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Do you know what is common between Amitabh Bachchan, Lata Mangeshkar, R.K. Narayan, Mahatma Gandhi, and APJ Abdul Kalam apart from being the pride of India? 

They were born in the zodiac sign of Libra. 

Are you a Libra (Tula) like them, i.e., born between 23 September and 22 October

If yes, this blog not only acquaints you with the commonalities you share with the personalities mentioned above but also lists the top 5 best gemstones for Libra to help you lead your best life.  

So, what exactly is a Libra personality all about? 

Represented by scales, you, i.e., Libra-borns, are all about justice and harmony and want to impress everyone without causing conflict. Your natural charm makes you a sight to behold in social situations, making people crave your attention. You are an incredibly creative soul whose heart lies in artistic pursuits. Lastly, your sign is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, making you an incredible life partner. 

Now that you’ve nodded at every Libra trait, let’s talk about 5 Gemstones for Libra that bring out the best in you. 

Top 5 Best Gemstones For Libra Rashi

This carefully curated list of best gemstones for Libra elevates your wardrobe, complements your vibe, and works on your shortcomings, transforming you into your best version. 

1. Opal 

Opal is commonly called the “Libra Gemstone” for its compatibility with the zodiac. The lucky Libra stone is ruled by Venus. It is a right fit for Libras as it helps them connect with themselves by setting boundaries and prioritizing self-love without losing the inherent charm. 

Its soothing presence is a gift for Libra’s indecisiveness, a root cause of their anxiety and stress. The consequent peace helps in their core need for maintaining harmony as well. Because Libras thrive on healthy personal relationships, Opal helps shield them from any negative influences that might ruin them. 

Lastly, this lucky tula rashi stone helps you to navigate dilemmas and cross roads without feeling overwhelmed. 

2. Blue Sapphire 

The September birthstone, Blue Sapphire or Neelam, is the 2nd best pick for Libras after Opal. The ruling planet of the crystal, Saturn, gets well with Venus, making it a suitable Libra gemstone. One of the key traits of this zodiac sign is the need for external validation. And Blue Sapphire helps in controlling that. How? 

By making you more disciplined and accountable to your needs and goals instead of chasing appreciation by compromising. This helps you attain the inner peace, the peace you look for in the outer world. The Neelam stone helps regulate Libra’s constant need for perfection by teaching them the art of restraint. 

And finally, Blue Sapphire unleashes the creative spark that might’ve been buried for too long or was in a rut for some time.  

3. Amethyst 

Amethyst is one of the best stone for Libra woman. Apart from its breathtaking appearance that complements your wardrobe, its magnetic presence brings the required balance craved by Librass, who might overdo things to appease others. 

The appeasement tendencies also impact self-confidence in people born under this zodiac who thrive off external validation. And when they don’t get the pat on the back, they spiral and indulge in self-sabotage. Amethyst prevents the loop of self-destruction by making the wearer confident and secure in themselves, helping them achieve emotional equilibrium. 

4. Aquamarine

The key theme of Aquamarine in the life of a Libra is Clarity. The calming presence of the crystal helps Libras make rational, well-thought, and strategic decisions instead of being impulsive and overwhelmed.

For a zodiac sign that craves harmony in the outer world but struggles for the same within, Aquamarine helps to harmonize and calm the inner self, bringing balance to an otherwise chaotic person. 

5. Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is a lucky gemstone for Libra for providing insights into their true desires. Often, Libras derive their self-worth and even decide on their life goals based on other people’s opinions. Lapis Lazuli tackles it by working on the third eye chakra and opening up their intuitive abilities to make decisions that are attuned to their natural self. 

Additionally, the crystal works on the throat chakra and helps Librass work their natural charm through improved and more confident communication. Lapis Lazuli also gives the strength and courage to be right rather than being liked by everyone. 

Which Stone is Good For Libra Rashi? 

The best gemstones for Libra Rashi is Opal. The crystal deals with almost every Libras trait, be it a chaotic mind, restlessness, anxiety, indecisiveness, people-pleasing attitude, perfectionist tendencies, and fear of confrontation. Not only are you able to connect with yourself, but you also learn to deal with the world without compromising your self-worth. 

We can summarise the list of gemstones for Libra (with 5 bonus options!) that you can try as per your needs and budget: 


Key Benefit for Libra

Blue Sapphire  Creative Explosion
Amethyst Self-confidence
Aquamarine Mental Clarity
Lapis Lazuli Strengthens intuition and communication
Rose Quartz Harmonious relationships
Moonstone Embracing feminine attributes and emotional regulation
Citrine Positive outlook toward life
Black Tourmaline Protection and grounding
Peridot Renewed enthusiasm for life



These top 5 best gemstones for libra rashi are the perfect way to capitalize on your strengths and strengthen your not-so-positive traits to become a secure person who grabs all the eyeballs but isn’t distracted from their ultimate goals in life. Head to Dhanshree Gems to buy a Libra gemstone for yourself! 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the best stone for Libra woman?

The best stone for a Libra woman is Amethyst. It compliments your wardrobe and offers you the balance and harmony you need.  

What are the best gemstones for Libra?

The best gemstones for Libra are Opal, Amethyst, Blue Sapphire, Aquamarine, and Lapis Lazuli.