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The healing crystals aren’t a recent fad that has captured the attention of the masses. It has fascinated people for thousands of years. Be it India, Egypt, Greece, or North America, every part of the world used these healing crystals in one form or another. The popular uses (in addition to wearing them as exquisite jewelry) include aura cleansing, chakra balancing, physical and emotional healing, manifestation, crystal grids, and the list continues. 

And anything with such extensive applications needs maintenance. So, before answering how to charge crystals, you need to understand why cleaning and recharging healing crystals is vital. 

Why Clean and Charge Healing Crystals?

Do you know how calm and energetic you feel once you’ve cleared the clutter in your wardrobe? Cleaning and recharging healing crystals is the same. When you buy a crystal, you aren’t the first one to hold it. The crystal encounters hundreds of hands and multiple energies before it reaches you. Similarly, when you start wearing it, the stone absorbs heavy energies within and around you. These energies either aren’t aligned with the person you’re becoming or negatively impact your progress.  

But like any other absorbent, the capacity of healing crystals is limited as they are cut off from their energy source- Earth. Cleaning and recharging help the crystals start afresh, just as sleep does to you. 

Let’s talk about how to clean crystals. 

How To Clean And Charge Crystals?

A crystal with stagnant energy is harmful. Why? Wearing it will do you more harm than good. Be it bringing the new stone home or after being filled to the brim due to frequent usage, it is essential to cleanse it properly to take full advantage of its power. 

How To Charge Crystals?

The best steps to charge the stone and restore it to its original high vibrational energy are as follows:

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1. Expose it to Sunlight

Sunlight is a life-giving force associated with strength and vitality. Its light spectrum penetrates through multiple layers, infusing it with high vibrational energy. 

Keep the stone in a spot with direct sunlight for a few hours. However, remember not to put crystals, especially softer, colored ones, in heat for too long due to the risk of fading or structural damage. 

Expose healing crystals in sunlight to charge

2. Keep it in moonlight

Most crystals help tune your emotional balance and align you with higher frequencies. The best way to recharge them is to let lunar energy play its magic. Governing the natural rhythm of Earth, the gentle energies of the moon, especially the full moon, help the crystal regain its capacity for emotional healing and soothe you in the process.

Keep your crystal on the window side on a full moon for the entire night and let it soak in the nurturing energies.

healing crystals in moonlight to charge

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3. Bury the crystal in the soil

When you return the crystal to Earth, its source, the magnetic and energetic field of the soil strengthens the stone and makes it as good as new. The stone releases any residual or stagnant energies into the wide expanse of the Earth and lets its nurturing energy restore the natural vibrational frequency, which helps in grounding. 

Dig a small hole in the ground, place your stone, cover it with soil, and let it rest for a day. Take it out and wash it under running water. 

bury healing crystals in soil to charge

4. Breathwork and Intention Setting 

The simplest method that answers how to energize crystals is using breathwork. Your breath is an expression of the life that flickers in you, also called the prana or chi. Visualize your breath like a flow of white light, set it with the intention you want to manifest, and gently blow on the crystal.

The energy infusion out of your life force deepens your connection with the crystal, and the intention setting accelerates the transformation process because you are clear on your goals. It is one of the easiest techniques to recharge your crystal.

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How To Clean Crystals?

You can practice crystal cleaning more frequently than charging, as repeated wearing can dull its charm. Here are the top 4 ways about how to clean healing crystals:

cleaning of healing crystals

1. Saltwater 

Saltwater has been used for ages to remove any negative energies that halt you from growing. It serves the same purpose for crystals as well. The ability of salt to attract impurities makes it attract the negative energies of the crystal, neutralizing it for wearing again. 

Keep the stone in salt water for 24 hours and rinse it with tap water. 

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2. Sound 

Sound cleansing operates on the principle of vibrations. Using high-frequency sounds purges the negative, non-aligned vibrational energy from the crystal and helps restore its original high-vibrational state. The best part about sound cleansing is its ability to enter the deeper layers of crystal to clean it properly. 

Keep your crystal in a singing bowl and strike it with a fork repeatedly, or ring the bell for a few minutes till the crystal is enveloped in the sound. 

3. Brown Rice 

We are often told to bury our phones in rice when the device is filled with water. Why? Because rice is an absorbent. And brown rice does wonders for your crystal. It gently absorbs all the negative energy from the stone and neutralizes any impact it might’ve made on the stone’s quality. This method is helpful for crystals that might get scratched or grave physical damage in salt water or other methods. 

Fill a bowl with uncooked brown rice and bury the crystal for 24 hours. Remove the crystal and ensure you discard the rice. 

4. Running Water 

If the three methods mentioned above are difficult to follow, you can always wash your stone under running water. The flow of water ensures a thorough clean-up of dust particles on the surface and neutralizes stagnant energies so that they flow back to the Earth. Be careful with softer stones, as they are likely to slip through. 

Keep the stone under a faucet and wash it thoroughly for a minute or so, scrubbing it gently. Pat it dry with a soft cloth.

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Final Thoughts

Healing crystals aid your transformation in unimaginable ways. But your involvement in the process doesn’t end at the purchase. If you want the crystals to continue helping you, you need to put in the effort to maintain their original high-vibrational state using the steps given above. 

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I charge my healing crystals?

While there is no specific timeline to charge your crystal, the following situations make it necessary to do the same: 

  • After using them for treatments like chakra healing and aura cleansing
  • If someone else touches or wears your stone 
  • Every month, if you wear it regularly 
  • If you feel heavy on wearing the crystal 

How to charge crystals for the first time? 

To charge crystals for the first time, you can burn sage or incense near it or keep it in sunlight for a few hours.