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Aries (21 March-21 April), or Mesh Rashi, is one of the most passionate and courageous zodiac signs. Unsurprisingly, the ruler of the zodiac sign is Mars, a symbol of fire and desire. The need for an Aries stone primarily arises to handle the consequences of the sign’s unbridled energy. 

Before we reveal the top 5 gemstones for Aries, let’s delve deeper into the zodiac’s personality and how a Mesh Rashi stone can help you. 

How Can A Mesh Rashi Stone Help?  

If we visualize the zodiac signs as a human body, Aries sits in place of the head. In simple terms, Aries is a calculative and rational zodiac sign that doesn’t like to be overloaded with unnecessary information. It echoes the general sentiment of the other 2 fire signs, Leo and Sagittarius, involving passion, ambition, and charm. 

However, the fire usually comes with uncomfortable consequences. The impulsive decision-making tendencies and the need for a fast-paced life in Aries can lead to frequent burnouts that hit them where it hurts, as slowing down isn’t a pleasant experience. An Aries stone helps them tap into their calm Venusian energy and make better decisions. 

Their recklessness reflects their tendency to prioritize temporary fulfillment over stability, especially in relationships. Their dominating attitude fans the fire and becomes a hurdle in relationships that depend on interdependence and compromise. A Mesh Rashi gemstone can help you navigate these challenges without becoming a hurdle in your natural way of life. 

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5 Lucky Mesh Rashi Stone:

1. Red Coral

red coral mesh rashi stone

Red Coral or Moonga is our top pick for a Mesh Rashi gemstone. The crystal, ruled by Mars, complements the energy of this zodiac sign, taking you to new heights without much effort by easy handling of every shortcoming. 

The Aries stone handles the temporary burnout of the sign by energizing them gradually to focus on the task at hand without being reckless. It regulates the aggressive side of the Mesh Rashi and helps you find calm in the chaos, making you a better companion, friend, and leader. 

The stone for Mesh Rashi helps you fight the discouragement of temporary failures by channeling Martian energy, infusing you with optimism and strength. Lastly, the stone balances the impulsivity of this zodiac sign by helping them channel their energy toward more productive areas. 

2. Amethyst

amethyst mesh rashi stone

Amethyst is another excellent choice for Aries gemstone. Commonly symbolized as a tranquilizer, Amethyst brings peace and harmony into your life when Aries’ natural tendency is to thrive and, sometimes, lose themselves in the chaos. The calming energy helps the sign process their frustration healthily and connect to their inner silence.  

The Mesh Rashi stone sharpens your intuitive abilities and hone your leadership skills by making you wiser, empathetic, and spiritually insightful. The enhanced spiritual awareness complements their quick-thinking ability and leads them toward more rational and well-thought decisions.     

Finally, Amethyst works on their attention span, which often gets compromised by the spontaneity and impulsivity of Aries. The enhanced concentration works in your favor and makes you more in tune with your true passion.

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3. Diamond 

Diamond, one of the most precious gemstones to exist, is a lucky gemstone for Aries. The hardness of this crystal is a perfect depiction of the confidence and strength of the zodiac sign. 

The radiant Aries gemstone adds to the zodiac’s pre-existing strength and ensures that no situation, no matter how adverse, can make you lose balance or faith. Diamond is a great channel to harness Aries’ energy into productive avenues instead of causing a wildfire with severe consequences. The spark of this crystal is a reminder of the inherent shine of the Rashi, which keeps them focused. This grounding ability makes it a worthy Mesh Rashi gemstone. 

4. Topaz

yellow topaz mesh rashi stone

Topaz is a shield to ward off unwelcome energies and influences on Aries. This quality compliments the adventurous and bold nature of Mesh Rashi and helps them stay protected in the face of danger. 

Topaz also improves the communication ability of this zodiac sign, which might struggle with expressing their thoughts effectively because of their innate tendency to appear dominating. The crystal handles this off-putting quality by making them a more empathetic and impactful communicator, further enhancing their leadership qualities.

5. Bloodstone

Bloodstone, often called a Martyr’s stone, is a ray of hope in Aries’ life. It makes you courageous in the face of danger and continues to push you to explore your potential. The crystal also develops resilience to emotional instability and contributes toward better relationships with others and oneself.

The gemstone for Aries works on the root chakra and grounds you to stay in the present moment instead of becoming restless over unforeseen events. It also opens your heart chakra to embrace emotional and spiritual lessons that make you find happiness in things beyond material wealth. 

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These 5 gemstones for Aries won’t diminish your pre-existing spark. Instead, they add a new layer of spark with protection so you can thrive without worrying about handling failures. Head to Dhanshree Gems to buy a 100% original Mesh Rashi stone today.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the lucky stone for Aries?

Red Coral, ruled by Mars, is an Aries lucky stone that adds to the existing energy of the zodiac and helps them achieve the greatness they crave.

Can Mesh Rashi wear a diamond?

Diamond is a lucky Aries stone that reminds the zodiac of its power and endurance and brings vitality and wealth.