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Healing Crystals

How To Cleanse and Charge Healing Crystals?

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The healing crystals aren’t a recent fad that has captured the attention of the masses. It has fascinated people for thousands of years. Be it India, Egypt, Greece, or North America, every part of the world used these healing crystals in one form or another. The popular uses (in addition to wearing them as exquisite jewelry) include aura cleansing, chakra balancing, physical and emotional healing, manifestation, crystal grids, and the list continues. 

And anything with such extensive applications needs maintenance. So, before answering how to charge crystals, you need to understand why cleaning and recharging healing crystals is vital. 

Why Clean and Charge Healing Crystals?

Do you know how calm and energetic you feel once you’ve cleared the clutter in your wardrobe? Cleaning and recharging

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5 Most Powerful Crystal Bracelets for Wealth and Good Luck

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Evil Eye Bracelet Benefits: Protect Against Negative Energy

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If you live in India, you must’ve seen that the country firmly believes in the negative manifestations of someone else’s ill intentions out of jealousy, hatred, or greed

Almost every Indian household has had an episode of being subjected to the Evil Eye or nazar, which has made them believe in the power of ill intentions. Be it wearing an Evil Eye Bracelet for men, tying a black thread on a woman’s foot, making a black kohl mark on a baby’s forehead, or using various rituals to combat the impact of an evil eye, there are multiple routes through which we try to rid ourselves of nazar. 

Let’s walk through the meaning and symbolism behind the Evil Eye and the benefits it can offer you. 

History And Symbolism

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A Guide to Use Rose Quartz Face Roller

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Rose Quartz is a gem, literally and metaphorically, in the skincare and wellness industry. In the wake of hectic and stressful schedules, a 10-minute break with your Rose Quartz face roller is a quick and efficient way to unwind and rejuvenate. Read this blog till the end to know how to use a face roller and why Rose Quartz is a good pick. 

Rose Quartz Roller Benefits

Even though you might think Rose Quartz Roller benefits have come to the spotlight recently, historical evidence suggests otherwise. Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans adored the gem, and the reasons go beyond its timeless appeal. According to legends, the Goddess Isis, renowned for her beauty, used Rose Quartz to maintain her timeless beauty by massaging her face with the crystal. 

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Amazing Benefits of Tiger Eye Bracelet

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Tiger Eye is one of those rare gemstones with a unique tale spanning across civilizations, looks like a contemporary classic that makes every age group swoon and has benefits that surprise the most spiritual practitioners. The stone is also called a shapeshifter by many due to its chatoyancy and its ability to help you adapt to any situation without fearing the consequences. 

Apart from making you courageous and strategic like a Tiger, the Tiger Eye bracelet benefits extend to your health, love, and finances, and we will explore those in this blog.

Meaning of Tiger Eye Stone/Bracelet

Before moving to the benefits of Tiger Eye bracelet, it’s essential to understand why you should consider adding it to your collection. The meaning of the Tiger

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The Beauty and Benefits of Pyrite Bracelets


Pyrite is “fool’s gold”

You must’ve read it often. But apart from resembling the most beloved metal, Pyrite stone benefits headlined crucial historical events

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