Do Gemstones Really Works?

Gemstones have been prized by people throughout history for a variety of reasons. They have played amazing roles throughout human history, from adornments to religious symbols, and amulets to lucky charms. Often, before wearing these beautiful gems people wonder, do gemstones really work? The answer is not a simple yes or no. Gems have been a representation of prestige, riches, power, and supernatural support. In short, gemstones mean a piece of cut-and-polished mineral crystal that is used to create jewelry or other ornaments.

Natural gemstones, in particular, have a long history of use in Indian astrology. Every Indian knows of Aryabhatta, an eminent 5th-6th century astronomer. His only known surviving work, Aryabhatiyam, which revolutionized astronomy, used gemstones in his research. 

What are Gemstones?

Gemstones are the Rashi stones extracted from the earth's natural soil that has been used for centuries to free us from the troubles the planets have placed before us. Different astrology stones have different, and occasionally overlapping properties. Our karma can be affected by these gemstones in a variety of ways. Additionally, the correct Rashi stone will enable you to clear old karma far more quickly than you would be able to do without them. As you have read above astrology stones will work when worn in a certain fashion with some rules, let’s dive into that so you can have your life turned around for good!

Do gemstones really work?

Gemstones do work but there are certain rules and regulations to be followed for that to happen. These astrology stones are science and not magic. When a substance with such a high vibration contacts your body, it undoubtedly has an impact on your overall health, particularly on your nervous system and your spiritual aura. When worn in the correct manner, these astrological gemstones can have a huge impact on people’s life. 

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History Of The Association Between Planets and Gemstones:

You might be surprised to know that the association between gemstones and a person's fate isn’t a modern-day construction and has existed since ancient times. Our sages were not ordinary beings. They realized the significance of planetary movements and tried to uncover the means to regulate their impact.

Vedic Astrology believes that every planet emits a unique cosmic shade, electricity, and magnetism that influences the cosmos and human life. 

A person's birth chart indicates each planet's position, which gives an idea of the impact intensity. This birth chart is based on the time's planetary positions in the sky. According to Vedic astrologers, these positions are determined by the person’s past actions and can be readjusted through yoga, wearing different types of gems, rituals, or meditation.

Zodiac gems have grown in popularity in recent times with the penetration of digital media and knowledge on the topic. 

There are nine planets per Vedic Astrology, and each one has an associated astrology stone that can alter its energy impact and act as a catalyst to improve a person’s fortune. Sages like Acharya Varahamihir have extensively believed in gem astrology, and their scriptures are reviewed today to find the origins of zodiac gems known to possess divine powers.

According to our ancient scriptures, the navratnas, as we popularly know them and as visible in the table below, are the most important but not the only gemstones. These absorb particular planetary energy and enhance its aura and effect on a person’s life.

Sun Soul Ruby Pink/ Red Leo Independence, Good health, and Self-Confidence
Moon Mind Pearl Off- White/Pink/ White Cancer Emotional Growth and Intuitive strength
Mars Perseverance Red Coral Deep Red/ Orange tint Aries and Scorpio Consistency and Leadership
Mercury Voice Emerald Green Taurus and Gemini Intelligence, Professional Growth, Analytical skills
Jupiter Wisdom Yellow Sapphire Yellow is the primary tone Sagittarius and Pisces Wealth, Success, and Good Health
Venus Love Diamond Multiple Taurus, Libra, and Virgo Charm and Love
Saturn Sobriety Blue Sapphire Royal Blue Capricorn and Aquarius Stability
Rahu(Ascending lunar node) General Impact Hessonite Garnet Reddish Orange Capricorn Awareness, Fame, and Self-Satisfaction
Ketu(Descending lunar node) General Impact Cat’s Eye Chrysoberyl Yellowish Gold/ Brown like Honey Sagittarius Wisdom and Spiritual Growth

The zodiac signs mentioned in the table above are not restricted to these particular astrological gemstones and are general in nature. You should study your planetary placements and choose gemstones according to rashi and nakshatra. Expert analysis of the birth chart and associated horoscope gems choice can change your fate and bring in the required opportunities at the right time for growth and success.

Factors affecting the power of gemstones

The following advice can be very useful for you if you're new to the world of astrological gemstones and want to gain from the great science of Astro-gemology. Let’s discuss a couple of factors that affect astrology stones’ effectiveness:

1. Wearing the correct astrology stone 

There is a horoscope gem for each of the nine planets in Vedic astrology. Some planets in your horoscope are your allies, while others aren't. Wearing gemstones from just your fortunate planets is advised; otherwise, they could cause more harm than good. Wearing the wrong gemstones can cause serious damage and it is highly advised against. 

2. Treatment and artificial gems

There are multiple types of gemstones, broadly they are natural and man-made (artificial). It is important to know, not all colored stones are zodiac sign gems. Although lab-created or synthetic diamonds may resemble genuine stones, they are not connected to astrology. It is a common practice today to "treat" natural stones in order to improve their clarity and appearance. This often results in obstruction of the effectiveness of gemstones and makes them defective to be used for astrological purposes. You can wear real gemstone jewelry as well, even for social events. 

3. No hit and trial but, test and then proceed

Astrologers often advise their clients to test their horoscope gem before wearing it, in order to determine whether or not it is suitable for them. It is discovered that the process is used, particularly in the instance of Blue Sapphire (Neelam). If a real gem doesn't suit you, it might still do harm even while being tested. The method is advocated by astrologers who either lack the necessary astrological expertise or lack confidence in their abilities. You do not need to test any zodiac sign gem, in fact, your horoscope is enough to know which gemstone is the right fit for you. You merely need to consult the appropriate astrologer.

4. Fake weight psychology 

Carat is the standard unit of measurement. It is crucial that you buy astrology stones in a carat only to prevent fraud. Second, the power of a gem is not just dependent on its weight. In addition, there are other essential components like color, clarity, and cut. They must also be taken into account.

Benefits of wearing gemstones 

Many people assert that a few simple gemstones have improved their lives, even though some of you might not believe in the power of horoscope gems. These gems help us in multiple areas in our lives, as the following: 

  • Healing: Lots of zodiac sign gems are known for their healing properties like aquamarine, granite, etc. These gemstones make you strong by surrounding you with positivity. 
  • Connection: Gemstones help you gain clarity by improving your connection with your soul and inner consciousness. Wearing these gems will help you think clearly and realize more about your actions.
  • Sustainability: Gemstone jewelry lasts a lifetime and is forever. It can be worn on a daily basis and just for special occasions as well. A lot of people get ornaments made with astrology stones and wear them at formal functions as well.   
  • Precise purpose: One of the main reasons to wear a gemstone in everyday life is for a particular purpose. It is different for everybody, and helps people achieve that purpose. 
  • Soothing energy: All of us want to lead a positive and healthy life, gemstones definitely help with that. These gems help us get rid of all the negativity and make us feel the soothing energy around us like sandalwood stone is used for helping with anxiety and stress.


In conclusion, yes gemstones do work, provided you wear the correct one and too correctly. Gemstones have done wonders for people who could not even see the light at the end of the tunnel. It is important to know gemstones are not magic, they will not make your problems go away but they help you realize you are the solution and you are capable. Gemstones bring you positivity, they help you feel better and cleanse your energies as well. Gemstone jewelry can be made and worn on a daily basis as well. 

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