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What if we tell you you can reap the benefits of both- the biggest and the most powerful planet in the solar system using just 1 stone? 

Believe us because it’s true. 

Pitambari Neelam is a rare gemstone that harnesses Saturn's power, symbolizing judgment, and Jupiter that highlights growth & expansion. It is aesthetically pleasing, making it a favorite of the masses. 

It’s a bi-color sapphire and is called “Yellow-Blue Sapphire”. Rarely it also has a tinge of white. Even though its origination is Ceylonese and Burmese, Pitambari Neelam Stone is present in various parts of Asia.  

The benefits of Pitambari Neelam aren’t for the crowd. Like its presence, only a few people can reap Pitambari Neelam benefits without ruining their lives. This gemstone can benefit you if your Saturn and Jupiter placements are adjacent, opposite, or reeling from Guru or Shani Mahadasha. 

Let’s understand the benefits of Pitambari Neelam in more detail.

Benefits of Pitambari Neelam

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Yellow-Blue Sapphire, or Pitambari Neelam in Hindi, benefits Capricorn and Aquarian placements and is a suitable stone for September-borns. Some common changes in your life are as follows- 

1. Makes your Life Prosperous 

The closeness of Saturn and Jupiter's placements paired with Pitambari can be a game-changer for your life. It attracts wealth, love, and respect, the 3 ingredients for prosperity.  

2. Boosts Financial Status 

Weak Saturnian placement can be a hurdle to strengthen your finances. Instead of giving you quick results for your efforts, the planet tests you and delays results if it’s in an inferior position. 

Pitambari Neelam Stone benefits in accelerating the reward of your hard work, making you financially secure. It also helps you if you’re struggling with financial losses or are stagnant in your career. Those in business, teaching, army, and other leadership roles benefit from Pitambari Neelam. 

3. Improves Self-Confidence

Confidence is the key to growth in your life. Pitambari, being ruled by Saturn and Jupiter, doubly impacts your confidence and makes you believe that you deserve your dream life and you can create the same. 

4. Brings Clarity and aids Decision Making 

Pitambari Neelam benefits you if you constantly find yourselves at crossroads or are uncertain about making the best decision for your growth. It helps you think straight and illuminates the pros and cons of every decision so you can make an informed choice. 

It also provides you with Saturnian judgment and Jupiterian awareness to exploit your growth potential by making decisions that align with your desires. 

5. Helps in Physical Healing 

Pitambari Neelam helps cure diabetes, blood pressure, chronic joint pain, blood flow, and kidney functioning, including resolving kidney stones so you achieve your fitness goals earlier than anticipated. 

6. Helps in Mental Healing

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The gemstone is a calming agent that settles your nerves if you struggle with anxiety, stress, and consequent insomnia and tiredness.

7. Makes you more psychic 

It opens up your chakras to experience human emotions in their complete essence and strengthens intuitive capabilities by sharpening your crown chakra. You experience a strong connection with the divine and feel a stillness and inner healing that makes your present blissful. 

8. Brings order to your chaotic life 

Pitamabari motivates you to incorporate discipline and routine in your life. It helps you overcome procrastination and focus on the task at hand. And because you become a person of your word, your reputation and societal status improve, and people look up to you.

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Side Effects of Wearing Pitambari Neelam 

If Blue and Yellow Sapphire are powerful, Pitamabari, a combination of both, has double the strength. And this fact makes it a dangerously powerful stone to wear. If it’s incompatible with your birth chart, you can experience significant damage in your life. 

Some Pitambari Neelam side effects are as follows:  

  •  Like every other Sapphire stone, you can experience dizziness and fatigue if the Pitambari Neelam stone doesn’t suit you. 
  •  You can experience nightmares and unexpected financial losses. 
  •  Your health can deteriorate, and you can experience fevers, nausea, and critical issues. 
  •  Your relationships can hit rock bottom with unexpected conflicts and unresolved hurdles. 
  •  Forget speculation and luck- you can doubt your strengths as even the most predictable outcomes won’t be in your favor. 


The benefits of Pitamabari Neelam are plenty and justify its demand among the elite. But it is important to consult professional astrologers to check your birth chart’s compatibility with the gemstones. 

Are you ready to transform your life with Pitambari Neelam? 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Which color is in the Pitambari Neelam? 

Pitamabari Neelam is a blend of yellow and blue sapphires. It is called Yellow-Blue Sapphire. But a rare few pieces also have a tinge of white. 

On which finger should I wear Pitambari Neelam? 

As Saturn rules the middle finger, Pitambari Neelam is best suited for the finger. 

Who can wear Pitambari Neelam? 

People with prominent Aquarius and Capricorn zodiac sign placements can benefit from Pitamabari Neelam. Also, people with adjacent or opposite Saturn and Jupiter placements can find the stone beneficial.