Ruby Stone, also known as Manak or Manik stone in Hindi, has been a royal favorite since ancient times for its captivating beauty, enigmatic presence, and protection abilities. The benefit of Ruby stone was visible in battlegrounds where warriors kept it in proximity to protect themselves. People frequently affected by the evil eye also derived benefits from Ruby stone.

It is a revered member of the cardinal gem family with 5 gemstones: pearl diamond, emerald, sapphires, and rubies.

It harnesses the vitality and energy of the mighty Sun and is called “The King of the Gems” popularly. It is available in Africa, Burma, Madagascar and mozambique.

The most beneficial, expensive, and powerful rubies are in Myanmar as they are deep red “pigeon’s blood” colored. The gorgeous red or pinkish-red color of ruby is due to the presence of chromium.

Properties of Ruby Stone

Mineral Family Corundum (The only other variety is Sapphire)
Hardness 9 on Moh’s hardness scale(Second only to Diamond in hardness)
Color Red
Planet Sun
Birthstone for July
Zodiac Sign Leo
Finger to wear Ruby ring Ring finger
Metal for Ruby Gold and Copper

Astrological Benefits of Ruby Stone - 

There are countless benefits of Manik stone, which makes it one of the most demanded gemstones. Some of them are listed as follows:

1. Wealth and Fame Benefits of Ruby Stone

●  Ruby Stone benefits wearers by attracting royalty and luxury. Thereby, astrologers advise that those who wish to gain power should wear an original deep red ruby.

●  Manik stone benefits the wearers by attracting fame and attention in their dream careers with financial success.

●  It helps in creative expansion and improves self-confidence, both of which are crucial for success.

●  The benefits of the Manik stone are visible in the wearer’s social life, where they witness upward mobility in their social and financial status. This sets the ground for an imperial and luxurious life.

●  Those working in medicine, finance, politics, and engineering careers benefit from ruby.

2. Relationships Benefits of Ruby Stone

●  Ruby’s breathtaking blood-red color symbolizes passion and love.

●  Astrologers recommend high-quality original rubies for couples having marital problems.

●  Ruby is a balancer and energizer for the heart chakra. This allows wearers to improve their communication skills and understand their emotions better. It also helps the person to evolve in love, compassion, and empathy.

●  Manik stone benefits wearers who struggle with improving paternal relations. It removes stress and misunderstanding in relationships with fathers and brings warmth and comfort.

●  It also helps ignite passion between the wearer and someone they are interested in romantically.

●  Try wearing a ruby if you cannot find a partner and accelerate the process.

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3. Health Benenefits of Ruby Stone

The Manik stone benefits both mental and physical health. But you should consult a professional astrologer to study your birth chart and check its compatibility with the Manik stone.

a. Physical Health benenefits of Ruby Stone

●  Manik stone benefits detoxifying the blood and the body of impurities.

●  It also calms a person who is usually hyperactive or is exhausted quickly.

●  People suffering from tuberculosis see quick improvements in their health after wearing the original ruby.

●  People suffering from bone-related issues can benefit from Manik stone rings.

●  It helps with issues of the heart and circulatory system.

●  It is also essential for the kidneys, adrenal glands, and 

reproductive organs.

●  Ruby stone benefits in treating skin issues, especially when Sun is conjoined with Ketu.

●  This gemstone also improves eyesight and, when worn in copper, also compensates for Vitamin D deficiency.

●  Those with weaker Sun placements suffer from cardiac issues. Ruby strengthens Sun’s positive influence and focuses on holistic wellness.

b. Mental Health Benenefits of Ruby Stone

●  Manik stone benefits wearers and gets rid of depression and insecurity.

●  Those who struggle with low self-esteem or impuls

ive emotional outbursts can benefit from rubies.

●  It improves self-confidence and promotes dynamic leadership.

●  It increases the intuitive capabilities of a person, helping them make better decisions.

●  Ruby stone benefits the Navel or Manipura chakra, which eases self-doubts and depressive tendencies.

4. Spiritual Benenefits of Ruby Stone

●  Rubies are a valuable addition to spiritual and scientific practices.

●  They work on most of the body’s sacred centers, called chakras, and promote overall well-being.

●  If you are looking for rejuvenation of mind, body, and spirit, meditating with the original ruby stone in your room or wearing it can help you achieve your desired state.

●  People have always believed in the protection benefits of ruby gemstones. Those who struggle with negative dreams, or are a victim of the evil eye, can sleep with this stone under their pillow.

●  It allows the wearer to live an energetic and dynamic life with a peaceful mind.

●  It promotes people to have for their life, which is non-destructive yet motivating.

Final Note 

Rubies are extremely powerful gemstones with astonishing beauty, which reflects royalty. However, you can reap the astrological benefits of the Manik stone only when it is original and pure. You should purchase the gemstone from dealers that offer authenticity certifications so that you can be assured of your product’s efficacy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should not wear ruby?

Ruby, or Manik stone in Hindi, benefits Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, and Scorpio ascendants. The ascendants of Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo should strictly avoid wearing rubies.
If you’re under the mahadasha of any planet other than the Sun, it is essential to consult an astrologer before purchasing a ruby.

How do I activate ruby gemstone?

You should wear Ruby stone on Sunday mornings, between 5-6 AM, and chant “ॐ सूर्याय नम” (Om Surya Namah). Wash the stone in Ganga Jal once every few days to keep its positive influence intact.

How long does a ruby take to show results?

The ruby usually shows results after 30 days but can vary based on the person’s birth chart, the gemstone’s carat weight, and quality.

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