red Garnet ignites passion and boosts self-confidence or intellectual capabilities. This makes it an ideal gemstone for those seeking to rekindle their love or those who need to learn self-love before expecting others to love them. 

5. Red Zircon

Red Zircon is a Ruby substitute stone with a radiance that can blind gemstone lovers (metaphorically, of course!). Red Zircon is an excellent pick if you want a substitute of Ruby stone that offers financial benefits and personal well-being improvement. It is a stone of transformation, believed to bring positive change and personal growth into one's life.

6. Red Beryl 

Red Beryl, often referred to as "Red Emerald," is a rare beauty. Some cultures treat it as a harbinger of luck and prosperity. Its rarity makes it an exceptional pick that will turn a lot of heads. It has the power to inspire creativity and unlock hidden talents, making it an exceptional choice for those seeking to tap into their potential.


Each of these 6 substitutes of Ruby stone shares a lot of similarities with the original one. Be it emotional healing, personal well-being, or career benefits, they have a lot to offer. It is up to your preferences whether you intend on choosing the original Ruby stone or its worthy substitutes. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a cheaper alternative to Ruby? 

Red Garnet and Red Spinel are worthy Ruby alternatives, which are relatively cheaper but equally brilliant. 

What is the substitute for Ruby Stone? 

Red Tourmaline, Red Garnet, and Red Zircon are Ruby Stone substitutes. 

What is the Price of Ruby Stone

A good-quality Ruby costs between Rs 950 to Rs 5 Lakhs per carat (also go beyond), depending on the stone’s origin, clarity, and cut.