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Have you ever met a person with a prominent zodiac sign? Or do you have a prominent Scorpio placement? 

If yes, you know the personality traits that define this zodiac sign- Ambitious, Controlling, Curious, Loyal, Obsessive, Persistent, Secretive, and Uptight. While these traits lead them toward greatness, they can also be their demise in no time. 

The gemstone for Scorpio brings out their best and regulates their obsessions to tune with their strengths.   

Ruled by Mars and Pluto, this water sign is a fiery magnet that attracts wealth and intense experiences. They often appear like a pool of water, calm yet unpredictable. And if left uncontrolled, these people can wreak havoc not only in their surroundings but also in their inner world. 

If you’re born between Oct 23- Nov 21, read this blog till the end to learn about the top 6 best gemstones for Scorpio.

6 Best Gemstones for Scorpio (vrishchik) rashi:

1. Topaz

blue topaz scorpio gemstone

Topaz is a powerful Scorpio gemstone that reignites and sustains the passionate nature of the zodiac. 

Topaz is an embodiment of romantic relationships and Scorpios can benefit from the gemstone by maintaining the passionate energy without letting factors like jealousy or obsession ruin it.  

The stone rekindles the passionate energy in professional ventures as well. It works on the sacral chakra and unblocks the routes to creative fulfillment. 

Lastly, Topaz has strong energies of the moon, i.e., a planet dealing with emotions. Scorpio, being a water sign benefits from lunar energy by keeping their emotions in check and processing them healthily without sacrificing their identity.

2. Yellow Sapphire

yellow sapphire scorpio gemstone


Yellow Sapphire, or Pukhraj, is a powerful gemstone for Scorpio. 

Firstly, it tames the intense and often obsessive Scorpios by balancing their emotional well-being. It enables them to make better, well-thought-out decisions instead of impulsive ones. 

Secondly, Scorpio is a secretive zodiac sign that relishes in the mystery of the unknown. Yellow Sapphire transports them to the unknown lands of spiritual pleasure, satisfying their thirst for knowledge and harmony. 

Finally, the stone of abundance is the best gemstone for Scorpio as it assists them en route to their dream life. It helps them fulfill their ambitions without letting them sacrifice their sanity.

3. Amethyst

amethyst scorpio gemstone

The second best gemstone for Vrishchik is Amethyst. First and foremost, this zodiac sign is a pinnacle of calm on the outside but chaos on the inside. Amethyst brings relaxation and peace to their lives without distorting their ambitious lust for life. 

The stone is also an excellent choice for seekers of spiritual adventures. Be it sharpening intuition or protecting the wearer from harmful energies, Amethyst has got it all. Wearing Amethyst is a satisfying experience for Scorpios who love adventures and need a push to connect to their core desires. 

Lastly, the stone unblocks the creative routes and helps you explore your potential, weaving magic in whatever you do.

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4. Citrine

citrine scorpio gemstone

Citrine or Sunela is a treasure for any zodiac sign, particularly a powerful gemstone for Vrishchik. The primary reason is its sheer optimism that makes you appreciate the silver lining in every situation. The Scorpio zodiac sign can lose themselves in the vortex of negativity if life doesn’t play out according to them. Citrine helps them appreciate the lessons in every situation, contributing to their calming energy. 

Secondly, Citrine is associated with solar plexus chakra, the source of personal power and confidence. And what describes Scorpio better than these 2 words, right? The stone allows them to embrace their strength without overpowering their well-being. 

And, of course, nothing screams money more than this yellow crystal, helping Scorpios find opportunities that fulfill their aspirations.

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5. Red Coral

red coral scorpio gemstone

Red Coral or Moonga stone is similar to the Scorpio zodiac in more ways than one. Apart from being ruled by the same planet, Mars, both have an underlying fiery attitude that can lead a person toward greatness. But at the same time, it can also make their reality a living hell. 

If you have a weak Mars placement, Red Coral is your savior. It helps the people of this zodiac ground themselves to find stability and security when they seem to be drifting into madness. The crystal embodies bravery and strength, both of which help Scorpios follow their dreams without the fear of handling failure.

6. Malachite

malachite scorpio stone

Malachite Stone is another powerful gemstone for Vrischika that ushers growth and positivity into the zodiac’s life. It is a good choice because it assists in processing emotions in a way that aids growth. 

Many Scorpios struggle to view emotional acknowledgment and processing as a part of growth. Malachite helps them see emotions as a strength instead of a weakness. 

A sign that chases transformative experiences sometimes needs a guiding hand to navigate those transitions. Malachite becomes the invisible support that strengthens their wisdom to make essential decisions in a vulnerable period of change. 

Finally, the materialistic chase of Scorpios can be a breeding ground for anxiety, disappointment, and mental chaos. The green color of Malachite, resembling the peace of nature, grounds them to feel sane and stable.


Scorpio is one of the most powerful signs in the zodiac system. Their mysterious presence, predatory outlook, analytical mind, and unquenched thirst for passion make them hard to ignore. To bring out the best of their abilities and conquer, the gemstone for Scorpio can be a game changer.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best gemstone for Scorpio woman?

The best gemstone for Scorpio women is the powerful Citrine. From material wealth to spiritual joy, Scorpio women will attract the desired happiness by using Citrine. 

2. What is a lucky gemstone for Scorpio?

Yellow Sapphire or Pukhraj is a lucky gemstone for Scorpio for its sheer ability to strengthen the weaknesses of the Scorpio wearer while refining their best qualities. 

3. Which stone is not good for Scorpio?

Generally, Emerald and Diamond are known to hinder a Scorpio’s rise to fame and power.