most powerful stone to attract money

If you’ve opened this article, you’re definitely interested in increasing your wealth. Before we talk about the 5 most powerful stones to attract money, it is important to note that crystals for money aren’t a substitute for hard work but act as catalysts to bring favorable opportunities and higher success rates. 

So, what are the top 5 stones that attract money? 

List of 5 Most Powerful Stones to Attract Money   

1. Citrine

citrine stone for money

Citrine is one of the most powerful stones to attract money. Popularly called ‘The Merchant’s Stone”, it is highly beneficial for people looking to make it big in their career, especially business people. Like its radiant yellowish-orange color, it illuminates your life by making it financially comfortable. In India, many parents give their children this stone to protect them from financial uncertainties. 

Like other crystals for wealth, Citrine offers massive gains to those engaging in speculative trading. 

Keeping Citrine in your wallet or your financial storage place at home safeguards your wealth and ensures a constant money supply. If you are in a profession requiring a creative bent of mind, Citrine helps you stay productive and brings opportunities to nurture your creativity. 

2. Emerald

emerald stone for money

Emerald gemstone for money symbolizes luxury, abundance, and wisdom. Being ruled by Mercury, the planet of intellect, paves the way for you to use your intelligence and create a comfortable life. 

This crystal for wealth has been a royal favorite since ancient times. Be it Cleopatra, Aristotle, or Alexander, fascination with Emeralds has persisted. 

Keeping it in the money corner of your home helps you sustain your wealth for a long time. Emerald not only works on intelligence but enhances your logical decision-making capabilities, which assist you in making choices that align with your happiness and bring you financial gains. 

Many lithologists believe that the green color of Emerald encompasses the beauty of nature at its core, making it a powerful possession promoting renewal and growth. 

3. Cat’s Eye

cats eye stone for money

Cat’s Eye, called lehsunia in Hindi, is a powerful stone for luck and money. Like its remarkable appearance, the positive impacts on your financial situation are endearing. It acts as a shield to protect your gains and helps you stay afloat during a financial dip that might be troubling others. 

One of the biggest financial benefits of Cat’s Eye isn’t in its ability to attract wealth but by making you more confident and less anxious. This helps you make bold decisions that you otherwise deter from, fearing failure. 

If you face frequent financial losses, give Cat’s Eye gemstone a shot! Not only does it protect your wealth, but gives you the strength to rebuild it to unimaginable heights. 

4. Jade

jade stone

If there were a contest of stones for luck and money, Green Jade Stone would be the top choice. In Asia, especially China, Jade holds a prominent status and is a must-have for people looking to bring abundance to their life.  

If you’re starting a new business or job, wearing Jade jewelry can help you stay optimistic and confident, protecting you from negative energy. It is also an excellent grounding stone so you don’t get overwhelmed by difficult circumstances and stay focused on your aim. 

5. Sapphire

sapphire stone for money

Sapphire is one of those rare crystals for wealth that can fill your life with luxury and every possible comfort if it is compatible with your birth chart but can take everything away, including your current wealth, if worn incorrectly. Apart from bringing prosperity and good fortune, it clears up your mental ambiguities and confusions to help you make better decisions. 

It also strengthens your intuition and other psychic abilities to make thoughtful judgments instead of making reckless decisions. But remember to consult a professional before wearing Sapphire.  


We hope this article answered how to attract luck and money. These top 5 crystals for money can sort out your financial troubles and help you create the life of your dreams. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which stone is good for money? 

The top 5 most powerful stones to attract money are: 

  • Citrine 
  • Emerald 
  • Cat’s Eye 
  • Jade 
  • Sapphire

Which chakra is related to money? 

Even though all 7 chakras in the body are responsible for bringing and sustaining money into your life, your root chakra is closely related to money. This is because it offers you a sense of security and helps you stay positive and feel abundant. 

Which stone should I wear for success? 

The top 3 stones to wear for success are Citrine, Emerald, and Blue Sapphire.