Emerald has been a part of royal family heirlooms for centuries and continues to be a timeless beauty with an ever-expanding list of its lovers. However, you can relish in the elegance and shine for years to come only when you take care of your emerald stone. 

In fact, some of Cleopatra’s Emerald jewelry collection is intact today because of its careful treatment. 

Emerald is a powerful stone for physical and mental healing, only if you treat it with love and care. As they say, with great power comes great responsibility! 

Why Do You Need to Take Care of Emerald Gemstone? 

You may think, “My Emerald ring looks strong enough. Does it need care?”. 

Let us answer your question.  

  •  Even though Emerald’s hardness falls to nearly 8 on the Mohs scale, it is susceptible to scratches from precious gemstones like diamonds and sapphires. 
  •  Everyday chemical products like moisturizers, soaps, and makeup can cause your gemstone to lose its luster over time. 
  •  Dust accumulation in nooks and crevices can make your Emerald ring look dull.
  •  Despite the best craftsmanship, the stone might be susceptible to falling out from the ring. You can lose your Emerald and suffer financially. 
  •  If you have spent money on a remarkable gemstone, you should be able to use it for a long time. 

How to Clean Emerald gemstone?

Now that we have understood the why let us move to the how. 

Follow the below-given tips if you want to keep your panna stone as good as new. 

To clean your Emerald ring at home, follow these steps: 

  •  Place your stone in a bowl with water at room temperature for a few minutes.  
  •  Add a small amount of mild soap.
  •  Using a toothbrush, gently scrub off the nooks and edges where dust settles. 
  •  Place it under running water to remove any remaining soap residue, and pat dry with a clean, soft, lint-free towel. 
  •  Try not to use any jewelry cleaner, acetone, or ultrasonic steamers to clean Emeralds because they can interfere with the oiling treatment and, therefore, luster and durability. 

How to Take Care of Emerald Gemstone? 

  •  Store Emerald gemstone separately in a velvet-lined jewelry box or a soft pouch. Keeping it away from other accessories protects it from scratches or other damages. 
  •  Remember to remove your panna stone jewelry before engaging in a physically demanding task like gardening or sports to avoid breakage. 
  •  Ensure wearing your jewelry after you have applied perfume or any other cosmetic to avoid any chemical exposure. 
  •  Avoid subjecting the stone to extreme temperatures. This protects it from developing cracks as extremities can affect the oil treatment that keeps Emerald durable. 
  •  It is preferable to visit your jeweler once a year for a professional cleanup and general examination of your jewelry’s quality.
  •  Jewelers usually refine the beauty of a panna stone ring using accents that can fall out after prolonged usage. Frequently check your jewelry for loose accents by gently shaking it and paying attention to any rattling sound. 


Emerald is one of the four precious and highly demanded gemstones, the other three being diamond, sapphire, and ruby. And if you want to harness its power for a long time, take care of your Emerald stone and witness the transformation in your life. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What can damage an Emerald? 

Generally, extreme temperatures, chemical products, and prolonged wearing can damage an Emerald. 

Can Emeralds be worn every day? 

Yes, you can wear an Emerald every day. However, remove it during physically laborious tasks that can break the stone, like playing sports or working out.  

How do I protect my Emerald stone? 

Take care of your Emerald stone by keeping it in a separate container so that other accessories don’t damage it, and avoid using chemicalized products while wearing the stone.