Pukhraj stone in English is known as Yellow Sapphire or Jupiter stone. Other names include Pushkaraj, Kanakapushyaragam, and Pushparagam in Hindi. It is a highly revered stone among sages and gemstone enthusiasts. While jewelry lovers cannot get over its gorgeous sun-kissed ochre color, others are amazed by its power to transform the wearer’s life. 

People often compare Pukhraj with Diamonds for their scarcity, elegance, and power. 

Yellow Sapphire has become one of the most in-demand stones, especially for sealing occasions like engagements and anniversaries. Some people recognize it as the most precious variety of Sapphire because only blue-colored stones fit the category earlier.  

It is a sacred stone to attract financial abundance and prosperity and is a remover of misfortune, similar to the blessings of Lord Ganesha. 

Things to Know Before Buying Pukhraj Stone

Before buy a Pukhraj stone, you need to keep the following things in mind: 


Sri Lankan mines are home to the oldest variety of yellow sapphires. The stones in Australia, Burma, Madagascar, Tanzania, and Thailand are in demand for lower costs. The premium quality of Ceylon (Sri Lankan) Pukhraj in terms of color, clarity, and efficacy makes it the costliest variety of all. 


It is a common belief that clear gemstones are more powerful than otherwise. It misleads many people who look for the cleanest variety of yellow sapphires and end up getting duped by the seller who sells them yellow glass instead of Pukhraj. Finding an inclusion-free yellow sapphire is pretty rare. 

A natural Pukhraj stone will have minor inclusions which might not be visible to the naked eye but are evidence of its origin. However, if the spots and blemishes are significantly visible, you should not add them to your collection. 


Natural Pukhraj stone comes in various colors, from bright yellow to brown tones. While choosing the color is a personal choice, the most sought-after variety is the canary-colored medium-bright yellow sapphire. As the vibrance of Pukhraj rises, so does the price.  


A common misconception regarding cut is people think it refers to the shape of the stone. However, in gemstone terminology, stone cut refers to the grooves and facets on the surface that reflect light in a particular way. A poor cut will suppress the beauty of the stone and make it look dull and lifeless. A high-quality one reflects light, exudes vibrance, and is a delight to the viewer’s eye. 

Yellow sapphire is readily available in specialty cuts compared to other gemstones, especially Sapphires.  


While some dealers trade pure Pukhraj stones without subjecting them to any treatment for appearance enhancement, others often trade otherwise. Many people subject the gemstone to lab cleaning and modifications to make the stone look more appealing to the buyer. 

Always ask for a certificate of authenticity to ensure your purchase is pure and untreated.

Wearing Pukhraj Stone

Some tips for wearing Pukhraj stone are: 

  • Suitable metal for wearing Pukhraj stone is Gold, Silver, and Panchdhatu. 
  • People should wear a Pukhraj ring on the index finger of the dominant/working hand.  
  • The zodiac signs suitable for wearing Pukhraj are Sagittarius and Pisces. 
  • Pukhraj is the ruler of the planet Jupiter. It is the most massive planet in the solar system and is responsible for bestowing wisdom, intellect, and good fortune. This makes yellow sapphire one of the most impactful gemstones that help wearers attract abundance. 
  • Western astrology considers yellow sapphire as a birthstone for those born in September. 

Note - Get free gemstone recommendations based on your birth details. A gemstone recommendation can help you to choose the right gemstone that can benefit you in terms of health, wealth, and overall well-being.

Per Carat Price

Yellow Sapphire is an affordable gemstone variety for those looking for a transformation. The prices of Pukhraj stone depend on color, clarity, cut, and origin. As discussed above, the Sri Lankan-origin Pukhraj is the most expensive variety. Usually, the international cost of Yellow Sapphire ranges from $50 to $1000, while the prices of yellow sapphire in India start from Rs. 1250  per carat and go up to Rs.2,00,000, depending on your requirements.

Astrological Significance 

The biggest celebrities worldwide are in awe of the stone and the change it brings to their lives. The effect of the Pukhraj stone is at various levels, be it financial, spiritual, health, and relationships. 

"The stone of prosperity," as people popularly call Pukhraj, is an incredible addition for those reeling under a malefic Jupiter. Wearing the stone eases the route lined up with unnecessary hurdles to material abundance. You encounter the right people at the right time with transformational opportunities! 

Natural Pukhraj stone brings balance to your mind and body and helps the wearer achieve emotional stability. This improves their rationality and results in improved decision-making. It assists people in expanding their imagination and innovation boundaries and helps achieve immense success, especially in fields that involve creative thinking.    


Pukhraj is a valuable gemstone to transform your material and spiritual life for good. Get one for yourself and witness the positivity overflow in your life!

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Pukhraj a lucky stone? 

Yes, Pukhraj is a lucky stone to add to your collection. This stone is perfect for you if you feel that things aren’t going your way despite all your efforts. It aligns beneficial opportunities for you to find your destined field professionally and makes you emotionally stable for easy conflict resolution and to attract happy relationships. So, Pukhraj is the best stone to turn luck in your favor. 

Can Pukhraj be worn in silver? 

You can wear Pukhraj in Gold, Silver, and sometimes, Panchdhatu. 

Is Pukhraj harmful? 

A powerful gemstone needs care for proper usage. Wearers must get an analysis of their birth chart to understand if Pukhraj is the correct stone for them. This is because the harmful effects of the Pukhraj stone can result in sleep deprivation, bad dreams, discord in relationships, and unexpected financial losses.   

Despite compatibility, the stone can be harmful when paired with Blue Sapphire, diamond, Emerald, and Opal. 

Are Yellow sapphire and Citrine the same? 

It is a misconception that Citrine and Yellow Sapphire are the same and many dealers even sell the former at the cost of the latter. The key differences between Yellow Sapphire and Citrine are: 


Yellow Sapphire  Citrine 

Comparable to Diamond

Comparatively fragile
Refractive Index

Higher making it more vibrant

Lower making it slightly dull


On the yellowish side On the orangish side
Inclusions  Minor inclusions are present

Devoid of any inclusions


Expensive Cheap