Emerald, known as Panna in Hindi, is a beautiful member of the beryl family and a cherished part of the big trio with Ruby and Sapphire. There is a widespread belief that Cleopatra was in awe of Emerald’s beauty and claimed control over Egyptian mines brimming with this green stone.  

The green color of Emerald symbolizes peace, bliss, healing, and growth. Ancient uses of Panna ranged from getting someone to spill the truth, protecting against evil, improving the intellect of royalty, predicting the future, and curing physical ailments. It was a must-have for royal members worldwide. 

The stone is a ruler of Mercury and improves our communication skills, intellectual capabilities, memory, and rationality. Those with a weaker Mercury can strengthen the same using Panna, and those with a beneficial placement can achieve astounding results. 

The significant sources of Panna are Brazil, Colombia, India, and Zambia.  

Who should wear Panna stone? 

Each gemstone bestows power and opportunities on the wearer, but only when their birth chart synchronizes with the stone. Usually, the Panna stone is a good fit for the following people: 

  • People who have a weak Mercury placement 
  • Panna is the birthstone for people born in May and represents rebirth. It strengthens intuition, brings good fortune, and keeps the youthful vibe intact.  
  • People with zodiac placements of Taurus and Gemini, preferably ascendants.  

How to wear Panna Stone? 

Gemstones are powerful only when wearers follow procedures that activate and cleanse the stone. It is important to know the right day, time, mantra, and type of metal to use for the gemstone to derive maximum benefits and opportunities from astrological stones. 

Read further to know how to wear Panna and activate it to reap its complete power: 

How to activate Panna Stone?

Place the stone in a bowl with Ganga Jal, Tulsi, Raw cow milk, Honey, and Ghee. After a few hours, wash it under running water, and wear it. 

Chant “ॐ ब्रह्म ब्रीम ब्रूम सह बुद्धये नमः (Om Brahm Breem Braum Sah Budhaye Namah)” 108 times when wearing Panna to energize it and harness powers of Mercury.. 

What is the best time to wear Panna? 

Emerald is one of those gemstones that you can wear during sunrise and sunset. 

Astrologers recommend the time of 5 AM-7 AM and 5 PM-7 PM to wear the stone.  

Wednesday, preferably in the Uttraphalguni or Revati constellation or during Shukla paksha (Waxing moon phase), is the ideal day to wear Panna. 

On which finger Panna Stone should be worn? 

The little finger of the dominant hand is preferable to wear Panna stone rings, both for men and women. Wearing it on the smallest finger brings good luck, improved mind-body balance, and healthy communication.

Which metal should be used to wear Panna? 

Panna is compatible with Gold and Silver. If you are looking for a cost-effective option, Panchdhatu works well with Panna. Whatever jewelry you wear, please ensure that emerald touches your skin so that its effects are quicker. 

Points to remember while Wearing Panna Stone:

Some important tips to remember while wearing the stone are: 

  • Gemstones in their individual capacity, bring positive news to the wearer. However, certain stone combinations can wreak havoc on your life. 
  • Panna generally takes 30-45 days to show its effects, and its effect stays for almost three years. Try to get a new gemstone to re-energize your life. 
  • You should remove your gemstone jewelry frequently to allow your skin time to breathe. 
  • It is essential to wear the correct weight Panna to influence your life positively. Generally, stone weight should be 1/12th or more of the wearer’s body weight.  
  • If the stone gets damaged, you should change it immediately. 
  • Please ensure the quality of the Panna stone before deciding to wear it. 
  • Check for authenticity, purity, and origin before spending your hard-earned money on the purchase.  

How to know if Emerald is working for you? 

Emerald is a vibrant addition to the wearer’s life and signals its compatibility in the following ways: 

  • You witness a sudden surge of creativity and motivation 
  • You receive some good news out of the blue
  • A deteriorated financial position sees improvement 
  • You become confident in your communication capabilities 
  • You become focused. 

Take a time frame of 3 days to a week and carefully observe the positive changes in your life. 

How to know if Emerald is not working for you? 

You might witness any of the following if Emerald is not compatible with you: 

  • Bad dreams
  • Throat and skin sickness
  • Negative coincidences
  • Unexpected financial losses 
  • Discord with in-laws and children 
  • Mental health issues: Anxiety, Nervous breakdown, etc.

In these cases, we recommend you take off the stone and consult a professional astrologer for guidance. 

Note: Get free gemstone recommendations based on your birth details. A gemstone recommendation can help you to choose the right gemstone that can benefit you in terms of health, wealth, and overall well-being.


The beautiful Panna stone has been a royal favorite since ancient times and is popular amongst the masses today. Emerald can be a perfect stone for you if you struggle with public speaking, confidence, lack of focus, and creative hurdles. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Which finger should ladies use for wearing the Panna stone? 

Both men and women can wear Panna on the little finger of the right hand. 

Which zodiac should avoid wearing the Panna stone? 

People having dominant Mars in their birth chart, especially those with Aries sun sign, should avoid Panna as Mercury and Mars's energies repel each other. People with Scorpio and Cancer placements should also refrain from wearing the stone unless they have a strong Mercury. 

How to wear Emerald? 

Refer to the table below to get important information on how to wear Panna:

 Color of the stone Green
 Which finger to wear the Panna stone?   The little finger of the right-hand 
 Suitable Metal   Gold, Silver and Panchdhatu
 Which day to wear Panna? Wednesday, 5 AM- 7 AM
Mantra to activate Panna? Chant  “ॐ ब्रह्म ब्रीम ब्रूम सह बुद्धये नमः (Om Brahm Breem Braum Sah Budhaye Namah)” 108 times