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Amethyst, the February Birthstone, is no ordinary crystal. Be it adorning a Bishop’s ring as protection against psychic attacks or being a royal favorite for its exquisite beauty and grounding energies, the Amethyst Birthstone got it all. The spiritual prowess of the crystal makes it one of the most favored stones for those looking to explore their true, hidden self. 

Read this blog till the end, and get ready to be amazed by the purple crystal! 

Meaning of Amethyst Birthstone

Amethyst, the “Stone of Gods,” is a conduit that helps you connect to your inner self and channel the same calm in the external world. While the initial symbolic association of the purple stone was to prevent intoxication, the broader spiritual meaning of Amethyst lies in balancing your heart, mind, and body and developing your psychic gifts like intuition to make well-informed decisions.    

Let’s look at some interesting facts about Amethyst that make it a stone worth possessing. 

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Interesting Facts about Amethyst Birthstone

1. History of Amethyst Stone

Amethyst February Birthstone image

A common myth about Dionysius, a Greek God of intoxication, explains the pain behind the soothing purple hue of the crystal. His rage, fuelled by human insult, made him wary of any mortal crossing his land. 

He came across Amethyst, a beautiful mortal woman, on her way to receive blessings from Goddess Diana. Before the tigers sent by him could charge toward her, the Goddess turned her into a crystalline quartz for protection. Dionysius’ remorse led him to shed tears that fell on the cup and stained it purple. 

The myth paved the way for the belief that the root word for Amethyst is amethystos, a Greek word meaning sober. It also justifies why Amethyst was used to carve cups in which people drank wine during that day and age. It prevented intoxication or drunkenness. The crystal’s power has fascinated people since ancient times, resulting in its use for different purposes. 

Egyptians associated it with the God Osiris and used it to carve heart amulets presented in burials. To add to the stone’s charm, Camillo Leonardi, a prominent astrologer, claimed Amethyst is a worthy tool in improving intelligence and controlling negative thoughts. In fact, the highly revered Old Testament Book of Exodus mentions Amethyst as one of the 12 stones on Aaron’s breastplate. 

amethyst birthstone image

The ancient beliefs strengthened the conception of Amethyst as a protector against external forces and negative thoughts that impact your inner world. Even Europeans in the medieval ages carried it in wars to protect themselves. Its rarity made the crystal a part of the coveted 5 cardinal gemstones, the other 4 being Diamond, Sapphire, Ruby, and Emerald. No wonder royals felt empowered to adorn this exclusive crystal! 

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2. Source Amethyst Stone

Amethyst was classified as a precious stone when it was exclusively in Russia. But in the 19th century, the gemstone was abundantly found in Brazil. Soon, its status was changed to semi-precious as Africa and South America supplied the crystal enough to fulfill the needs of the masses. Presently, the United States, India, Canada, Sri Lanka, and many other countries are producers of Amethyst.

amethyst stone rough image

3. Benefits of Amethyst Stone

  • Amethyst is a February birthstone that mesmerizes people with its healing abilities. The gemstone is commonly referred to as a Master Healer. It reflects the true personality of a February-born, a beauty with a brain. 
  • As per historical texts, it works on the root and crown chakra, i.e., it is an excellent crystal for grounding and developing your spiritual sense. 
  • The crystal helps you find the inner stillness to handle the chaotic external world. The silence helps you to identify true desires and make well-informed decisions. 
  • Amethyst is a famous Feng Shui tool that helps you find calm and get your creative juices flowing if you’ve been in a rut. 
  • The Amethyst Birthstone is a symbol of love, commitment, and fidelity. People believe St. Valentine, in whose remembrance we celebrate Valentine’s Day in February, wore an Amethyst ring as per Cupid’s wishes. The solidifying love symbolism makes it a perfect gift for the sixth and seventeenth wedding anniversary celebrations.  
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How to Take Care of Amethyst Birthstone?

The purple February Birthstone is a long-time companion in your jewelry collection. Its hardness makes it less susceptible to damage, but you must be careful. Some tips to care for an Amethyst are: 

  • Store the crystal in a box lined with soft fabric so it doesn’t rub off on other gemstones and get ruined. 
  • Avoid wearing it during strenuous physical activities to protect it from breakage. 
  • Clean it periodically with a dry cloth to avoid dust accumulation. 
  • If you wear it frequently, wash it once a month with a soft toothbrush, a gentle soap, and warm water. Use a soft cloth to wipe the dirt. 
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The Amethyst Birthstone has been the subject of many mind-bending stories that intrigue and attract you. Apart from its rich history, the regal vibe of the crystal makes it an elegant addition to your jewelry collection. The February Birthstone is more than just a pretty crystal. It’s a catalyst to sharpen your intuition and achieve the balance of mind, body, and soul to stay aligned with higher energies. Grab your favorite Amethyst stone jewelry from Dhanshree Gems. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Amethyst Birthstone month?

The Amethyst Birthstone month is February. 

Is Amethyst a lucky stone?

Amethyst is a divine stone that protects you against evil and helps you ground yourself in the present moment. So, yes, Amethyst is a lucky stone that attracts wealth and happiness.