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Panna, known as Emerald in English, is called “The Stone for Kings” or the “Jewel for Royalty.” It is no secret that Cleopatra was mesmerized by the gorgeous green stone and even gifted the same to diplomats who visited her as a symbol of wealth and power

Britain’s royal family possesses valuable emerald jewelry even today, symbolizing their regal status. 

The benefits of Panna stone was not limited to showcasing grandeur but also depicted fertility and long life. Many wore it as a talisman to improve their memory and intellect and strengthen their intuition. This created the foundation for a belief that emerald stone benefits people and allows them to predict the future. 

Its soothing green color was a treat for sore eyes and helped many people to feel relaxed. The May birthstone, Emerald, is a ruler of Mercury and benefits those struggling with communication and creativity blockage. 

Properties of Panna Stone (Emerald):

The properties of Panna are as follows:

Mineral Family Beryl
Hardness 7.5-8 (Requires care) 
Color Green
Planet Mercury
Birthstone for May
Zodiac Sign Taurus and Gemini ascendants
Finger to wear Panna ring Little finger of right-hand
Metal for Panna Gold, Silver, Punchdhatu

Astrological Benefits of Panna Stone (Emerald):

The importance of the Panna Stone is evident as it is one of the four most valuable stones found on Earth, the other 3 being Diamonds, Rubies, and Sapphires. Many people in the Hindu community believe that offering the Emerald stone to Lord Krishna bestows them with long life, wisdom, and materially rewarding life. This is simply one benefit among a multitude of others.

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Professional life and Financial Benefits of Emerald

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  • Panna is a ruler of the planet Mercury (Buddh), which influences a person’s creativity, wisdom, and communication.
  • Panna stone benefits wisdom and intellect. It allows the wearer to make more informed professional decisions dictated by rationality and intuition rather than societal opinions.
  • It benefits the wearer's analytical thinking capabilities and helps in easy navigation through professional hurdles.
  • “The stone of prosperity,” as people call Emerald popularly, is an excellent addition to people working in finance-related fields like stockbrokers and bankers.
  • Emerald benefits in communication-oriented fields that involve creative expression or strong oratory skills as writers and politicians.
  • Panna stone benefits people who want to succeed in competitive exams and other academic pursuits.

Relationships Benefits of Emerald

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  • Greek mythology believed the Emerald to be an embodiment of the goddess of love, Venus.
  • Panna’s history of unveiling revelations and uncovering reality stands true in this case. The stone reveals the person’s true feelings and falsities if they betrayed their partners.
  • The benefits of Emerald stone include inculcating passion, patience, and compassion in people to maintain healthy relationsh
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  • Panna stone benefits through nurturing the heart chakra that allows people to be more open to pure love.
  • It helps ease conflict resolution between partners and brings positivity to every relationship with siblings, friends, or coworkers.
  • Improved communication allows both partners to be vulnerable and trust each other more.
  • The emerald benefits by reigniting the long-lost passion in a relationship for bringing back warmth, comfort, and excitement.

Health Benefits of Emerald

The benefits of Emerald or Panna stone in Hindi take place at three levels for a person’s health: physical, mental, and emotional.

Physical Benefits of Emerald

  • Aristotle firmly believed that emerald was the cure for epilepsy, and many people still trust that a Panna stone ring can cure the condition.
  • It can help people get rid of their skin troubles.
  • Since it harnesses the energy of mercury, those who struggle with communication issues like stammering can benefit from the Panna stone.
  • The benefits of Emerald also include relief from liver, kidney, pancreas, and stomach issues.
  • It symbolizes fertility. So, those who have issues in conceiving, or have a painful pregnancy period, can derive benefits.
  • The nervous and respiratory systems of the body perform smoothly with the help of Panna.
  • Its brilliant green hue relaxes tired eyes and soothes the wearer.

Mental and Emotional Benefits of Panna Stone

  • Panna benefits by alleviating stress and helps the person to maintain a positive outlook toward life.
  • It helps improve focus and stay away from distracting thoughts.
  • It clears the mind, body, and soul of dark emotions of past trauma and opens up the wearer to receive happiness.
  • It promotes self-love and helps those who struggle with co-dependency issues.

Spirituality and Astrology Benefits

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  • The stone symbolizes regeneration and rebirth and is a powerful healer.
  • Panna allows you to move beyond material possessions as a source of happiness and begin considering yourself a part of the universe. It helps you develop a sense of gratitude toward life.
  • Emerald benefits people who use it as a manifestation stone that brings desires to reality.
  • People find emeralds to be a great addition to meditation practice and even reiki healing sessions to bring mind and body in balance.


Once believed to be a possession of royalty, the Panna has become one of the most precious and demanded gemstones. The benefits of Panna stone range from attracting financial abundance, filling your life with love and laughter, having healthy relationships, bringing balance to your mind and body, and radiating positivity!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Emerald scratch quickly?

The hardness of beryl lies in the range of 7.5-8 on Moh’s hardness scale. It indicates that you cannot scratch emeralds with common materials available around you. Its hardness is why many engagement rings use the stone to symbolize eternal love.

What is Panna stone good for?

Emerald, known as Panna stone in Hindi, benefits those looking to find true happiness and achieve emotional stability. It has always been a regal piece of jewelry for its ability to attract both material and spiritual abundance.

Who should not wear Panna?

Panna is an essential gemstone with powerful capabilities to transform your life. However, you need to consult a professional astrologer to check compatibility with the Panna stone. Usually, people with Aries, Cancer, Sagittarius, and Pisces placements should avoid wearing a Panna. Incompatibility can cause significant distress in the wearer’s life. If you're looking for high-quality Panna stone, consider Dhanshree Gems – a trusted source for authentic gemstones.