Crystals for Anxiety

Anyone struggling with depression knows what it feels like to be physically present but emotionally hollow. Anyone struggling with anxiety knows how every minute of the triggering experience is an insufferable punishment you have to endure. Even though people conveniently neglected mental health issues, the digital age has increased those triggers beyond control. 

These 4 stones for anxiety and stress can’t replace professional help but are a promising tool to ground your energies when life overwhelms you in the worst ways. A 10-minute meditation session with these crystals for anxiety grounds and calms you and gives you a sense of control over a seemingly uncontrollable one. 

4 Best Crystals for Anxiety and Stress


amethyst for depression

Amethyst is one of the best gemstones for depression. And the belief has been passed down through generations. The purple hue gemstone has a soothing presence that allows you to calmly tackle the root of your triggers. 

Apart from grounding you and bringing you into the present moment, Amethyst silences the mental chatter that distracts you. The stone opens up your crown chakra and gradually connects you to higher consciousness. The connection dispels the anxiety of the unknown and the stress of resolving complicated problems. Amethyst’s healing energy allows you to sleep peacefully instead of staying up, overthinking every minute of your day. 

If you get stressed easily, you know it manifests in physical forms, be it as a mild headache or even deadly pounding like a migraine. You can lie down and keep an Amethyst on your forehead or meditate with the stone, and voilà, any physical pain or stress residues leave your body. The gentle vibrational energy of the crystal works on the electromagnetic stress from electronic devices as well. 

Wear Amethyst jewelry, place Amethyst crystal on your desk, or carry it in your wallet to soak its soothing energy. 

Black Tourmaline 

black tourmaline for anxiety

Black Tourmaline, popularly called a “security blanket,” is another of the incredible crystals for anxiety. Like a blanket that shields you from the biting chill of the weather and offers a sense of security to a child against unseen demons who want to pull them down, Black Tourmaline comforts similarly. It protects against unwarranted and unseen thoughts that make every day a living, messy nightmare for you. 

Apart from your mind, it protects you against psychic attacks that make you vulnerable to stress and anxiety. The stone is incredible to work on your root chakra, the one responsible for grounding. Simply holding the stone in your palms and imagining your fears and anxiety-causing reasons release on its surface will make you lighter and calmer.    

The rooting energy harmonizes your mind, body, and soul and cleanses your aura. Visualize it like a vacuum cleaner, sucking every figment of negative energy or self-sabotaging thought that makes your inner being inhospitable. It makes Black Tourmaline one of the best crystals for overthinking. Black Tourmaline is an excellent choice that consciously wants you to choose your well-being instead of getting stuck in a pattern of disrespect for yourself. Wearing it makes you a confident decision-maker who’s comfortable in their skin. 

Wear it as a bracelet or use it while meditating and let it suck up any energy residual that’s holding you back.

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Rose Quartz

rose quartz for stress

The “Heart Crystal” Rose Quartz is a must-have in your jewelry collection, if not for its gorgeous beauty, then for its stress reduction properties. The pink gemstone works particularly well with people who struggle with relationship-induced stress and anxiety

You become more empathetic and open to reconciliations instead of stressing over futile arguments. You also move past the sadness of being alone by finding comfort within. Keep Rose Quartz crystals for depression in the darkest phases of your life when your overthinking patterns can become your biggest nightmares. These phases can also cause panic attacks and severe heart palpitations as a physical response to negative thinking patterns. Rose Quartz regulates the severity of emotional outbursts and physical reactions to the same, keeping you calmer and balanced. 

So, if you’re stressing out because of a painful breakup, separation, or disappointment at life in general, wear a Rose Quartz pendant or bracelet, or keep it near your bed for positive vibes.


citrine for anxiety

Citrine is one of those stones for anxiety that goes beyond immediate healing and focuses on long-term self-development. The bright golden-yellow hue of the gemstone is a testament to the positive energy it radiates to the wearers. 

When you look at it, you’re captivated by the optimistic web of energy that draws you in like a moth to a flame. Citrine helps you channel the unbearable emotions and triggers of the past and the “expectant” future into an optimistic outlook. 

You can visualize Citrine as an impactful repellent for stress that leaves you lighter, inspired, and happy. Lastly, if you feel external situations influence you more than how it impacts others, Citrine can regulate it, removing the unwanted burden of reacting to those situations. It frees you from being stuck in your head and allows you to verbalize your emotions healthily. 

Keep a Citrine nearby and watch the positivity with which your life blooms.

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Final Thoughts

These best 4 stones for anxiety will help you heal in the most magnificent ways to connect to yourself in a way you never have. The main reason for mental health issues is when we forget to listen to our voices and let external noise distract us. Get these crystals for anxiety and feel connected to yourself and the higher powers. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which stone reduces anxiety?

Amethyst is a crystal for anxiety that offers you a sense of control and helps you process triggers healthily. 

Can crystals cure anxiety?

Many believers possess crystals for anxiety as it makes them see a change in their thinking patterns. Even though there is no scientific evidence, people have been using gemstones for anxiety and grounding for ages.