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We know how frustrating it gets when life doesn’t go your way despite your hard work, tears, and sweat. You hope the dark clouds will go away and bring the light everyone talks about, but you’re stuck in an endless loop of despair and disappointment. 

The crystal bracelets for good luck can help you in situations like these. They open your eyes to the troublesome patterns that hold you back and encourage you to be at the right place at the right time and take advantage of your opportunities.  

Here are our top 7 picks for good luck crystals that can help you find meaning and shed light on your true purpose. 

List of Top 7 Good Luck Gemstones for Success and Prosperity

1. Citrine

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Citrine or Sunela is our top pick for a good luck gemstone. This crystal's bright hue reflects its impact on your life, bringing light to the darkness to which you have become accustomed. It harnesses the energy of the Sun, which relates to the attributes of optimism, leadership, and wisdom. 

Its work on the solar plexus chakra helps you accept yourself without inhibitions. The comfort of being in your skin makes you confident in places that might’ve otherwise deterred you and led to lost opportunities. Often called the “Merchant Stone” or the “Sucess Stone,” Citrine attracts abundance and wealth by amplifying your manifestation powers. 

Simply keeping the stone in your pocket or your workspace will show you the transformative and positive energies that rush to you and help you attract luck and worthy opportunities.

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2. Tiger’s Eye

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Tiger’s Eye is the next best gemstone for success. The name of the crystal indicates the nature of its impact, i.e., it allows you to embrace your predatory skills and survive the wild with confidence and courage. 

The spirit of a Tiger helps you attract good fortune and abundance by sharpening your vision and allowing you to have the strength to make bold decisions. The luck stone also fuels the relentless pursuit of your ambitions to attract success and create the life of your dreams. 

Egyptians revered the stone for its chatoyancy effect. They believed the effect symbolizes your connection to the divine and helps you see the world beyond mortal beings. The belief transformed according to the modern conception. Now, people believe the play of lights of a Tiger’s Eye gemstone reflects on our ability to find beauty anywhere. 

In short, Tiger’s Eye is one of those stones for prosperity that want you to embrace your power and make better decisions.

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3. Peridot

peridot stone for prosperity imageThe parent word of Peridot is Peridona, which roughly translates to “plenty”. And it rightfully fits the purpose and energy of this crystal. It is one of those rare good luck stones that reward any small effort towards changing your life with an unimaginable leap towards the desired destination.  

Often, it is a perfect substitute for Emerald gemstones for its ability to attract financial comfort, healthy well-being, and prosperity. It also shields these riches from evil eyes by shielding you from people who don’t have your best interest in mind. 

Another way it contributes to your success is by sharpening your focus on the present task instead of getting lost in daydreaming. The “Study Stone,” as Peridot is called, is one of the best good luck stones that brighten your overall energy and improve your mental faculties, helping you make better decisions.

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4. Green Jade

Green Jade is one of Chinese culture's most vital good luck crystals. Its ability to attract luxury and happiness has been renowned worldwide for ages. Often called a “Dream stone,” the crystal is a delight on a metaphysical or spiritual level. It doesn’t offer unexpected riches but provides opportunities to sharpen your intellect and wisdom to attract money that envious people might see as a stroke of luck. 

It’s widely believed that Jade is one of the most generous stones for good luck. It brings worthy opportunities to your doorstep and allows you to consistently and steadily rise to the top by building a secure foundation. Green Jade is an excellent pick if you want to shield yourself from prying eyes and prefer sustainable success over fickle fame. 

5. Pyrite

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Pyrite is one of the best good luck gemstones to attract good vibes and bucketloads of luck and finances. Commonly called “Fool’s Gold” for its similarity to the golden beauty, Pyrite is, in no way, inferior to the stone. The name, derived from the word “Pyr,” which means fire, reflects the passion and masculine energy it imparts to you. 

The passion and creative boost make you ripe for success in endeavors you feel good about. Apart from adding sparkle to a monotonous life, it shields you against energy-sucking vampires who prefer you being distraught and emotionally unstable. The protection aspect of Pyrite also extends to your inner environment, where you constantly bombard yourself with discouraging ideals and end up attracting situations that aggravate those ideals. 

Overall, Pyrite focuses on cleansing your internal and external environment apart from being a money magnet. 

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6. Malachite 

Malachite isn’t one of those good luck gemstones that will appeal to the faint-hearted or the stubborn ones. Why? Because it’s one of those success stones that will reveal the toxic financial mentality that keeps you from your desired riches. 

Malachite breaks the self-limiting ideas and heals you physically, mentally, and emotionally. The years of wisdom absorbed in the stone benefit you immensely if you’re ready to take the leap and witness how good your life can get. The crystal unblocks your heart chakra to make you receptive to receiving emotional support and love that contribute to your growth journey. 

If you want crystals for success that improve your intuition, reveal hard truths that can propel you to new heights, and heal you from within, Malachite is the perfect lucky gemstone for you. 

7. Clear Quartz

One common quality every rich, successful businessperson has is clarity of goals and a vision for life. Clear Quartz is an incredible choice to clear your head if you struggle with a foggy mind, overwhelmed with unnecessary thoughts and worries. It clears the clutters and helps you focus on your long-term goals without losing sight of the present moment. The consequence of this cleaning results in better goal formulation and targeted plans of action, saving time and energy. 

Lastly, Clear Quartz is an excellent pick to explore the spiritual purpose behind your desires. It harmonizes every chakra in your body and initiates a healing journey for your transformation.

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Final Thoughts

These 7 crystal bracelets for good luck are all you need to attract the string of positivity and universal favor toward creating a good life. Head to Dhanshree Gems and buy these crystals for success today! 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Do crystal bracelets really work?

Yes, the lucky gemstones in crystal bracelets help you heal and become ripe to receive happiness and worthy opportunities. 

Which crystal is for success?

The top 3 stones for success are Citrine, Tiger’s Eye, and Pyrite. These stones for success in career put you in the right place at the right time and sharpen your intuition to make well-informed decisions.