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Ruby (Manik)

6 Best Substitute of Ruby Gemstone

What causes our hearts to flutter when we hear “Ruby”? 

You hear it and instantly imagine something or someone classy and worth looking at, right? 

Ruby gemstone is no different. Its crimson hue is enough to melt hearts and make eyes pop, having captivated the world for centuries. From adorning royal crowns to symbolizing love and commitment, Ruby has held a special place in our culture. 

Then why the need for a substitute of Ruby stone? 

Even though the stone is a breathtaking vision in red, its exorbitant prices or incompatibility with the birth chart can be a hurdle for gemstone lovers.  We’ve compiled a list of 6 Ruby substitute stones you can explore to spruce up your jewelry collection and usher positive change in your life. 

Do Substitutes Work?

Before we move on to Ruby alternatives, a valid question is, “Do Ruby substitutes work?” 

The answer

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How To Wear Ruby Stone?

how to wear ruby stone

You cannot call yourself a lover of gemstone jewelry if you have not heard of Ruby, the gemstone that screams love! 

In Sanskrit, Ruby Stone (or Manik Stone) is called “Ratnaraj”, i.e., “King of gemstones”, as it harnesses the energy of the almighty Sun, often seen as the solar system's king. Rubies have been a royal favorite for ages. In fact, many legends say that Chinese emperor Kublai Khan traded a city for a large Ruby stone. 

Like every other gemstone, you can enjoy Ruby’s power only when worn correctly. If you’re wondering how to wear Ruby Stone to take advantage of its complete potential, you’re at the right place. 

But what is so special about Kempu Stone (As Ruby is called in Telugu)? 

We know you’re thinking,

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Astrological Benefits of Ruby Stone

Ruby Stone, also known as Manak or Manik stone in Hindi, has been a royal favorite since ancient times for its captivating beauty, enigmatic presence, and protection abilities. The benefit of Ruby stone was visible in battlegrounds where warriors kept it in proximity to protect themselves. People frequently affected by the evil eye also derived benefits from Ruby stone.

It is a revered member of the cardinal gem family with 5 gemstones: pearl diamond, emerald, sapphires, and rubies.

It harnesses the vitality and energy of the mighty Sun and is called “The King of the Gems” popularly. It is available in Africa, Burma, Madagascar and mozambique.

The most beneficial, expensive, and powerful rubies are in Myanmar as they are deep red

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Origins of the Ruby (Manik) Gemstone

Ruby Stone Origins

A gemstone which can grab attention of anybody and have been around since ages, you would have caught wind of it in stories which characterize wealth. As indicated by the Vedic Astrology, Ruby is the gemstone of Sun as is viewed as a scorching pearl naturally. Ruby is one of the conventional cardinal jewels, together with amethyst, sapphire, emerald, and precious stone. They word Ruby originates from ruber, Latin for red.

The shade of a Ruby is because of the component chromium. The nature of a Ruby is controlled by its shading, cut, and lucidity, which, alongside carat weight, influence its worth. The most brilliant and most important shade of red called crimson or pigeon blood, directions an enormous premium over different rubies of comparative quality.

Well Known Ruby Origins

The origins of the Ruby Gemstone are Burma, Africa(Mozambique), Afghanistan and Tanzania. Burma and Mozambique

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Good Effects of Wearing Ruby Gemstone

Ruby Stone Effects

Ruby Gemstone is the precious gemstone. The ruby gemstone gets most of these qualities from the sun and makes it most strong and energetic gemstone. Ruby is the gemstone of the planet sun so wearing this stone brings positive result to its wearer. The Ruby gemstone has so much benefits and its popularity reaches to every corner of the world.

So, here are some benefits of wearing the Ruby Gemstone:

Heart Problems : It gives the wearer the warmth, valor and vitality of sun. Ruby gemstone is very beneficial if a person suffers from heart diseases. For those who are suffering from heart problems and diseases wearing a ruby stone can be considered a good option for them as has all the properties to help a person in getting out of its heart problem.

Depression : The person who always stay upset due to its personal and professional reasons mainly causes the

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Benefits Of Ruby (Manik) Gemstone

Ruby Stone Benefits

Ruby Stone Benfits

Sun, considered as the King of the Universe, possesses the capability of impacting our lives, positively as well as negatively. While the positive position of the Sun ensures positive energy, good health, spontaneity, and passion, it's negative impacts can bring in sadness, negativity, gloom, financial problems, and health problems.

To balance the impacts of positive and negative energy in our lives, Ruby stone plays an effective role. Ruby is known to embody the positive and negative energies of the Sun, and thus wearing it, can impart you with several benefits:

1. Improves The Health

The individual who wears the ruby stone is supposed to derive the benefits of good health. Those who suffer from Vitamin D deficiency can experience better health benefits and helps to fight several health benefits. Apart from it, those who tend to suffer from blood pressure, backbone related issues, jaundice,

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Buy Ruby Stone Online to Avail Its Benefits

Ruby Stone Online

Ruby Stone Online

Ruby Stone also known by the name Manik stone represents Sun. Ruby is also considered as the king of Zodiac. Ruby is available in different hues ranging from pinkish red to vivid red stones and a wide variety of Corundum. It holds the potential to vouch for essential powers and positive vibes to the person wearing it.

The term “ruby” has been taken from the Latin word “Ruber”. It is very effectual for significant recreation. Ruby is well-known for its manifestation powers and hence it supports in the retention of overall Well-being of the wearer.

Ruby stone holds a place in four most precious stones beside Sapphire, Emerald, and Diamond. It is accounted as the birthstone for the individual born in the month of July. The rubies found in Asian countries are very valuable and are utilized in the

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A complete guide about Ruby Stone

Ruby Stone Buying Guide

The Ruby gemstone draws inspiration from the sun. Because basically people takes ruby for need to up their luck and to get financially strong. The sun holds the position of our culture and traditions. A natural energy provider. The sun is the soul of our universe. The Ruby gemstone is the stone where qualities from the sun making it strong and much revered gemstone by all. So Ruby is kind of stone that everybody should take that make their life beautiful. If you want to buy ruby gemstone online then before buy it knows about its benefits.

Different Benefits of beautify a Ruby Stone

Below are some Ruby Gemstone Benefits:

Ruby, the July birthstone, and it bring good luck. It is very expensive gemstone and also very valuable. Ruby enjoys the importance of aesthetic and is used in lasers, masers. Sun signifies many things like energy, passion, self-confidence, communication, therefore with the substantial characteristics of the sun, ruby is considered as the most gemstone among all other stones.

Ruby is also helps the people who want to enhance their chance of getting a job or promotion in the job. People who doing business they get their success and also stable their

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Ruby Brings Affection and Prosperity in Life

Ruby Bring Affection and Prosperity in Life

Rubies are one of the most sought gemstones in the world and indisputably ruby has become the premier choice for gift and admiration. This gemstone set a different accreditation in people’s mind because of its thrifty expense and absolute elegance. Needless to admit that there is hardly any other gemstone that can match the bright appearance of ruby. Whether it is about its structural appearance whether it has a significant impact on people’s lives, there are some interesting facts about Ruby that are known by lesser people.

Ruby gemstone also has other names like red stone, Manik and gemstone of the sun.

This stone arrives from the Corundum origin.

Generally, a larger size of a ruby gemstone is difficult to find as compared to other stones.

Ruby is tougher than other gemstones if compared them except diamond. The toughness of Ruby is considered

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