Since time ancient, we have been worshipping Lord Shiva and his various forms that are meant to reveal the structure of Energy and the meaning of existence.

Shaivism makes up a vast portion of Hindu Theological beliefs and is said to be about believing Shiva as the ultimate personification of the universe, as we perceive, and that which is beyond our perception.

The sacred rituals explained under Shaivism, require a profound level of understanding, that include the use of psychotropic substances (to alter our state of mind), respecting the dead, worshipping the nature in its purest form, and believing that the world is an infinite expanse of knowledge.

Such is the complexity of Shaivism.

However, we are not delving into too much of Shiva and his philosophy; rather, we are surfacing an essential component of Shaivism that is used frequently while invoking Shiva and his infinitesimal power.

It is a Rudraksha!

Found in the middle of dense mountainous forests and rough ranges, where rivers are said to originate, and where Shiva himself is said to dwell, Rudrakshas are seeds belonging to the class of Elaeocarpus Ganitrus and have a huge significance in several religions, especially Hinduism and Buddhism.

They are believed to heal a living being with their spiritual powers of maintaining and balancing the flow of energy within a body.

Mentions of these holy seeds are found throughout the history of the Hindu religion, namely the Vedas, Upanishads, and in many other segments of Hindu mythology.

And hence, humans have been using them for a long time now, with benefits that are beyond the explanation of normal biological healing.

Rudrakshas are meant to heal your soul, along with your body! That is the amount of power; these seeds are presumed to contain.

Rudraksha seeds are recommended by experienced Sages and Priests,

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