Ruby Stone Buying Guide

The Ruby gemstone draws inspiration from the sun. Because basically people takes ruby for need to up their luck and to get financially strong. The sun holds the position of our culture and traditions. A natural energy provider. The sun is the soul of our universe. The Ruby gemstone is the stone where qualities from the sun making it strong and much revered gemstone by all. So Ruby is kind of stone that everybody should take that make their life beautiful. If you want to buy ruby gemstone online then before buy it knows about its benefits.

Different Benefits of beautify a Ruby Stone

Below are some Ruby Gemstone Benefits:

Ruby, the July birthstone, and it bring good luck. It is very expensive gemstone and also very valuable. Ruby enjoys the importance of aesthetic and is used in lasers, masers. Sun signifies many things like energy, passion, self-confidence, communication, therefore with the substantial characteristics of the sun, ruby is considered as the most gemstone among all other stones.

Ruby is also helps the people who want to enhance their chance of getting a job or promotion in the job. People who doing business they get their success and also stable their financial ability. Good for those people who are like in marriages and all and also help in their professional life. Ruby is a true symbol of royalty of wisdom and fortune. Ruby stone is also recommended for those people who have ‘pitar dosh’ in their birth chart.

Know about working of Ruby stone?

Ruby gems are also known as ‘Manik’ in Hindi. According to Vedic astrology Ruby plays a vital role in gemstone on Hinduism. Gemstone of sun is the king of the zodiac. Every gemstone has their natural power. Ruby is one of them that absorb the radiation of the sun stimulating the chakras of human body. It also helps and protects from any external negative energy. Ruby is also very many effects that are not getting success in their profession field like no one can face any obstacles from their success. Ruby is also recommended for celebrity, politicians, leaders, contractors etc.

What are the Positive Health effects of Ruby?

The Sun also considered as the monarch of the solar system, superior to all other astrological planets, and is the symbol of fire and brightness. If the Sun is negative for the wearer, it can lead to a series of health problems related to blood and heart, such as irregular blood pressure, cardiac problems, and hemorrhage. One may also suffer from lack of concentration and eye problems also ruby helps to them who suffering from vitamin deficiency.

How to buy Ruby Gemstone

There are few things after analyzing the horoscope if ruby is recommended then various factors needs to be considered before buy ruby manik online.

Color: Color is the most important factor when choosing a ruby. Rubies are basically made of the same material as sapphire corundum. Interestingly, all other corundum color is called sapphire except red, which has the prestige of having its own name- ruby. It is a transparent stone which is red to light to light pink and polish.

Origin: Rubies are mined in certain locations around the world, the most famous being in Asia and Africa, Including Myanmar, Cambodia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Zambia and Pakistan. If anyone wants to buy ruby the information disclose to the seller. The Red Ruby from Brahma is most valuable one.

Weight: The faceted stone weighs 11.55 carats and the rough stones weigh between 16.65 carats and 278.50 carats. One carat is very rare in good quality rubies but commercial quality rubies are commonly available in a wide range of sizes.

Price: A standard 5.63 carats minimum ruby stone price in India is 4000 INR and can be extending up to 7500 INR (8.25 Carats)

Mohs scale: It represents the hardness of a gemstone in a qualitative ordinal scale.

Material of Ring/Pendant: The material used to blind the gemstone in a ring or pendant that affects the subtle energy.

Mode of purchase: It is easy to buy ruby gemstone from any jewelry shop and now it is also available on different trustable website from different seller.

Ruby is an auspicious gemstone that can help people to get their success in personal and professional life both.

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